S L I P P I N G - A W A Y
Twilight FanFiction
by Becky Scarlett-Cullen

Chapter 5

The silence stretches.

It's not exactly uncomfortable. No, in fact, it's anything but. But it's odd. And neither of them like it.

They both try to break the silence, at the same time.

"Bella, I—"

"Sorry, but—"

They both stop. He gestures for her to continue, so she does. This is hard for her to understand. Is she not dead, then?

"Sorry, but am I not dead, then?"

He stares at her in disbelief, and she's almost hurt by the look of incredulity he offers her. But now, she knows pain. Now, she's stronger. She's been through the worst pain imaginable, and she's also been through the burning. Nothing even compares to either of those things. So she's not really hurt by him, not now that he's here. With her.


"Of course not, Bella… You're not dead, and neither am I, though you came pretty damned close to it, today…"

He runs a hand through his wet messy hair, looking out over the beach, across at the cliff, up at the overcast sky. Anywhere but at this angel that he's turned into a monster.

"Bella, I'm so sorry… I had no right to change you—"

She cuts him off. "Do you regret it?"

That shuts him up. He stares at her, his mouth hanging open. What, is she joking? Of course he doesn't regret it. Well, not in the way that she thinks.

He gets to keep her forever.

For eternity.

"Of course not, love."

Love, He called her love. Does that mean he still cares, then? Bella hopes so. Maybe it's the guilt. The guilt that he finally changed her—because she knew how he felt about that. He'd always been so touchy about that subject.

She keeps expecting the tears to fall, but they don't come.

It takes her a moment to grasp the fact that they'll never come again, not for her.

Alice watches the conversation, relaying the details back to the family. They're all gathered around; even Rosalie looks interested. Sort of.

They want to go and find her, but they can't. She's still on Quileute territory, see. That'll be a problem, actually. Not only did he bite a human, but he had the nerve to do it on their land. No, they won't like that.

Damn Edward. Couldn't he at least have run her back home? It's not like it would take him long, not at his ridiculous speed.

But he couldn't have, and she knows it. He hadn't had time to once he'd gotten her onto the beach, and he couldn't bear to while she'd been burning. But now, he has no excuse. Now, he has to take her home to meet her new family.

Jasper sits with his head in his hands. The constant array of emotions is overcoming him. One minute, he's overwhelmed by hope from Esme. Then it's slight annoyance and worry from Rosalie, excitement from Alice, impatience from Emmett…

Carlisle is the only one who can seem to stay calm, and Jasper is grateful for that.

Alice breaks the tense silence.

"They're coming. They'll be here in five…four…three…"

She sees them coming. They're running, and Bella's hand is in Edward's. A smile graces both of their faces, and Alice takes a moment to appreciate Bella's new, immortal face.

She's beautiful. She'll give Rosalie a run for her money.

And she's coming back to stay. Alice can see that now. The beatific smile on Edward's face would be proof enough of that, even if Alice hadn't already seen their future.

The future's bright. It's full of love, and happiness… it's forever.

"They're coming. They'll be here in five…four…three…two…"

They're running together, and he's ecstatic. Not only is he, at last, reunited with the love of his life, the woman of his dreams, but she's accepted him, too. And he has her, forever.

He glances across at her, and she smiles back. She can run as fast as him, now. They still fit together like to pieces of a jigsaw, they match. Only now, it's more even. In her eyes, anyway.

They've talked it over. Now, she knows the reason that he left, and she's accepted it. He knows her kiss, again. He's reacquainted with her smile. Her hand in his is perfect; now, they're the same temperature, and he can grip it properly without having to worry about crushing the bones in her hand. And that's just one of the perks.

But they've got all of eternity to explore those.

They approach the house. Both of them can hear Alice, now.

"They're coming. They'll be here in five…four…three…two…one."

They open the door, and they're home.


And this is just the beginning of forever.


And thus, it ends. I can't decide if I like the ending, I think that there may be too many ultimatums. But whatever. Basically, I just re-wrote half of New Moon, all of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Woohoo!

There will be no sequel. I don;t like sequels, because all of my sequels have simply crashed and burned. Dramatically. I'm quite happy with the way this one turned out, and I don't plan to drag it down with a half-assed sequel. But I do quite like this format, I enjoy writing it... so maybe I'll give some other moments similar treatment. Hmm...

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