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Chapter 4: Ending

Duzell sighed as he stared out the window. Knowing that Ishtar was in the future at the moment, deciding which Era she wanted to live in and which Vampire King she wanted, didn't help matters. Duzie was for sure she wasn't going to pick him. But if Duzell knew Ishtar well enough, then he was sure she would suprise them both. Duzell walked around his castle. Ishtar had helped him see the world in a new light, see kindness in others, and many other things. He only wanted what was best for her. As did Duzie, that he was sure of. Duzie then walked into the room, sighing. Duzell raised his eyebrow.

"What has you in such a gloomy mood??" He questioned.

"Well, its just that.....I'm certain Ishtar is going to choose you."


"Well, Ishtar really did seem attached to you more.........so I think the answer is obvious." Duzie wasn't looking at him, but Duzell was staring very hard at his back.

"I keep telling you to expect the unexpected. . .This is Ishtar we're talking about." Duzie turned to stare at him.

"Ishtar doesn't think things through, though. . .At least the Ishtar that I know." Duzell sighed when Duzie was still refusing to believe him that ANYTHING can happen. Thats when Risha's (A/N: I can't remember if I brought him in earlier, but he's making an appearance now.)

"Lord Duzell! I just returned from the trip you sent me on a while ago! Whose this?" (A/N: Duzell had sent Risha's, in this story, on an errand. So he doesn't know that the war with Phelios is over.) Duzell actually looked at him.

"This is Duzie, my reincarnation from the future. Risha's the war with St. Phelios is over. We will not be attacking Pheliosta now." Risha's dropped the documents he had and sighed in relief.

"Thank heavens! I was getting a bad feeling that something was going to happen!" Thats when a white light appeared in the center of the room. When the light disappeared, Ishtar stood in the middle of the room. She had on a dress. . .It was the same one she had been wearing the first day she had met Duzell.

"Duzell! Duzie!" Ishtar hugged them both at the same time, making Risha's confused.

"Lord Duzell who is this?" Ishtar took a long glance at him.

"Lady Lailis?!" (A/N: Please let me know if I spelled that name right!) Risha's stepped back.

"Excuse me!? I'm a faithful servant here of Lord Duzell's!" Ishtar giggled.

"Yep, its Lady Lailis from the future. Oh and which Duzell? Duzell or Duzie?" Ishtar froze as she remembered those exact same words had entered her mind only a few hours ago in the future.

"Duzell of course! Lord Duzell may I be excused?"

"Yes, you may." Risha's left the room quickly. Ishtar looked around and was puzzeled when she didn't see someone.

"Where is Yuujin? And-" Duzie cut her off.

"Yuujin went back to the future and your brother is staying here in the past with St. Phelios. He's serving under him now." Ishtar nodded her head and sighed.

"Can I spend a day with Duzell please?" Her request took them both by surprise, but they nodded anyways.

~The Next Day~

"So what do you want to do today Ishtar?" (A/N: Thank you FMAGreedsgirl for this next idea and VAMPIRELG for agreeing with it! I really love to get feedback on my story and I always accept ideas.)

"Hmm. . .How about gambling?" Duzell raised his eyebrow.


"Come on Duzell!" A few hours later, they had found a place to gamble. Each time Ishtar lost and each time Duzell. . .won. But he gave all his earnings to Ishtar in the end. After all, this was his last day with her. Now they were both laying in a meadow, staring up at the clouds.

"Duzell, how come your life was always so lonely before?"

"Well, before I didn't know you Ishtar."

"Aww, thats sweet Duzell. But really, how come you never married anyone?" Ishtar was sitting up now.

"Because I didn't want to open up to anyone before. You know, with the possiblity of being betrayed by someone, I wasn't about to risk it."

"Yeah, but now you should marry someone."

"Ishtar who did you choose?" Ishtar's eyes widened.

"Why?" Duzell sighed.

"Ishtar, I'm just curious." She layed on her side, not facing him.

"I won't answer yet." He sighed again.

"Did you choose Duzie?" When she didn't answer, he knew his answer. "Ishtar its alright. I'm not upset." She turned to look at him.

"Your not?"

"No, I'm not. I only want whats best for you and I'll support any decision you make. . .as long as its wise and Duzie likes it too." Ishtar hugged him.

"Thank you Duzell. I'm so glad I met you!"

"By the way, why did you come to the past?" She pulled away from him.

"Duzie had disappeared and I was curious on how he had been in his past life." Duzell nodded his head.

"Ah, I see. Curiousity killed the cat." He pointed out.

"But satifaction brought me back." They both laughed at her response.

"I'm going to miss you Ishtar."

"But you'll be with me again, in your next life."


"Are you going to be fine here?"

"Yes. I'll probably fulfill Risha's wish about becoming a vampire. I'll help him with that, and then find a lover for eternity."

"Good, cause I can't stand the thought of you spending eternity alone." He chuckled at her.

"I wouldn't spend eternity alone."


~The Next Day~

Ishtar groaned when she woke up, realizing that what she would have to do today. She heard a song playing in the distance.

Shiroi bara no hanabira hitotsu futatsu hirakeba
Ano hi no kioku irozuite yuku
Hikaru ito o tadoru you ni
Toki wa shizuka ni nagarete
Michihiku yure ni soinagara
Hito wa umarekawaru
Anata no hohoemi wa mune o tokasu nukumori
(Dokoka de mita) amai yume no you
Shizumu yuuhi ni ima no kimi torarete mo
Futari no kage wa kasanatte yuku
Hateshinaku tooku kagirinaku fukaku
Majiwatta unmei no you ni
Nando mo tsukande nando mo ushinatte
Yatto meguriaeta koto
Sora ga chi o motome hana ga ame o machi
Yoru ga ashita o kou you ni
Futatsu no kokoro ga hitotsu datta koto
Konna ni mo motometeta no
Shiroi bara no hanabira hitotsu futatsu chiru toki
Futari no ai wa eien ni naru

Ishtar sighed, and went to get meet up with Duzell and Duzie. But what she found was only Duzie, waiting.

"He told me that you chose me, and he said he'd be back in a moment."

"Alright, we can wait a few minutes." Ishtar stood next to Duzie. Duzell then appeared with a sword and a dress.

"Ishtar the dress is for you and Duzie this sword is for you." Ishtar left to go put on the dress, when she came back both of them were waiting for her.

"How do I look?"

"Stunning." Duzell said.

"Gorgeous." Duzie answered. Ishtar chuckled at both of their responses and stood between them both.

"I guess this is good-bye Duzell." He sighed.

"I guess it is. Good-bye Ishtar, Duz.....Duzell." Duzie smiled at his former self.

"Good-bye Vampire King Duzell." He gave a bow, but Duzell stopped him.

"Duzell, you are still a king, even if you don't feel like it. Ishtar always make sure he knows that he is a king, no matter what." Ishtar nodded. Ishtar, on the brink of tears, hugged Duzell. She put a locket around his neck, making him stare at her in suprise.

"What is this for?"

"So you don't forget me." He opened the locket and saw a pretty picture of Ishtar there, smiling back. On the other side there was a picture of himself.

"Thank you Ishtar." Duzie held out his hand for Ishtar, and she grabbed it. Then they were gone out of the past. Duzell had to hold back the tears that threatened to fall down. 'I'll never forget you Ishtar.'

~In the Future~

Ishtar sighed as she and Duzell (A/N: Its Duzie, now that they are in the future he's back to being Duzell.) were going through the marriage ceremony stuff. Falan gave her a smile. Yuujin was also smiling at her. She looked at Duzell and she knew that her life had turned out for the best, but still she missed the other Duzell she had gotten to know. She said the binding words and then she and Duzell kissed.

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