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101. Never put the Impala on "Pimp My Ride."

102. Never say Bon Jovi sucks

103. Or Metalica

104. Actually, for sanity's sake, just avoid music talks at all cost...

105. Never trash Dean's leather jacket

106. Never mock Dean's eyebrow thing

107. Or Sam's puppy-dog eyes

108. Never remind Dean to "wear protection"

109. Or Sam

110. Or John

111. Never make fun of the fact that Sam always plays damsel in distress

112. Never steal Dean's pie

113. Never make fun of Sam's singing ability

114. Never show either boy the Supernatural Drinking Game on Youtube

115. Or the Sammy Song

116. Or the bloopers vid

117. Hell, never show any of the boys anything on them on Youtube

118. Actually, don't show them anything on youtube period.

119. On second thought, scratch that. Stay away from computers entirely...

120. Never ask to see Dean's hand-burn just so you can stare at his biceps

121. Never tell the boys that Barney is a demon

122. Never scream in Sam's ear while he's sleeping

123. Never draw on Dean's face while he's asleep and/or hung over

124. Never replace their salt rounds with cocaine

125. Never ask Dean if he wants to go sky diving

126. Never imprison Sam in an iron ring so that Ruby can't get to him

127. Never randomly shoot anyone but maybe Ruby

128. Never glue a whoopi cushion to Dean's butt

129. Never put Nair in Sam's shampoo

130. Never say that Dean has an STD

131. Never tell John that Mary's not dead, she just didn't know how to say she wanted a divorce

132. Never compare Sam's forehead to a billboard

133. Never tell Dean he sounds like a farmer when he gets upset

134. Never tell Sam Dean died...again

135. Never ask Bella if her boyfriend is a vampire

136. Never make Dean sit through a chick flick. He'll used the Colt

137. Or Sam. Unless you want to drown...

138. Never smack Dean and tell him Andy made you do it

139. Never hold Sera Gamble hostage. She'll stop writing...

140. Never ask Dean why he looks at Sam funny sometimes

141. Or vice versa

142. Never try and imitate Dean's eyebrow thing. No one can do it right, not even Sam

143. Never blackmail either boy through his porn obsession. Never. Ends. Well.

144. Never try and sell Sam to a pet store. It's just a puppy-dog look, he's no actual bitch. Well, he is according to Dean...

145. Speaking of that, never try and steal their bitch-jerk thing

146. Never stick Dean's hand in water while he's asleep. He won't wet the bed...well, not exactly...

147. Never tease Sam about his doll obsession

148. Never ask Dean if he wears mascara

149. Never try and proove he does by dumping water on him *it's waterproof*

150. Never invite real monsters to the big Halloween party you are planning