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Author's Note: For the writing challenge on the missing pieces forum.


He walked through the snow filled streets looking at the businesses that had put up Christmas lights. Even the local gun shop had lights up in their display window. He smiled as he watched as people passed by him with presents in their arms and they smiled back. It was times like these when he wished that he was with his family during the holidays, but it just wasn't possible right now. He looked at the next window display. It had a chair in it and on the chair was Mrs. Claus sitting by a fake fireplace. He went inside a novelty store and looked around. He needed to get a present for Miss Parker, Broots and Sydney. As he walked around he saw a handcuff and he shook his head. Like she needed another pair of them. He could hear Christmas Carols over the loudspeakers through the store. He picked up a mini skirt and thought better of buying her clothes for Christmas. He then picked out his presents for his three hunters and as he paid for his purchases the man at the register pointed out that they were giving out free Eggnog and so he grabbed a cup, drank it and threw the cup away. He walked back to his latest lair to wrap up his gifts to send tomorrow.

The End