So, this has been done before but I wanted to put my own twist on it. SM was very vague on B&E's practicing, so I have a lot of wiggle room, muhaha. I'm such a pervert, I swear.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.


This moan was throatier, louder than the others. I bit my lip as Edward moved back from me and shook his head.

He had only touched the underside of my right breast. Through my shirt. That was it. But I was the girl who had lost control the first time he kissed her and fainted the second. Clearly this was a big step for me.

And this was Edward Cullen. I loved him uncontrollably and for so long he'd been unable to express any physical love beyond a chaste kiss. Now we were getting married, we were half naked in my bed together, and Edward wasn't such a saint anymore.

"If you continue moaning like that, Bella, I warned you what would happen." His voice was harsh, barely restrained.

"Tell me again." I was begging for trouble

Was it not me not too long ago, lying beneath Edward and saying I wanted to wait until marriage?

Edward's eyes blazed and for a moment I thought he was going to truly devour me. "Ours would not be a white wedding, I'll tell you that much."

I blushed and he laughed, propping up his head on one hand while the rest of his delicious body gingerly rested on mine. The sexual charge that had been incinerating my room just moments before was now gone. I wanted it back.

Slowly, I swept my hand against his naked freezing chest and effectively wiped off his grin. His eyes shut and he shook a little above me, much to my surprise.

"Isabella. You wanted to wait until marriage." Edward's eyes popped open and he grabbed my wrist. "Has this changed?"

He almost sounded hopeful.

Oh, God.

"Not exactly…." I mumbled weakly.

His eyebrow arched. "Care to elaborate?"

"I want to practice. Remember?"

"I remember a lot of things," he smiled, "and I especially remember that delicious moan you let out a few minutes ago. I think you've had enough temptation for one night."

I groaned and shook my head. "That's impossible. Please, Edward."

He rolled off of me and pulled me to his chest. "Love, I beg of you to go to sleep. You've apparently forgotten about my fragile control."

"You were in control."

He sighed. "Go to sleep, Bella, for the sake of my sanity. Besides, it's midnight."

I sat up. "You were in control. Maybe I wasn't, but that's what I have you around for."

He sighed again and looked up at me with a look I'd seen way too many times- the look that told me he was undoubtedly going to stop. But then he surprised me, as he always did.

"Do you promise not to be loud? Charlie's not that much of a heavy sleeper."

I nodded vehemently.

He was on top of me again before I could finish nodding. "Very well. We can continue for a little while longer."

Edward grinned wickedly as his hand once again caressed the underside of my clothed breast. I could feel the frigidness of his flesh and the strength of his fingers.

"Mmm…," I moaned quietly.

Slowly, tentatively, Edward's hand moved higher. And higher. And higher until his hand completely cupped my flesh. I don't know how I didn't scream with pleasure, or jump up and pounce on him, or die right there on the spot.

With a sly smirk that told me Edward knew just how much he was affecting me, he leaned down and kissed my hardened nipple through my shirt.

"Not… fair," I strangled out.

"Would you like me to stop?" he purred against my breast. I could feel his smile.

"No," I growled.

He continued to nudge me as his other hand found the other breast. This time he wasn't hesitant; his two fingers quickly pinched my nipple, causing my body to immediately arch.

Edward moved back to avoid any more bodily contact but continued his work. I clenched my eyes shut, certain I would explode at the sensations he was giving me and the intense look in his eyes that were focused on mine.

That's why I freaked out when I felt his tongue on my naked nipple. He had ripped off my shirt before I could even feel it. But I wasn't embarrassed or stunned by my nakedness yet. The pleasure was just too much to be ignored.

"Oh, Edward," I moaned, much too loudly.

But Edward didn't stop. He just clamped a strong hand over my mouth and continued to lick my nipple with his freezing, wet tongue. It was as though he were rubbing me with an ice cube, but the fact that he was Edward's tongue made it much more amazing.

He moved to the other and I nearly died. Some sort of tension was pooling in my belly that was uncomfortable and extraordinarily pleasing at the same time. A strange spark flowed from my toes right up to my breasts, lingering on the place that was becoming increasingly wet.

I had read plenty of novels, seen a surplus of movies, and heard way too many tales- some even from Renee- all about this. I knew what to expect; I would get wet, Edward would get hard (that thought alone nearly brought me to an orgasm), and then he'd enter me. It would hurt at first, then I guess I would get used to him, and we'd orgasm. I never had an orgasm before but I spent a lot of time imagining what it would be like. But it was different now as I actually felt what I'd only read before. I imagined the feelings I felt when Edward just kissed or touched me times a million and thought that it would be almost like that.

Whatever an orgasm was, I was fairly certain Edward was going to give me one just by touching my breasts alone.

As I started to pant and mutter out things I could barely understand, forever getting closer to something I wasn't sure I wanted to reach, Edward knelt back. My nipples were visible rocks beneath my flimsy shirt, my legs, that had somehow found their way around Edward's waist, were still wrapped around him, and Edward looked hungry. Ravenous, even.

I found myself wondering if he was excited… in that way. I had wondered that for awhile and felt disgusted with myself for my wayward thoughts.

"Bella, I think we should stop," he gasped, staring at my rapidly rising chest.

"I don't want to," I practically sobbed.

Edward's eyes popped up to mine and he looked almost sadder than I felt. "Neither do I, love. You can't even imagine what's going through my mind. But I feel myself slipping… I can't stop myself when it comes to you, Bella. I never could. You want me to stop this time, and so I will. Remember you want this for us."

I sat up and moved myself closer, clenching my legs even more tightly around him. I slipped my arms around his torso and buried my face in his chest. We were closer together now than we had ever been before and I briefly imagined us as one person, one being.

"I do. I love you, Edward. But there are plenty of things we could do without having sex."

Oh my, God. Did I just seriously say that?

I told Alice Edward and I were practicing with touching each other and Alice had put the thought in my head the other day when we were planning for the wedding. Though it had been on my mind, I never seriously considered suggesting it! I wanted to shrink back in the bed and vanish.

My hold loosened on him and I was about to run away when suddenly Edward's arms were around me, desperately holding me to him so I couldn't slip away.

"Like what?" he whispered, lust and curiosity in his voice.

OH. MY. GOD. Edward sounded very much like he wanted this, too. Could it be…? I'd just have to play along and see.

"You know."

"I'm afraid you'll have to remind me," he said, the smile evident in his voice.

My blush amplified and my arousal joined in on the fun as I imagined all the fun Edward and I could have. I had no idea how I could say it all. And I was annoyed as hell he was making me say it. He just loved to embarrass me. Alice said it turned him on. I blushed even more at the reminder of that particular conversation.

Edward sighed and rubbed his face on my throat. "The heat of your blush is wonderful. But the scent of your arousal is intoxicating. It's all I want to smell from this day on."

My mouth dropped open. My filthy mind thought that maybe, just maybe, this was Edward's way of dirty talking. I was all for it.

"Bella?" he prompted, waiting for me to speak.

"Fine," I sighed, a little less reluctant now, "I'm sure you have heard of things people do with their hands."

"Oh?" he asked, feigning ignorance. "I'm not sure I know what you mean. What do they do?"

Now he was pissing me off. My temper and my desire fused together as one, which prompted the uncharacteristic outburst of confidence that followed.

I leaned back and stared Edward right into his black eyes. "They give hand jobs and finger each other, Edward."

I would have laughed at his expression had I not been so frustrated and embarrassed. His gorgeous eyes grew even darker and nearly popped out of his head. His beautiful mouth dropped wide open and his arms around me twitched and tightened. He hadn't said anything; he didn't react. I knew something like this wasn't usual for vampires, so maybe for once I had finally shocked him into silence.

A sickening thought crossed my mind: maybe I had repulsed him. Maybe now he was finally realizing what a mistake it was for him to be with me.

Maybe he would leave me again.

Edward must have noticed my forlorn expression because his lips were suddenly on mine and his hands were gently but firmly pushing my body down to the bed. He was on top of me, growing more insistent and frantic with his touches. Immediately a hand found my left breast as the other stroked my stomach. I was a panting, quivering, arching mess and I loved it. Judging from Edward's excited breaths and his own shaking, I guessed Edward loved it, too.

Then he pulled away but before I could pout Edward's mouth was on my breast.

"Bella," he moaned into it. He kissed my nipple and looked up at me with an expression so full of lust I nearly died. "Would you be interested in doing those things?"

(I certainly would, Edward.) More soon.