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Can't You Feel The Weight of My Stare


Can't You Feel The Weight of My Stare

"Jeff! Jeff, come on please wake up," I urged, throwing the note to the side, and shaking him even harder. He was on his back now, meaning it would be possible for me to see his chest moving up and down, but it didn't. In fact, it wasn't moving at all.

I departed my hands from his stomach, and moved it up to his chest. I was momentarily relieved after feeling the movement of his heart. My relief was shortened once my focus was on the note. I slowly picked it up, and read it over. Who could have done this? Did someone do this? Or was this just Jeff trying to get back at me? But it was impossible for someone to not do it. The handwriting wasn't anything like Jeff's. It was slightly neater, and it looked like it'd been rushed.

But once I read it over once more, I nearly fainted once everything became clear to me.

The handwriting was disguised, but it wasn't disguised good enough. I knew that handwriting anywhere, and it certainly was not Jeff's. Plus, it was writing in dark red pen, and not just any red pen. It was the pen I had gotten Phil not too long ago. I tried to shake it off, telling myself that it was just a coincidence. But that assurance faded once the final clue came to my attention.

'Ria'? Nobody calls me Ria besides Phil, the exception being Ashley, but she's probably still pissed at me, so I doubt she'd call me that. So Phil was the only one. Phil had to be the only one.

His last words, 'Did you really think I'd let you move on without me?' Only gave him away even more. Glancing back at Jeff, I realized that it wasn't the best time to just be thinking about Phil. I'd deal with him later.

I picked up the phone near the bed, and called for an ambulance...

Me, Matt, and Ashley stood emotionally in the far corner of the waiting room. We'd been in the hospital for hours, still not hearing any kind of response or news about Jeff's condition, and it was beginning to irk me.

"Sweetie calm down," Ashley whispered, trying to soothe Matt, who'd been in complete shock as soon as I called him and told him what happened.

"Phil," he muttered. "I'm gonna kill that bastard!" Ashley began rubbing his back, trying to calm him down. I took my eyes off of them briefly once I saw another figure enter the room.

"Guys," I said, getting their attention. "Doctor's here." I watched them as they both grew stiff, nothing gaining their attention more than the Doctor before them. He quickly glanced at me before speaking.

"Are you all family of Mr. Hardy?" He asked, eyeing each one of us.

"Well, I'm his brother, but they're his friends," Matt answered timidly. The Doctor nodded briefly and continued informing us.

"Well, he's unconsious right now, but luckily he's breathing now." I sighed in relief. As long as he's breathing, I'm fine."

"But," he cut in, "It's proven that he's been strangled. He's been strangled so bad that we're not a hundered percent positive that he's going to make it," he said in an apologetic tone.

"What?" I cut in, starting to hypervenilate. "How can someone die from being strangled?! I mean, sure you can die from being strangled, but Jeff's breathing like you said, so what sense does that make?"

"Miss, please calm down. His air passage isn't in the best shape right now, and he's unconsious. I'm fearing that it's much worse than a coma," he said. I narrowed my eyes.

"Well, no one cares what you fear, Doctor... whatever your name is. What about what we fear? What about what I fear?" I said, my voice beginning to crack. If Jeff turned out dead, I'd have no other choice than to take Phil down with him. He's the one that did this, I'm sure. He wasn't getting away with it.

"Miss, I don't know what else I can say to you. You're free to go visit him if you'd like, but if you're just going to stand there throwing tantrums at me, then I'm going to have security escort you out," he warned.

"Sorry," I muttered. I glanced over at Matt who's tears were threatening to spill over any second.

"Matt," Ashley said. "You should go first, you're his family," she insisted.

"No," he cut in. "We're all going in together," he protested, looking over at me.

"Maria probably wants to visit him seperately. Isn't that right," she said, turning to me. I shrugged in response.

"I guess that's a yes then."

The Doctor made room for them to pass, and turned his attention on me.

"Aren't you his girlfriend?" The Doc's question threw me off guard.

"What," I spat. "Who's girlfriend... Jeff's?"

He nodded, and my eyes grew wide.

"No, no, no. You've got that all wrong, Doctor..." I trailed off, not knowing his name.

"Smith," he answered for me.

"Dr. Smith," I repeated. "Look, I am not Jeff's girlfriend." I assured him.

"Judging from television, you are," he insisted.

"Televi– " I stopped once I knew where he got that idea. "Dude, hasn't anyone ever told you that wrestling's scripted?" I asked him.

"I know that it is, I'm just saying you play the role so well, it actually made me think that you two had something going on in your personal lives as well," he commented. Was that a comment?

"Maybe I am a better actress than I thought," I said, bragging a little. "I never planned on making it so believable, but I'm pretty glad it paid off."

"What's with Punk?" He asked, almost changing the subject.

"I honestly don't know," I replied. I didn't even want to think about Phil at the moment, espcially since I knew I'd have to visit Jeff soon, and I knew once I saw Jeff, thoughts of Phil would just race through my mind once again.

"That kiss between you and Jeff," the Doc said, breaking my thoughts once again. "That was pretty good revenge, don't you think?" I don't know what it was, but I suddenly felt like the storyline was real. The Doc's questions were beginning to bug me, even though they only dealt with the storyline.

"Yeah," I answered. "Not good enough revenge, though."

"What do you mean?" He asked, once again annoying me with his nosyness.

My answer died at my lips once I saw Matt and Ashley returning. They still looked sad, Matt looked even more depressed than before, and it was pretty obvious that Ashley had been crying.

I quickly walked over to them. "Is he okay? Is he still breathing?" I asked, and they nodded, neither of them saying anything.

"You can go see him now," Ashley said, her voice cracking the slightest. I looked them over once more before heading out of the emergency room. As I walked down the halls, I could see other families gathered around, awaiting the Doctors' news. Some looked relieved, and some looked miserable.

I just wish that misery wouldn't be the case for me after I visit Jeff.

My eyes were watering, and as soon as I walked into his room, all of my tears came running down. There he was, still unconsious, although his breathing seemed pretty normal. I looked over at the moniter which was right beside him, I wasn't a doctor or anything, but his heart rate didn't look too good.

I walked over to his bed, and sat on the very edge of it, but I was close enough to touch him.

"I don't know what went wrong," I said aloud. "I can't believe this is what it came down to. All because of me signing that stupid contract," I said, cursing myself for bringing back those memories.

My eyes traveled to his neck, which was tainted red, turning slightly purple, probably from all the strangling. He didn't look like he'd wake up any time soon. Unless he woke up, I'd be speaking to myself all night.

"Look, Jeff, I know you can't hear me right now," I said, my voice becoming light, "But you have to know that I didn't mean for things to end like this." More tears threatened to spill over, and they did.

Not even bothering to wipe my eyes, I resumed talking, calming down a bit, for his sake.

"Jeff, I promise, Phil will pay for what he did– if he did it. I can't believe he's stoop this low, and actually put your life at risk like that. I shouldn't have took so long in the shower..." I said, blaming myself again. "He should have strangled me and not you."

"I don't even know where he is," I continued, still talking to myself. "Probably waiting for me to be alone again, huh?" Oh God, what if he's some kind of psycho now? What if he stalks me, what if he actually kills me? My tears were free falling now, and nothing was going to stop them.

I looked at the monitor again, still seeing squiggly lines. As soon as I glanced back at Jeff, I heard that all too familiar noise that I usually heard in movies, whenever the patient was dying. It was that strange, annoying beep that threw more shock in your heart than ever.

No, no, no. I thought, slowly turning to look back at the monitor. Please tell me this is some sick joke. Please tell me that it was the room next door...

But I was wrong. The monitor's squiggly line was now completely straight, which only meant one thing.

Jeff's dead.

"No!" I screamed, so loud, I thought it would bring him back alive. "No! No! No! Jeff, you can't be dead," I said getting up and shoving him. "This isn't happening! Jeff, please, get up!" I heard shuffling footsteps coming towards the door, and doctors were soon rushed inside, along with security.

"No," I screamed again, reaching back for Jeff as two guards tried to pull me away. More footsteps came, heels this time, so I knew it was Ashley and Matt. I screamed again, my voice becoming hoarse; my throat becoming sore.

"Please!" I begged. "He's not dead!" The two doctors hovering over Jeff's bed, shared glances at each other before quickly covering him up. That was like the emphasis of Jeff being dead.

I could see from the corners of my wet eyes that Ashley and Matt were in just a bad state as I was in.

"Ma'am! We're sorry, but he's dead!"


"We're sorry."

"No! No! No!"

"Maria, please calm down," a calm voice stated.

"No! No! No!" I closed my eyes and just cried, just not wanting to see all the horror that was before me. That was until I felt a hand steadily shaking me, urging for me to open my eyes, but I just couldn't. I wouldn't.

"Get off of me you!" I yelled. "Why can't you guards just get a fucking life!"

"Ria, calm down! You don't know what you're saying.

At the sound of 'Ria' escaping the guys' lips, I was having a feeling that it wasn't a security guard. As I slowly opened my eyes, I saw that my surroundings were completely different. I wasn't at the hospital. There were no signs of doctors, guards, Ashley, Matt, or even Jeff. I was strangely at my hotel room, the same hotel room that I'd been in before, except someone was here with me, and it wasn't Jeff. As Iooked to my right, I saw that there was one person in my presence that I didn't want to see at all.

"Get the hell away from me!" I yelled, quickly backing up, only to bump my head on the wall behind me. I still moved, until I was off of the bed. Phil was over the other side in no time trying to help me to my feet.

"Don't fucking touch me," I hissed, pulling my hands back. He looked at me with a shocked, confused expression.

"Ria, calm down. Why are you yelling at me?"

"You killed Jeff, you son of a bitch! You killed him, and you have the nerve to ask me why I'm yelling at you?" H e still looked confused, and almost hurt.

"Killed Jeff?" He scoffed. "What are you talking about?"

"Ever since the storyline, you've been so jealous, and after I dumped you, you went and fucking killed him, you jealous bastard!" I shoved him viciously, and he stumbled a little.

"What story– Maria, you were dreaming," he said. I glared at him for a few seconds before realizing that he was right. As I looked down at myself, I could see that I had my pajamas on. There was no way I could have changed that fast.

"Oh my God," I whispered in disbelief. "You– You're telling me that all of that stuff never happened?"

He nodded. "You were dreaming. I was here the whole time."

"So there's no storyline?" I asked.

"No storyline, Ria," he assured me.

I couldn't believe this. All of that drama, all of that bullshit was all just a dream.

It seemed so real to be a dream.

But that's all it was. It was all a dream.


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