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The Shinigami World and all its decay stretched out before Light Yagami. The man's brown eyes took in the desert-like landscape, knowing that the realm was a dying mess. Ryuk said himself that the Death Gods didn't really bother with humans anymore, that their existence was one of boredom and monotony. The world of the Shinigami was simply sand and ruins, a dark purplish sky expanding infinitely into the horizon, while the occasional breeze echoed in the emptiness of it all. A few orchards of dying trees growing rotten fruit were visible from where he stood. Ryuk described the apples as tasting like sand. Even from a distance he admitted that the wrinkled skin of the putrid fruit made his stomach gurgle.

All the realm's inhabitants did was sit around their dying world, gambling and making fools of themselves. It was only occasionally that they wrote a name in their Death Notes to extend their lifespan. Like their realm, the Shinigami were ugly creatures. Many of them were skeletal, others were fat and covered with slimy substances. The reapers were all diverse in they way they looked, but one thing they did have in common was that they were all deformed in one way or another.

Light was to become one of these monsters. However, unlike them he still retained his human form. He was good looking, with soft brown hair, a smooth complexion, and above all, his incredible intelligence. He stood with his dark companion overlooking a group of Death Gods playing with the remains of human skulls, occasionally hissing with displeasure when their luck turned on them. One of them cackled, throwing its bird-like head back, while the others glared daggers, tightening their knobby disfigured fists.

"Sad isn't it?" Ryuk said. Despite his statement, the reaper's face was twisted in its usual grin, displaying an impressive amount of razor sharp teeth. Ryuk reminded Light of a twisted lanky clown fitted with a shark's mouth. He was complete with pasty white skin, with purplish lips and marks of the same color around his bulging yellow eyes.

"So this is it?" Light asked. This was where he'd be spending the rest of eternity. The newborn Shinigami was to rot like these creatures and it unnerved him. He licked his lips with a dry tongue. Shortly after arriving, the world seemed to sap all moisture from his body, and he was dying for water. Glancing around almost unwillingly, all he saw was sand and ruins, not a drop of liquid in sight. Ryuk said there was no heaven or hell for a human that used a Death Note, that there would only be nothingness. Was this the nothingness he was talking about?

"Told you it wasn't that great," Ryuk floated forward on his ragged black wings, while Light followed on foot. He had just died. The thought sent a large rock plummeting to the bottom of his stomach. Kira had almost become a god, but unlike a god, he died begging and screaming at what he knew to be a useless spectator for help. He'd gone through forty seconds of panic after the Shinigami wrote his name in the Death Note, pleading with the reaper to write the names of all the men after him. He was slightly ashamed of himself for it, but was more bitter towards Ryuk for one, killing him and two, bringing him to this decrepit place.

"So I'm here to become a Shinigami, right?" Though the inhumanly thin creature beside him wasn't moving quickly, Light found it hard to keep up. The sand in this world was odd and sucked at his shoes. It was eerily cold and felt wet and hard, almost like fish scales. In fact, the entire world was freezing. Light wrapped his arms tightly around himself, shivering. All he wore was a thin black shirt and pants, hardly suitable for freezing climates.

"That's right," the floating Death God confirmed. "I recommended you to The King."

"The King?"

"You're very interesting Light, not to mention smart, and that would be a waste to send to oblivion don't you think?" Ryuk's gravelly voice seemed amused.

"He agreed?" Light was surprised. Ryuk's rather cruel speech earlier made Light convinced for sure that once he died he'd cease to exist.

"I told him all about you, Kira," the reaper laughed dryly. "Let's just say he's impressed with your resume." He didn't like the way Ryuk's face seemed to become more frightening with every second that passed. This entire scenario was bizarre, and the part of him that was still in denial tried to convince the other half this was a dream, but Light knew better. This was his new home.

"Why is it so cold?" he shuttered as a soft breeze blew by. It felt like a knife on his skin, the thin fabric providing little protection.

"It just is. Kind of fitting. You'll get used to it. Weather kind of changes too from time to time. Either it's really hot or really cold. The sand however, is a different story." An image of Rem came to mind, and Light looked under his feet with horror.

"You don't mean?"

"The entire realm is dying off, and you know what happens to us when we die. Just goes to show how lazy we've become," the Shinigami seemed to sigh. "You've met pretty much everyone who still has some dignity, the rest are just gamblers."

"I get a Death Note, right?" Light looked to Ryuk's profile, eager to rid the image of dissolving Death Gods from his mind.

"Eager aren't we?" the Shinigami remarked, turning his pale face to meet Light's eye. The grin seemed a little wider than usual. "That's where we're headed, though I think it's a waste of time. I mean, it seems like everybody here just leaves theirs around wherever they like. It's easier just to steal one."

"So how long will it take for me to become a Shinigami?"

"Well, you're technically one now, but what's a Death God without a Death Note?"

Light didn't respond, emotions of triumph and glee rose inside of him. He was about to be reunited with the Death Note. He already felt the smile forming on his face. Kira had not lost after all. Ryuk had actually broke his vow of not getting involved and helped him. Light now had the eyes, not to mention the added bonus of extending his own lifespan every time he passed judgment. Light was practically beaming, for once not caring who saw him. The benefits were overwhelming, and he almost had the urge to hug Ryuk. Almost. The weight of the world was off his shoulders, and he found he was able to breathe easier.

"There is one catch though." The Death God's statement cut through Light's reverie of joy like a guillotine. The weight was back on his shoulders, and he scowled. Ryuk cocked his head. "Come on, you had to know that there was some sort of price." Light glared at him. Yes, he knew that it was too good to be true, but he was still crestfallen.

"What is this 'catch'?" Light asked, not even bothering to filter the acid in his voice. Even when he was alive, Ryuk was the only one he hadn't needed to pretend around. The Shinigami had been merely a spectator and now was no exception. Light wanted Ryuk to know the full extent of his displeasure.

"The more you use the Death Note as a Shinigami, the more your body transforms," Ryuk chuckled darkly. "Your body can't survive in human form in this realm along with eating another lifespan. It's sort of a system of checks and balances, a way to keep a big-headed Shinigami from killing off the entire human race." Light looked down at his hands. He'd always been good looking. The fact so many people were swayed by a pretty face had taken him far, and gotten him what he wanted. He wasn't sure if he was willing to give that up for the sake of Kira. His scrutinizing brown eyes studied Ryuk: the thin gangly body, the shock of black hair on top of the Shinigami's large pale head. Light didn't want to be that. Just the thought of having that many teeth made the inside of his mouth hurt.

"Surely that hasn't stopped every Shinigami?" Light questioned. Even though the Death Note might have taken looks, Light was well aware that not everybody cared as much as he did about appearance. One person in particular came to mind, but he stomped on the image like a disgusting spider. That person was long dead and dead he'd stay.

"Always spotting loopholes, but you're right that hasn't stopped every Shinigami," Ryuk confirmed. "Ever heard of the Black Plague?"

"That was a Shinigami?"

"Yeah," Ryuk said, then seemed to grin even wider than usual as he added, "he reminded me of you."

"What happened to him?" Light ignored the barb, knowing that giving a retort to Ryuk was like giving one to a brick wall, pointless.

"His body got so disfigured that he couldn't write anymore and died. Thankfully it was during the Middle Ages when you humans didn't live very long or we'd be stuck with him for millenniums instead of centuries."

"That doesn't make sense though," Light argued. "Shinigami have to write names to stay alive. If using the Death Note will disfigure them to the point where they can no longer write a name how do you live for as long as you do?"

"Take lifespan as food," Ryuk explained. "Humans need food to survive, however, if you eat too much at one time you can get sick, or gain weight to the point where you're way too disfigured to function."

"So lifespan is the same way," Light figured. "If I absorb more than my body can take in at one time that's what would make me disfigured." That craving for water was getting stronger the more he thought, but he pushed to the back of his mind. He could wait. Light first wanted to obtain his Death Note before starting to explore the wasteland.

"That's right. Limiting the amount of lifespan we take is a way of keeping humans plentiful. Think about it, if Shinigami were allowed to write names without limit there'd be no humans left, and we'd die out as well."

"That makes sense," Light kept a steady gaze on Ryuk, his mind absorbing the information. He had no idea about the limits of writing names, but he was learning fast. It seemed that being on the Death God's side would prove to be a bit more difficult than on the human's. "So as long as I write in moderation, my disfigurement should be limited."

"That's sort of true. You'll still transform simply because a human body isn't meant to take lifespan, but in a way you're right, if you write in moderation and live out some of the lifespan you absorb, then your transformation should be limited," Ryuk's clawed hand reached towards a wilting tree they were passing, and plucked an apple from the dry branches. "The older you get the more lifespan your body can absorb without transforming more than it should."

"So how long can I last without writing a name?" At this Ryuk cackled, the movements making the chain attached to his hip jingle. He tossed the apple over his shoulder, and Light instinctively caught it. The skin was withered and rough against his palms. Light's nose wrinkled with disgust. No wonder Ryuk craved apples from the human world. The thing looked not only rotten, but almost like a dead animal.

"I never thought I'd here you say that." The large yellow eyes were wide with expressiveness and sick amusement. "You're a newborn so only about a few weeks. You remember how lifespan works right?"

"Yes, if I kill a thirty year old that's meant to die when he's ninety I'll add sixty years to my own." Light let the apple fall and hit the sand below with a thud.

"True for an older Shinigami, but for a newborn, you should start out killing humans with only a few months left on their lifespan. It gives your body a chance to adjust to its new 'diet.'" At this point Light was fuming. There were way too many limits that put his goal of continuing Kira's reign out of reach.

There was no way he'd end up like the Shinigami apparently responsible for the Black Plague. Light was smarter than to abuse his body to the point where he was too disfigured to even move. His mind churned with possible solutions. He was a newborn Shinigami that had to start small, and though Light was patient, he wasn't patient enough to wait hundreds of years for his body to adjust enough to absorb the endless amounts of lifespan he'd take writing the names of the millions of criminals in the world. There had to be another way.

"Here we are," Ryuk announced, oblivious to Light's inner turmoil. He stopped before a wide cave, it's opening a yawning black abyss. Light could see a few orange flickers of fire from the various groups of Shinigami sitting inside. The cave was surrounded by the ruins of what appeared to be castle-like structures. The rugged bricks stuck out of the sand like tombstones, while the remains of archways seemed seconds away from crumbling into the very sand they stood upon.

"The King is in here?" Light asked. Another breeze swept his auburn hair across his forehead, and he felt his muscles stiffen against the bite of the chill.

"Yup, he hates the wind almost as much as you do." Ryuk started forward, and the blackness swallowed him briefly before Light slogged through the sand after him. The glow from the group fires was the only light provided as he hurried after the retreating Death God.

It was even cooler in the cave then it was outside, but the lack of wind made it slightly more bearable. Light let his eyes scan the walls, up to the stalactites clinging to the ceiling. Strangely enough, there was no water dripping down, as he had come to associate with caves. The air inside was completely dry, lacking any hint of moisture. Caves were formed from water. How could there not be any here? Light was unnerved that it made no sense. He calmed himself with a deep breath, remembering that he was in another realm now, and that the rules of the human world didn't necessarily apply.

The other Shinigami stared at him with their large unyielding eyes, and though Light was the prince of keeping his cool, he couldn't help but feel threatened. A few Death Gods pulled their lips back in disgust, revealing rows of dagger-like teeth. They acted as if they smelled something foul. Light was always hygienic, keeping his body perfectly clean, but something told him that these creatures were so used to thier own rotting stench, that any other scent repulsed them. The fires cast strange shadows across their disfigured faces, making some appear larger and much more frightening. Light instinctively kept only a few short paces behind Ryuk, though he knew that the Shinigami offered as much protection as a squirt gun.

The tried to ignore the snide comments he was getting by concentrating on Ryuk's large black wings. He remembered when he first found the Death Note, and the Death God offered him the eyes. He had denied, but teased Ryuk about offering wings instead. Light always had a mild fascination with wings. It was never an obsession or anything that really crossed his mind often, but now that he thought of it, it was definitely one of the perks of becoming a Death God.

"He looks like a pretty boy," a smug voice stated from his right.

"Can't wait to see what he looks like when he starts writing names," a snicker answered. Light's back was rigid as he followed Ryuk. He was insulted, but kept his mouth shut. There was no point, he kept telling himself.

"But Ryuk is with him so then he's Kira," another more feminine voice stated over the crackling of the many fires. Luckily, all the groups seemed to stay away from the center of the cave, instead keeping close to the walls. That was good. Light didn't want to be anywhere near them.

"That's Kira?" another asked. There was a rush of whispers down the cave at this, the entire hostile mood changing to one of curiosity and wonderment. Though the echoes of the yawning cavern made it impossible to distinguish individual conversations, he was able to pick up snippets from the closer groups.

"I imagined him older."

"I thought he'd be more intimidating."

"Who cares? Kira is here."

"He's going to be one of us."

"He can save our world." Light kept his gaze locked on Ryuk, determined not to let any of the monsters see the true anxiety in his eyes. Save their world? They must have been desperate, and Light didn't blame them. From the look of their realm, they needed something. Still, how could he do that when Ryuk said himself newborns had to absorb only minuscule amounts of lifespan. He surely wasn't going to commit genocide anytime soon.

A few moments later, Light was looking up at what had to be the most hideous creature in existence. It sat upon a throne of human bones, one claw-like finger circling sickeningly inside the eye socket of a brown skull perched on the armrest. The King was a fat blackish blob festering upon the skeletons of countless humans. His stumpy legs hung over the rim of his throne, red soulless eyes bearing down on the human before him. A large pit of fire separated the King from the rest, the embers revealing blemished hide.

Light was sickened at the sight, but the smell was even worse. It was a mix of rotten eggs and burning flesh, the auburn-haired man had to swallow roughly to keep from vomiting. Ryuk seemed undisturbed and floated serenely as ever.

"I brought Kira," he spoke. "All he needs is his Death Note, and he'll be ready to start."

The King's large mouth made a small rumbling sound, his crimson eyes staring unblinkingly down at Light through the flames. Ryuk might as well have been a formation in the cave for all the attention The King gave him.

"So you are Kira?" The King's voice sounded like a deep baritone coupled with grinding pebbles. It was almost enough to give Light a headache on the spot. At first Light wasn't sure how he should respond. Ryuk hadn't used any honorifics or 'your majesties' when he spoke, but then again, Light never saw Ryuk as the proper gentleman. He settled on following Ryuk's example.

"Yes." The King continued to stare, as if considering if such a small human was really responsible for the deaths of thousands.

"I assume he's informed you of the rules?"


"Ryuk seems to think that you might be the one to get us out of this recession," the creature before him informed. Light let the surprise show in his face, as he turned towards the Shinigami. Light never thought that the Death God had that kind of faith in him. Light had always been a source of amusement for Ryuk, nothing more. Now he thought Light had the power to single-handedly bring back the dying Shinigami Realm? Light felt his surprised look turn almost expectant for the reaper's denial or confirmation, but Ryuk kept his yellow gaze on The King, not even glancing at him. Light had to keep himself from scoffing. He should have figured it was the Shinigami's style to be just plain unhelpful. So Light took the initiative.

"He did? Well, apparently I'm only a newborn. I'm not sure how I can help."

"It doesn't matter. You will mature and when that time comes, your presence here should inspire more Shinigami to write. You are quite the celebrity in this realm, Kira." Despite the circumstances, Light felt his ego boost about ten notches. He really couldn't help it, it was his nature to absorb compliments like a sponge. Not only was he famous to humans, but also to his fellow Shinigami. The King continued.

"I believe he is right. You might have noticed the decay of our realm, the lazy creatures that dare call themselves Shinigami, but just the fact that you exist was enough to inspire them to have pride. They look up to you, Kira." Lights excitement rose. They really looked up to him? Even Shinigami thought he was an idol. The idea of ruling over the Death Gods was intoxicating. He'd be King of the Shinigami, therefore, he'd rule death and pass judgment for all eternity. These were desperate creatures that were dying out, and that made them seem far less threatening.

"So which Death Note is he getting?" Ryuk asked. Light let his brows furrow together, still unsure why his black-clad companion never used an honorific. The King didn't seem bothered by it though, and Light figured it wasn't really a necessity. Still, if he were King he'd expect some form of respect.

"The Death Note of the Shinigami he killed," The King answered, finally taking his heavy red stare off Light, and shifting it to Ryuk.

The Shinigami he had killed? Rem came to mind yet again. He smirked to himself, as he took a sidelong look at a nearby group of Shinigami. All of them were rigid as they sat around their dying fire. There were no more whispers or rude remarks, every burning eye was on him, their idol.

It was strangely fitting to have Rem's notebook. Light remembered how easy it was to manipulate her into doing his bidding. Her love for Misa made her the perfect pawn, and she had died killing his worst enemy to protect the sugary blond model. Rem had loved Misa, but he was sure Rem knew that Misa would never love her back. Misa was no more than a child. Her obsession and 'undying love' for Light had to have made that even more obvious. You didn't get any more stupid than that. What a fool she had been. People like that made him sick. He'd never be so stupid.

The thirst for water crept up on him again, almost as if chastising him on his inner remarks. He grit his teeth and ignored it, his hands itching to hold the little notebook that had so much power.

"Sampa, bring Kira his Death Note," The King turned his jelly-like head to the side. Light wondered briefly if he ever got out of his throne, but looking at the stubby excuses for legs and the fact he was surrounded by a mote of fire gave him his answer.

Another Shinigami glided over on brown leathery wings. The rotted skull of what appeared to be a horse rested over the reaper's face. It was a bit smaller than Ryuk, and far thinner. In its hands was the very Death Note Light had claimed after Rem's death. His whole body yearned for it, even through his suppressed craving for water. The King's terrible voice resounded, though Light kept his brown eyes fixed on the notebook.

"You may not have directly killed Rem, but you did set up her downfall knowing she'd play into it." The Shinigami named Sampa let its feet touch the bone littered ground. Light wasn't sure if it was male or female, but when it spoke, the voice that came from behind the horse skull was deep and growling.

"Here you are, Kira," Sampa said, holding out the Death Note. Light reached out and let his fingers brush the black binding. A shot of power flowed through him, and he felt his mouth curl into a grin. "You will save us from extinction."

Light felt all eyes on him, the many Shinigami that littered the cave tensed with anticipation as he gripped the notebook. Taking it from Sampa, his brown eyes widened along with his grin. Kira was back, and there was nothing to stop him now: no L, no Near, and no silly task force. He was a God of Death, and he knew exactly how to continue Kira's reign.

"I know you will make a fine Shinigami," The King seemed pleased despite his lack of facial expression. "Much more competent than that notebook's previous owners." Light only had eyes for the notebook in his hands, his fingers gripping the cover, slightly trembling as new power flowed through him.

"It's Kira." They said his name over and over. He'd be the God of both worlds, human and Shinigami. Light felt a bubble of mad laughter build up inside of him. It was the same laughter that he unleashed when Near uncovered who he was in the warehouse, before that bastard Matsuda pulled the trigger to his cursed gun. They thought Kira was dead. Well, he certainly wasn't now. He clutched the Death Note to his chest hungrily.

He knew how to continue Kira's reign, he'd drop another Death God's notebook in the human world, and use whoever picked it up as a pawn. His smile was huge by now, the laughter escaping him in short chuckles. They'd pay. Oh yes, they'd all pay for giving Kira a humiliating end. Soon the laughter was too much, and he threw his head back. His wide stare now glowed red with the eyes of a Shinigami, piercing the high ceiling of the cave.

The other Shinigami voiced their approval, some joining his mad laughter. He stopped after a few seconds, then looked down at the book, grin still plastered to his face. Time to get another Death Note, and with such loyal subjects that would not prove difficult.

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