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Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum went the start of the next song to which all of the girls in the room let out a shriek of joy when it started. The party was booming young people crowding the room smiling, dancing laughing and drinking.

One student however was not having so much fun "well I'm worried I'm not going to finish my English report if I don't leave now." "Oh come on Sarah" said her more outgoing less studious friend trying to convince her not to leave.

"Lighten up, have some fun" she continued. "Sorry I'm going to go." Her friend frowned but waved goodbye as Sarah did the same and left.

Sarah drove the few miles back to her house, parked in the driveway got out and went inside. She let out a sigh as she sat down and started typing her report.

Then the phone rang. She frowned having been interrupted but answered. "Hello?" "Hello there" replied the deep almost graveily voice on the other end "What do you want?" she snapped, wanting to get back to her studies.

" I want to know where you got that little red dress from." She looked at it how did this person know what she was wearing? He face paled and she stood up and looked on the window. "I also want to know what your insides look like." Sarah hung up, terrified.

Sarah stood still, the house was quiet but she thought she could hear something, sense something.Probably just a prankshe thought and started to walk back to do her report but ended up running the other way when a person in a ghostface outfit ran at her with a knife gleaming in his hand!

She ran for the door trying to escape but tripped and the figure came to her calmly and lifted her up and as he did Sarah started to scream and struggle but it was futile. He bashed her head several times against the door and then stuck his knife in her neck and tilted his head as he watched Sarah's life drained out of her.