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1. Never kill Uriel the angel just for being a dick

2. Never dress Dean in a clown suit to terrorize Sam

3. Never dress Sam up like a plane for Dean

4. Never tell John to die his hair, no matter how grey it is, he'll use the Colt

5. Never draw on the Impala

6. Never glue yourself to the ceiling while they sleep

7. NEVER try and seek up on any of them unless you have been trained by ninjas

8. Never make fun of Ruby's new body being man-ish

9. Never call Sam the Puppy-Dog-Eyed Anti-Christ

10. Never steal Dean's pie, he too will use the Colt

11. Never steal Sam's shoe, he can loose it without your help

12. Never say Bloody Mary in front of a mirror, Sam's eyes bled last time

13. Never call the cops during a hunt, lest they start to believe in real ghosts

14. Never put on any kind of oddly colored contact when around them

15. Never ask tell Sam he needs a hair cut

16. Never ask Dean why the only girl he dated looks like a Wendigo

17. Never burn down their old house in Laurence and blame it on YED

18. Never ask why they killed the people from The Chainsaw Massacre

19. Never put anything in their mouths while their sleeping, no matter how tempting

20. Never tell Sam you killed Sarah

21. Never ask JW why he was barking at the end of Devil's Trap

22. Never smash the Impala into a tree and blame Sam

23. Never tell Sam you really did try the ash tray trick and it worked

24. Never use superglue when around them period

25. Never ask Andy if he is a Jedi

26. Never use that sulfur cologne you bought a while back

27. Never ask Lilith if she wants a teddy bear unless you want to see that glowing white light trick she does

28. Never give Dean any kind of drug, it'll bring up his addiction

29. Never key in the people from Intervention about Sam's powers

30. Never point out just how creepy it is that Dean had the hots for his mom

31. Never ask why no one we see ever wears anything but nightgowns or straight clothes to bed

32. Never try to shut down Busty Asian Beauties. Ever

33. Never start screaming and say that angels are talking

34. Never trick the boys into thinking you are a vampire

35. Never take them to Twilight. All they will do is bitch and moan that that's not how vamps really are. Sam might even comment on how it is nothing like the book.

36. Same goes for Hairy Potter

37. Never accuse Lilith of being a pedophile

38. Never try and remove their possession tattoos

39. Never pretend to be a doctor when one of them it hurt and ask them to take off their shirt

40. Never point out how good Dean would be in the movie industry

41. Or the musical industry

42. Or the Sports industry

43. Never claim Dean has a son

44. Never trick the boys into going to go hunt for dragons

45. Or unicorns

46. Or big foot

47. Never ask Sam if he wants to go sit on Santa's lap

48. Never film the boys and post it on Youtube

49. Never make fun of Dean for screaming like a girl in Yellow Fever

50. Never pretend you see a ghost, it never ends well