AN: Well, again instead of writing my history paper, I wound up writing Alice's POV of the decoration process.

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"Honestly, Bella, you'll enjoy it. Well, you'll enjoy helping put ornaments on the tree, at least." I told Bella. She gave me a look. "Well, I figured Esme, Emmett, Rosalie and I could run around doing other decorations first, and then we'd all decorate the tree and hopefully be done before Edward and Jasper get back!"

"Alice, is there a reason you're only letting me hang ornaments?" she asked me with a smile. "And would this reason happen to answer to the name Edward?"

I grinned. "Well, maybe. But either way, Esme will be hanging mistletoe, Rose and I will be hanging wreaths and tinsel and garlands, and then Emmett will be setting the tree up, and it would be faster to do the small things and then, of course, hanging ornaments will be fun."

Bella just smiled. "Okay, Alice. Whatever you say."

I pulled my car up into the driveway of the house, and pulled Bella along behind me. "There's a change of plans. Rosalie doesn't want to help decorate right now. Why don't you sit in the living room while I get some of this stuff hung with Esme."

I didn't wait for Bella's response. Instead I just sat her on the couch and then began running around with wreaths, hanging them on doors. Esme and I had just finished putting tinsel all around the stairway when Emmett returned with the tree I sent him out to get. "Here Esme," I said, handing her a dozen sprigs of mistletoe. "I need to make sure Emmett puts the tree in the perfect spot."

I made my way to the living room and began giving Emmett directions. "Okay, just an inch, back right a centimeter...left half a centimeter...right a millimeter. THAT'S PERFECT!" I shout, ignoring Emmett's sighs of frustration and Bella's laughter. "Now for ornaments! Come on, Bella."

We began placing ornaments, moving at human speed. Esme came in, having finished with her mistletoe hanging. "What time are Jasper and Edward due back, Alice?" she asks me, grabbing an ornament and placing it on the tree.

I smile. "Sometime within the next ten minutes." I reply. Of course I know that they'll walk through the door in six minutes, and that Edward will lift Bella up to help hang an ornament, but I think they'll prefer the small surprise.

And of course, six minutes later, Jasper and Edward entered the house, and Edward picked Bella up so she could hang an ornament. Jasper just came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me after I placed the ornament in my hand. I smiled, and relaxed for a moment. "Okay you two, time to get to work!"

Finally, all the ornaments were hung. Jasper and Edward had hung the lights (the last time Emmett did, he knocked the tree over and broke most of the ornaments). All that was left now was the star. "Bella, do you want to hang the star?" I asked.

She blushed. "No thanks, Alice. Knowing me, I'd manage to knock the tree over."

Emmett started laughing and I saw Edward suppressing a grin. Instead, Jasper lifted me up and I placed the star atop the tree. Although now that we were done, it was time for Edward to take Bella home. I smiled when I got a vision, and immediately began singing Jingle Bells in my mind to keep Edward from noticing.

As the two passed under the doorway, Esme cleared her throat and pointed up. I just smiled. As they continued leaving, I said quietly "They're going to hit the one under the door."

Emmett smiled at that. "By the way, there's mistletoe at the door!" he called after them.

I shook my head. Grabbing Jasper's hand, I headed into the kitchen. He stopped suddenly. "Look up, Alice."

I smiled, already knowing there was mistletoe above me. So instead I just kissed my husband.