Well here's the cast for a story so far in making.

Sonic: I thought you said you wern't going to do anymore of these.

I decided to make an exception this time.

Sonic and Emerl cast

Season 1

Sam: Sonic

Max: Emerl

Bosco: ?????

Sybil: ?????

Jimmy Two-Teeth: Solider Heartless.

Specs: ?????

Peepers: ?????

Whizzer: ?????

Hugh Bliss: ?????

Miner characters

Brady Culture: ????

Myra Stump: ?????

The director: ?????

Mr Featherly: ?????

Don Ted E Bear/ Harry Moleman: Teridax/??????

Chuckles: ?????

President: ?????

Abe Lincoln: ?????

Superball: ?????

The Internet: ??????

The C.O.P.S:

Bob: Bohrok Tahnok

Bluster Blaster: Vahki Keerakh

Kurt: Rahkshi Vorahk

Chippy: Visorak Boggarak

Well that's the cast

Brass: Wait why are some of the characters not mentioned but are instead question marks?

I decided to have the readers ever guess or wait until they appear in the story befire I put them up.