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2 Months Later...

My breath caught in my throat when I saw Bella finally walking down the immense staircase in my parent's house. She was absolutely glowing. I supposed pregnancy did that to a woman, but this was different. She was radiant and beautiful and amazing and perfect. And minutes away from being my wife.

The soft violins seemed to be floating Bella towards me, her steps soft but certain. Her dress was white and flowing down her curvy body like a waterfall. People were obviously telling the truth when they said that pregnant women were ultra sexy; she could wear anything and look like a goddess, as far as I was concerned.

I swept my eyes from Bella's body up to her face when she finally reached the bottom of the stairs, flashing her favorite crooked grin when we made eye contact. It felt as though years were flying by as she made her way down the aisle, and I chuckled when I noticed Bella blushing at all of the attention she was currently receiving. Leave it to Bella to truly be a blushing bride.

The small group of our close friends and family were gazing in awe at the beautiful woman before them, and I couldn't help but to feel a swell of pride in my chest. She was mine, and we were finally going to make it official. And more importantly, I was hers.

The last two months of our lives had been crazy– as soon as we came home from Mexico, I went back to work at the hospital and Bella, Alice, Esme, and Rose got to work on our wedding. Bella didn't want to wait until after having the baby to get married, and she refused to do so once she became gigantic and had to resort to waddling around. Therefore, we planned the entire wedding in two months.

It wasn't so difficult, seeing as we wanted to keep it small and intimate anyways, but I was so busy with work and baby-proofing our apartment with Jasper and Emmett, that I barely got to help out with wedding plans at all. Luckily, Bella had the help of Alice, Rosalie, and Esme, and everything went off without a hitch.

It made me happy to see Bella relaxed and carefree for once, but I couldn't say the same for myself. Work was hectic as ever, especially after my two-month hiatus. I found that I had to study up on a couple of the more complicated procedures I was used to doing, but besides that, work wasn't difficult. The hours, on the other hand, were. I couldn't even remember the last time I got more than five hours of sleep. It was probably in Mexico.

The chief of medicine at the hospital had thought that it would be a good idea to just throw me back into my crazy work schedule, but that proved to be rather strenuous. I couldn't fathom how it was ever possible that I could take on that amount of work before the accident, and after a month of awful stress, I put my foot down. After much bribing and discussion, I was able to cut my hours by half. After all, I had a family to look after now.

Not only was it hard on my own self, I felt terrible about leaving Bella so often. To this day, I'm still apologizing profusely for the ridiculous amount of work I have done the past few years– she shouldn't ever have to be alone so much. I was grateful to my family for spending time with her, but that just wasn't going to cut it anymore. It was time that I stepped up to the plate and became a responsible husband. And soon-to-be father.

Every time I thought about being a father, a huge grin spread across my face. It was odd, because I had never given parenthood much thought before, but now that it was happening, there was nothing more important or amazing in my life. Besides Bella, of course. Soon we would find out the sex of the baby, and I couldn't help but to wish for a girl. I knew it would make Bella happy; I could just imagine her with a mini version of herself, rolling her eyes when Alice insisted on dressing the child in designer clothing.

In the last month, while the women planned out the wedding, the men in the family helped me begin the process of baby-proofing our apartment. We converted a storage room into a nursery, and began the difficult task of removing everything dangerous from the apartment, especially in the kitchen. We probably went a little overboard, but it was better to be safe than sorry. And there was no way I would ever let anything happen to our baby.

Besides getting used to the idea of fatherhood and going back to work, the two months following my recovery have been fairly easy. When I got my memory back, it was almost as though I had never lost it in the first place. I could remember my entire life, including the two months of Amnesia. Those two months had just been... an odd blip in my life. I couldn't describe it if someone asked me to.

The worst part of those two months definitely had to be not knowing Bella. When we were first introduced, and I was told that she was my girlfriend, I was absolutely blown away. First of all, how could someone so gorgeous ever end up with me? Second of all, I was shocked that I couldn't remember someone so important in my life. I still feel horrible for putting Bella through that– it had to have been torture. I was now committed to being the best husband she could ever ask for, because hell, she deserved it. Bella had been amazing those two months– teaching me about my life, being patient with me, everything. She is definitely the most wonderful woman in the world. No one can argue with me on that.


Bella smiled at me as she walked down the aisle with Charlie at her side, and I gave her a returning wink. Best day of my life, hands down.

Finally, after what felt like years, she stopped in front of me, and kissed Charlie on the cheek who handed her off to my waiting arms. I took her hand, squeezing it tightly, and we turned to face Emmett, who for some reason insisted on marrying us. Without anyone in the family knowing, two years ago he had gotten certified to marry people off. We were in no way a religious family, so we figured it was the best choice.

He began speaking, and I completely drowned all of it out. The second I looked into Bella's endless brown eyes, I was lost to the ceremony. Only when we were asked to give our vows did I snap out of my Bella-induced daze. I spoke first, attempting to explain how much I loved her.

I somehow managed to get through my vows without tearing up, but Bella had tears running down her face, smudging her makeup. She would definitely be hearing from Alice later.

Once I finished my vows, I gave Bella's hands a quick squeeze, smiling warmly with all of the love I could muster. My vows may not have been very eloquent, but how could I be eloquent in the presence of someone as amazing as Bella? She nearly rendered me speechless.

After momentarily collecting herself, she spoke her vows, her sparkling eyes glued to my own the entire time.

"Edward, I honestly can't put to words how much you mean to me. You are my everything– my life. We both know that the last few months have been hectic, but it just goes to show that we can get through anything and everything that life throws our way. I promise to be the best wife I can be, and to love you forever. You truly do mean the world to me, and I can't begin to explain how much I love you. Just know that I will always be yours. Forever."

I brought her hand up to my mouth and gently kissed it before turning back towards Emmett. This was finally it, after all this time.

"I now pronounce you man and wife," Emmett boomed, grinning at the two of us. "Edward, you may kiss your bride."

Without another thought, I pulled Bella against my chest and eagerly pressed my mouth to her perfect lips. I didn't think I could ask for anything better at that moment.

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