Chapter 6: Nightmares End, New Beginning

The others walked into the room with Will and saw her knocked out. Matt kneeled down next to Will and smiled at her but his smile faded quickly as he couldn't see her breathing. He put his ear to her mouth and could feel her breathing. They are shallow breaths but they're breaths and then Matt noticed something. "Her heart has stopped but it doesn't make any sense at all because she is breathing." No one had any idea what to think and stayed by her side.

Will woke up and found herself in a dark place and knew this time, this is a dream. "Ok who ever you are; get out here so I can put the hurt on you." Will looked around and couldn't hear or see anything. She walked a little but slowly seeing her bulging stomach when all of a sudden she shrunk. The child appeared in front of her with an angelic look through and through. The thing is the child's wicked smile. She went to grab the child but was too late as someone else grabbed the child before her. "Who are you?" Will demanded and then focused herself and then the heart of Kandrakhar started glowing and the whole area became a dark red room. "Phobos evil side." Will said with anger in her voice.

"The child is mine and your world is to be destroyed by your own child but first, I must make you mine." Then Phobos evil side pulled out a dark blade of some sort.

"Guardian unite." Will screamed and she transformed into her guardian form. Will flew up into the air and shot her bolts at the evil Phobos who easily blocked the bolts with his dark blade. The bolts bounced off his sword and went flying back toward Will. She dodged the bolts and landed. "Since when do blades reflect electricity?" She said as she dodged Phobos sword.

"Since Phobos got rid of me which in turned killed me and turned me demonic. I got this sword which is a demon's sword capable of reflecting anything." Then he charged at Will and missed her by just a few inches.

'I wish I had a powerful blade right now.' Will thought and then an electrified blade formed in her hand. Will looked confused but went with it as she blocked the strike from Phobos. "It's time to end this Phobos." Will yelled as she went on the offensive. She attacked over and over but couldn't get anywhere and then she had her blade thrown from her hand and it disappeared. Phobos pointed his sword to her stomach and smiled and then the child ended up in Phobos other arm. Will knew she had lost this and went to give up but not before she tried one last thing.

Matt and the others saw Will's stomach shrink and a child ended up in front of her and then disappeared into thin air and then they saw Will start to sweat and knew that something was going on but they had no idea what. She wasn't overly sweating like she did before but she was definitely sweating. Then a small bloody hole appeared in her stomach. They had been trying to get Will to wake up for a while now but nothing seemed to be working and then Will woke with a start. "Where is he? Where is that son of a" Then a voice cut her off

"Now now Will, why such harsh words to the person that gave you a child?" A figure appeared in front of them and smiled.

"Phobos." Everyone gasped at hearing the name especially Phobos. "How dare you destroy everything and then come and rape me. You say that I should be grateful but I never asked for this so why don't you just show yourself and save me the trouble of beating it out of you." Will yelled and glared at the figure.

At hearing this, the figure took shape and to everyone's astonishment, it is Phobos. "You are supposed to be my wife and I will make sure that it happens and besides, would you have willingly had this child if I had asked?" Then a child appeared in front of them. "Now let me kill you so we can live together happily."

Phobos and Matt then stepped up in front of Will. "You will get to her over our dead bodies." The two said preparing themselves for a fight.

The two then felt a hand on their shoulders. They looked behind them and could see Will shaking her head. Will pushed them away and stood in front of them. "This is my fight, not yours." She looked behind her as she said this and then turned toward evil Phobos. "You want a fight, then let's have a fight." Will focused and her sword appeared in her hands. She rushed at Phobos and locked her sword with his and then a sword came flying in between them throwing Will off balance giving the evil Phobos the chance to throw Will to the floor. Will landed hard on the ground and lost her sword at the same time. Everyone looked in the direction o the other sword came from. A black figure stood there eyes closed and an evil grin.

"Phobos you fool, you were supposed to have killed her in her dream and now that you have failed, I will have to help out which is not good for you. We will beat her and then I will deal with you and your incompetence." The man then changed his form and Will looked in surprise.

"You, we killed you a long time ago." Will said in shock and then went for her sword but was then stepped on before she could get up. Will focused her energy and her sword came at her and she grabbed it just in time to block the attack coming from the evil Phobos. She kicked him off and then rolled out of the way of the attack coming from the other man. Will jumped up and then back flipped out of the way of evil Phobos attack and then blocked the attack from the man.

"My name is Kantos, guardian." Then he ran at her.

From the others points of view, they could see Will skillfully dodging and blocking attacks from the two men. Phobos and Matt were just about to go in to help when a fold appeared and then the Oracle walked through. "Stay you two, Will must do this on her own. Any help Will at all will put everyone in peril. You see that child." The Oracle said pointing to the child floating above and watching the scene before them. "Any interference in this battle and that child will destroy anyone he wants. Will must do this by herself as hard as that is to accept." With that, the Oracle left through the fold he came in.

"This is all about revenge isn't it Kantos. You lost and now you came to get back at me and in the process helping out evil Phobos." Will said as she jumped out of the way of the sword that came down. She then kicked the sword out of Phobos hands and tried to stab him but was blocked by Kantos. Phobos ran and grabbed his sword and both of them went on offense and finally got Will backed up into a corner; their swords making a cross across her neck but not making contact.

"It's time to end this guardian." Kantos said but then saw Will smile and then she began to laugh a little. Kantos couldn't figure it out and neither could anyone else. "What is so funny guardian?" Before he could get an answer he felt a sharp pain go right through him. Then the same happened to evil Phobos and then blood shot put of them and hit Will.

"I ended it Kantos and next time, I suggest you keep my sword at bay but there won't be a next time." Will said as she watched the two fall to the floor. Will wiped the blood off her face and then her sword disappeared.

She looked up at the child but it now has black wings and has claws for nails. It's eyes are black with no feeling in them and then the small child curled up into a ball and then quickly spread out and a giant wave was caused. Then the child's eyes turned a light purple and some feeling grew in it's eyes. Then it disappeared and ended up in Will's arms. Will looked down and found the child asleep in her arms and then she looked around and the two bodies disappeared as well as all the blood on her and the floor and wall. Will turned around and sat down with a smile on her face. Then a hand came down on her left shoulder and another hand on her right. Phobos and Matt both had questioning looks on their faces and Will knew exactly what they are wondering. "This child's evil look is her good side and her angelic look is her evil. The question was, which side would she be, good or evil and she chose good because I won." The two are still confused but they didn't bother to wonder any more about it.

Will rocked back and forth and then Phobos asked the question that may not have been appropriate at this time but needed to be asked. "Who are you going to marry Will?"

Will saw this and already had an answer for him. "No one Phobos, at least not right now. I can't marry now at least not until I figure out which world would be better for my child." Will got up and then made a fold to Kandrakhar. Before she went through, she turned to talk a little more. "This world is for Phobos and Earth is for Matt. Matt doesn't belong here and Phobos doesn't belong on earth and so I need some time to figure things out." With that said, Will went through the fold and closed it behind her.

When she got to Kandrakhar, she was met up with the Oracle. "You have done well Will. Stay here as long as you need to get things figured out." Then he led Will to a special place to think. The place is a beautiful garden with four big fountains surrounding it but not closing it off. "Will, this place can hold you and your child only so that nothing can influence your decision." Then the Oracle left and let Will get comfortable.

Will sat down on the soft grass and then began to think. For six hours she sat there thinking and then came up with her decision and walked away and out of the garden. She went over to the Oracle and thanked him and then left back to talk to the others.

Phobos and Matt had been talking to everyone for hours now when Will walked through a fold. The two boy's stood up and waited for Will to get to them. "What have you decided Will?" Phobos asked.

Will looked down at her daughter and smiled and then looked back up to them. "I am going to have to choose Phobos. Her life on earth would be unbearable for her and me. I have to live in the place where she can live happily. I'm sorry Matt but I can't put me, you, or my daughter through pain and I can't abandon my people." Matt smiled and then gave Will a hug and kiss on the cheek. Will made a fold and then sent everyone home.

A few weeks later, Will had her wedding and everyone including Matt came to wish them good luck. "It's good to see you one last time Matt." Matt smiled and nodded.

"Good luck with everything Will." Matt said sincerely. "So what is her name?"

"I named her Asha meaning Hope."

The years came and went and Will's daughter grew and so has Will. "Mom, why am I like this? Why do I have wings and claws? Who am I really?" Asha asked helping her mother sit down.

"I wondered when you would ask about that. You aren't exactly human. Your father who doesn't need to be named was a demon I guess. It's ironic actually but anyway, he tried to kill me after you were born because only if he killed me would I be able to live with him which would have made you evil and so I killed him. You were a two sides of one coin. Yet neither side showed who you really were and that's where your looks come in. If you had been evil, you would have looked like an angel but since your good, you have a demonic look to you."

Asha looked at her mother confused. "Then who was my father because dad doesn't look at all demonic?"

"Your father now is the good side of your blood related father which is why I say it's ironic that I don't want his name mentioned." Asha just looked in awe not knowing what to think at this point and then a guard came over to Will.

"Your highness, I'm sad to inform you that, Phobos has been killed in battle." Will thanked the guard and sent him off.

Will looked sadly at the ground and then stood up with a small tear in her eye. They had been together for fifteen years and then he got sent off to war to help protect Meridian. "Asha, would you like to leave here and go to earth to live?"

Asha thought about this and then looked back at her mother. "Yes mother, anywhere but here." Asha said feeling her mother's big stomach.

"Then let's pack up and go. We have a new life ahead of us now." Will said as she went to her most trustworthy friend and passed on the crown. "Marsi, I trust you to be a good ruler." Will said sadly.

"Why must you go?" Marsi said slightly hurt.

"I can't stay here any longer Marsi, I can't live here without some help and so I must go. With Phobos gone, I wouldn't be able to focus anyway." Then Asha came into the room and looked at the two adults. "I will miss you all very much."

Then Susan came into the room. "Will, are you sure you want to leave? I can still help you." Susan had grown to this place and didn't want to leave.

"Mother, if you wish to stay, that is fine. You can stay but I can't." With that, Will made a fold to earth and hoped through.

The End

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