AN: So this got written on a whim instead of my history paper...enjoy! Bella is human and the Cullens are vampires.

Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer owns Twilight and all related characters.

I really didn't understand why Alice was making such a huge fuss. I mean, sure it was Christmas, but from all the decorations she's currently running around with (and that everyone else is running around with, per her orders) you would think they had never celebrated this before. Okay, I may have spoken...thought?...monologued to myself?...too soon. For all I know, maybe none of them have celebrated Christmas since they were human.

So right now, Alice is having Emmett place the perfect tree in the perfect spot. And I mean the perfect spot. I swear, she's talking about moving it in increments of millimeters now! And I, of course, am on the couch laughing as Emmett sighs in frustration, because he has to move it 1mm back to the right.

"THAT'S PERFECT!" Alice finally exclaims. "Now for ornaments! Come on, Bella."

I decide to not say anything and get up from the couch and head over to the box full of ornaments that Alice just purchased. I grab a few colored orbs place them on the tree. Alice and Emmett join in, both moving at human speed.

Esme joins us after a few minutes, finally finishing with the hanging of mistletoe in a few strategic places. "What time are Jasper and Edward due back, Alice?" she asks as she, too, joins in the hanging of ornaments.

"Sometime within the next ten minutes." Alice responds nonchalantly.

Jasper and Edward had gone hunting a few hours ago, and Carlisle was at his shift at the hospital. Rosalie was, well, being Rosalie and ignoring everyone else in her room.

About six minutes later, I was trying to hang an ornament, and had stretched myself up onto my toes to do so, when I was suddenly lifted up. I placed the ornament on a branch, and was lowered down again, slowly. I turned around and smiled up at Edward. "Hi." was the extent of what my mind could come up with to say.

"Hi." he replied. "I see you all have been busy in our absence."

I smiled. "I haven't. All Alice has let me do is tree decorations. Apparently she was told to not let me do anything else by someone who was concerned I could hurt myself attempting to hang things around the house." Edward grinned sheepishly. "Not that I'm really complaining. Watching Emmett try to put up decorations is far more fun than actually decorating."

Then, of course, Alice put Jasper and Edward to work, telling them to help hang ornaments as well. After an hour, all the ornaments were hung, lights were draped around the tree, and Jasper had lifted Alice up to place the star at the top. She had asked me if I wanted to, but I was afraid I'd wind up knocking the tree over. Emmett had burst into laughter when I voiced that thought.

And, of course, now that we were done, it was time for Edward to take me home. We were heading out the living room and into the hall when Esme cleared her throat. Edward and I turned to face her, and she pointed up with a grin.

I looked up, even though I knew what that meant. Mistletoe. I turned my gaze to Edward, who smiled simply smiled his crooked smile and bent down to kiss me.

"Merry Christmas, Bella." he whispered as he pulled away.

I blushed, not having any other answer.

"By the way, there's mistletoe at the door!" Emmett shouted after us as we continued walking.