"Do you think I could get divorced?"

The question had shocked Zavier "Are you crazy? Mist is-I mean. Yeah. Look into it."

"Hah, no. But really, Zave, answer me without thinking about your own interests"

"You and Mist make a good couple" Zavier grumbled "But me and her would be better"

"Probably" Raguna sighed and leaned back "I can't stand her anymore. She's so… so… random. There's no rhyme or reason to what she does. Tomato seeds for breakfast? Come on."

"I think that's kinda cool" Zavier's cheeks turned a faint pink "But if Mist isn't you're soul mate, who is? Melody?"

"Nah. She's almost as bad. Plus, she only talks about baths"

"Good point. What about Sharron?"

"She's kind of shallow. I mean, you just have to give her something vaguely magic related and suddenly she loves you. I like girls who are more of a challenge"


Raguna shook his head "To tomboyish"


"To not human"

"And you think Sharron's shallow?"

"I… just believe that races shouldn't mix"

"That's not what Cecilia's parents thought"

"I don't care" Raguna said curtly "Who ever raised me raised me to only marry humans."

"You have the weirdest case of amnesia ever. Did anyone ever tell you that?" Zavier asked.

"Everyone else in town already has" Raguna informed him.

"Fine. Fine. Lynette?"

"To wiped-my-memory-and-tried-to-kill-me-multiple-times"


"To old"

"Ah. I always forget, she's ancient isn't she. I wonder how she manages to look so young…"

"I wonder what she's doing here. She always goes on about her mission."

Zavier laughed "Yeah, she does. So, who would you pick then?"

"Tori" Zavier gagged "I'm kidding. Geeze." Raguna frown "Lara's a massive worry wart so… I guess Felicity. She's sweet, but not to overbearing, an normal"

"You forgot Bianca"

"No I didn't"

"Is there something wrong with her?"

"Is there something not wrong with her? I wouldn't really consider her marriable" Raguna admitted.

"I see. By the way, I lied. Weasly doesn't divorce couples"



Rune Caster: I saw they added a Rune Factory section, so I added this to it.

Oh, and thought I'd add this comment. The real reason I couldn't marry Tabitha in-game is because I hate her hat, but that seemed too superficial while I was writing this.