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"Can you believe it?" asked Sirius to James as they walked out of their final class of the day, "I have to do a 100,000 word essay on why it is inappropriate to light a firecracker in class and I have detention tomorrow night. It's just not fair."

"Yeah I know, you don't even know 100,000 words," said the other boy with a grin.

"Shut up, prick" said Sirius and shoved James playfully.

"Stop fooling around and let's go find Wormtail and Moony."

"Right behind you, mate," Sirius said and ran down the corridor with James until the got outside.

"There they are," said James pointing to a small tree by the lake where two other boys were sitting. James and Sirius ran over to them. Remus groaned as he heard them approaching. He remained still where he was laying in the grass with his arm over his eyes.

"Hey, guys," Peter said excitedly.

"Hey, Wormy," said Sirius.

"Hey Moony, wake up!" James said loudly and nudged the skinny boy with his foot. Remus didn't move.

"Moony is not here at the moment, please come back in a few hours and bother him then," Remus said in a girlish voice.

"Oh I see," said James and he winked at the other two, "I suppose we'll just have to come back later then, boys." He began marching in place and the other two followed his lead. When they stopped, Remus moved his arm slightly to peak out from under it. He didn't see any of them until James suddenly popped out and jumped on him.

"Ugff," Remus grunted.

"Oh good, you're awake. Let's go," said James brightly.

"Get off!" Remus demanded and shoved James off.

"Come on, Moony. I just saw Snivillus," Sirius urged.

"Yeah hurry," James said grabbing Remus's shoulders and pulling him up.

"You sure there's no other way you can get back at him?" Remus asked hopefully. James turned and looked at him seriously.

"Yeah there's plenty of ways I could get him, but that's not the point. I'm not just getting back at him, I'm teaching him a lesson that I won't let him forget. Now lets go." James turned and headed off in the direction Sirius had pointed Snape had gone and Peter and Sirius followed him. Remus sighed and followed.



'Shit, here they come,' I thought and tried to slip around the corner before they saw me. I don't think they did. Damn that James Potter for reducing me to this. Damn him and his stupid friends. Wait, they're talking. What are they talking about? They're whispering. Since when do they whisper about anything?

I lean a little so that my ear is just barely hidden by the wall. They are barely audible, but I can here them alright.

"Prongs, I'm not sure you guys should come tonight. It's too dangerous," said Lupin. What's he talking about?

"Don't worry, Moony. We'll be fine. We always are." That's Potter. My lips curl into a snarl as I hear him.

"But what if you guys get caught? You'd be in so much trouble. I can't live with that." Lupin spoke again. This was getting strange.

"We won't get caught. Who's going to catch us?" Damn that Potter. He thinks he can get away with anything. Well you fucking prick, I've got you this time.

"So we're going to the whomping willow, right?" Black this time. Every member of his family had been in Slytherin. Clearly he didn't have what it took to get himself in. He must be a disgrace.

"Yes, the willow. We'll sneak out of the castle and press the knot, the tree will stop and we'll go in. It's that simple," said Potter. I couldn't see him, but I knew that he was grinning.

"How are we supposed to get out of the castle?" said a squeaky voice that I knew right away must be Pettigrew.

"Wormtail, Wormtail, Wormtail," Potter was definitely shaking his head, "why do you doubt me? I can do anything remember? I'm James Potter."

'Arrogant swine is more like it,' I thought.

"Exactly, Wormy," defiantly Black, "So tonight at nine, right?"

"Right," confirmed Potter. I almost cried. This was all so perfect. I knew Potter's plan. I could catch him and his foolish friends in the act and bring them back to the castle. Oh, I had them now. I knew exactly what I needed to do and everything I could ever want would be mine.

'You think Evens hates you now, Potter? Just wait until she finds out about this.' I had to keep myself from laughing until I knew they were too far down the hall for them to hear me. 'Tonight at nine, Potter, you and your band off fools are going down.'



"So you think it worked?" Sirius asked James as they went back to their spot beneath the small tree in the court yard.

"Of course it worked," James drawled, "You saw him go behind the corner same as the rest of us. Moony didn't here him walk away, did you, Moon?" Remus shook his head. "Then he was defiantly listening."

"But what if it wasn't him?" Peter asked quietly, "I mean what if it was someone else?"

"Couldn't have been," James said confidently, "He was the only one in the halls and you saw the robes."

"Not to mention the hair," Sirius added. James smirked and nodded.

"Right, so it must've been him," said James.

"Suppose we'll find out tonight," Remus mumbled.

"What was that, Moony?" Peter asked.

"Hmm, oh, nothing," Remus said shaking his head, "Just talking to myself." Sirius slapped him hard on the back.

"That ain't healthy, mate," Sirius wrapped his arm around the boy's thin shoulders and tapped his head, "Suppose you otta have that noggin of yours checked out."

"Nah," said James pulling Remus from Sirius's grip and replacing it with his own, "No matter what, Moony'll never be quite right. He's not too bad though and you know what they say: let a sleeping dog lie."

"Or wolf in this case," Peter chimed in with a slight giggle.

"Hey, so why don't you ever just let me sleep?" Sirius asked with a scowl.

"Because if we did then you'd never be awake accept to eat and shit," Remus said removing James's arm from around his shoulders.

"Well what do you know? Moony can cuss," Sirius grinned.

"Aww, our little pup's grown up," James sniffed and wrapped his arms around Remus as did Sirius and Peter.

"Oh I promised myself I wouldn't cry," Sirius sobbed. They all were nearly crushing the small boy with their hugs.

"Oh get off me you assholes!" Remus growled and shoved them away, "Why must you insist on teasing me?"

"Because it's so easy and just so fun," said James and he pinched Remus's cheek.

"Yeah, besides, you make fun of us," said Sirius seriously. (damn try saying that five times fast)

"You do that yourselves," said Remus, "I just point it out."

"You have a point I suppose," Peter said.

"Yeah that's the problem with you smart types," said Sirius, "Always figuring stuff out and making smart compliments and stuff."

"Comments, Padfoot, we make smart comments," Remus said patiently.

"Yeah I knew that," Sirius said pouting. The others laughed.

"Come on. I guess we should get ready for tonight them," James said. Remus gave him a confused look.

"How?" he asked. James opened his mouth, and then closed it. He blushed.

"Shut up," he said, "Let's just go back to the dorm, it's getting chilly out here and we don't have much time." The other boys looked at the position of the sun and sure enough it was beginning to sink behind the trees and it would be dark soon. The marauders gathered up their things and ran into the castle. It was time for dinner anyway, although Remus didn't have much of an appetite, not for pork and chicken at least.



I don't really remember much of what happened during or after dinner. It was like timed had skipped ahead and suddenly I was being dragged thought the tunnel below the whomping willow. When had I stopped walking? I could here Padfoot and Prongs grunting. I didn't weigh that much, what was causing them to struggle. I suddenly realized that I was digging my finger nails into their shoulders. I quickly let go. I heard them sigh in relief.

"Thanks, mate," Padfoot sighed. I couldn't reply. I tried to nod but I just ended up making my head fall back so I was looking up at the two of them.

"You alright there, Moony?" Prongs asked. This was one of the few times he showed genuine concern.

"Mph," was all I could manage.

"Well at least he's responding," Wormtail whispered. I rocked my head forward so that I was looking behind my two friends and I noticed for the first time the mousy boy walking closely behind us.

"We were worried we'd lost you, mate," said Padfoot. I didn't bother looking back at him as I didn't like the feeling of my head just hanging above the ground.

"You did," I mumbled.

"Ok, here we are," said Prongs. I allowed my head to fall back and saw the upside down image of the stairs leading into the shrieking shack. "Can you walk?" he asked.

"Mmm," I nodded. They lifted me to my feet. They steadied me a bit as I walked up the steps. Our footprints were black in the dust. They lead me into one of the houses rooms. Furniture was upturned and torn. The doorway had scratches covering it as did the window sill. Sometimes I would wish I could remember the events of the previous nights, but at these times I was glad I couldn't. Prongs and Padfoot lowered me into the sitting position against the far wall under the window. Wormtail stood in the corner wringing his hands.

"You, uh, you still yourself, M-moony?" he asked. Prongs turned to him quickly.

"Shut the fuck up, Wormtail!" he shouted, "He's still human isn't he? No fur no claws, leave him alone." I saw Wormtail flinch out of the corner of my eye. I felt a little bad like it was my fault. To a degree I suppose it was.

'Damn me,' I thought, 'why'd I go and get myself bitten?' I didn't have much time to dwell on this thought, though, as I felt my stomach lurch. I turned to look at Wormtail huddled in the corner. I involuntarily licked my lips. Wormtail noticed this and quickly became a rat, scuttling under a piece of what was a couch. I felt pressure on my shoulders. I turned my head to see Padfoot, still human, squatting in front of me with his hands against my shoulders. I was pinned to the wall as he stared at me with wide black eyes.

"You alright there, Moony?" he asked. I nodded.

"Where's Prongs?" I asked noticing that he was no longer in the room.

"He went to wait for Snivillus," Padfoot said calmly, "He blocked off the door behind him so that Snivillus doesn't get hurt after you… I mean," he searched desperately for a word that wouldn't be insulting. I just nodded again.

"I know what you mean." My stomach lurched again and I gave a cry. I lifted my head and could just see out the window were a large full moon was rising in the sky. I trembled.

"It's going to be okay, Remus," Padfoot said. The sound of my name drew attention back to him. The reflection of the moon was in his eyes and I could feel mine growing wider. I lifted my hands and latched them onto his arms, squeezing them as pain and fear taunted my thoughts. The pressure was putting his thankfully sleeved arms slowly increasing as I felt another pain begin to sweep over me. I heard him hold back a groan of pain.

"Wormtail," he called, "Wormtail I need you to come here."

"But I...," Wormtail said emerging in human form from his hiding place.

"Now Wormtail!" Padfoot shouted as my fingernails suddenly became sharp. I screamed at the feeling and the feeling of my body's shape being contorted to that of a canine. I pushed against Padfoot's grip. I was desperate to be let loose. I wanted to just roll on the floor and clutch my head. I wanted it to stop. I could feel my newly formed claws digging into my friend's flesh. My teeth became sharp as my mouth stretched. With newfound strength I shoved them both off. I stood up and began to stagger back, clutching my head. I hit the window and looked out. The moon gave me a silent order that I had no choice to obey. I turned and a large black dog lept at me…



I stood at the entrance of the tunnel leading below the whomping willow. I could hear screams of pain farther ahead of me. I was frightened. I thought about going back but the remembrance that this could be the downfall of Potter urged me forward. The tunnel was dark but I did not dare light my wand for fear that it might alert Potter and the rest of his little group.

Soon I came to a wooden staircase that had visible footprints in the dust that coated it. I had the realization that I must be inside the shrieking shack. Those screams I was hearing were what gave this place its name. I felt my blood run cold. I wanted to turn back but when I turned around, there was Potter blocking the stairs that lead back to the tunnel.

"Hello, Snivillus," Potter said in mock pleasantry. I sneered at him.

"I've got you now, Potter," I spat, "sneaking out of the castle after hours to come to this old place, what are you looking for ghosts? There are plenty of those back at the castle." Potter smiled and shook his head.

"No, no, Snivillus, that's not the reason we're here at all," he said and I jumped a little when I heard a low growl come from behind a blocked off door. The cries had stopped and now the sound of a struggle could be heard.

"Bragging rights then?" I interrogated trying to ignore the knot in my stomach that was forming as I heard more growls and now yelps as something hit the door. It probably would have flown open had there not been a large wardrobe in front of it.

"No, you see, I've decided that someone needs to teach you a little lesson in respect. You have a very dirty mouth, Snivillus, and I figure that nothing cleans a mouth better than refreshing it with some vocal exercises," he said. I was confused.

"What the fuck are you talking about, Potter?" I demanded. He grinned that annoying grin of his and stepped closer to me. I stepped back.

"Well you see, I was hoping for an apology and then see where we go from there, hmm?" he said softly. My lips curled into another sneer.

"I'm not following," I said.

"Apologize for your disgusting proclamations about Lily Evens and then we'll go from there." It sounded like I was being talked to by a teacher.

"Apologize? You're barkin' mad," I laughed. He sighed and shook his head.

"I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but you leave me no choice." He pulled out his wand and murmured a spell that sent the wardrobe sliding about an inch out of the way of the door. It was covered in scratch marks and I could see it moving violently as something pounded on it from behind. More yelps and growls and perhaps some squeaks.

"What is this?" I asked.

"Well, I'm hoping you won't have to find out, so I'll be having that apology."

"I wouldn't apologize to you if my life depended on it," I hissed.

"Well I suppose we'll see then won't we," he said and flicked his wand so that the wardrobe was sent skidding into the far wall with a crash. I could see shadows dancing under the door fame. Something big was in there, something big and angry. A small brown rat squeezed its way under the door and looked around. It spotted me and ran down the hall. Soon after, Pettigrew came racing towards us.

"Prongs," he wheezed, "what are you doing!"

"Shh," he soothed, "It'll be fine. The chain is still there." He pointed to a chain and bolt lock on the door which suddenly shook again as the thing behind it ordered release.

"Are you sure that's enough?" Pettigrew asked. Potter didn't get a chance to answer because something, by the sounds of it an animal, had been thrown against the door and the chain was all that was holding it closed. A furry grey clawed arm shot out and began scratching at the front of the door. Something black grabbed a hold of the arm and with a yelp it darted back into the room. Suddenly there was a loud squeal and then silence. We were all panting and staring at the door. Then it was pounded again and this time it couldn't stay closed. The chain ripped from the wall and the door flew open. I stared in horror at what I saw.

"Werewolf!" I yelled. The grey canine stared at me with yellow eyes. It growled. I glanced into the room and saw the form of Black laying limp in the corner. 'Oh my god,' I thought, 'it killed him.' A mix of emotions over took me as I was happy to see my tormentor vanquished, guilty of feeling this way, and terrified that I would be next. The creature lunged at me. I screamed and waited for the claws and teeth to rip into my flesh, but they never did. I lifted my head from the crouching position I had taken and saw a magnificent white stag in front of me pinning the werewolf to a wall with its enormous antlers. I had no idea what was going on but I had to get out of there. I turned to run but discovered that my way was blocked by a trap door.

"What the hell is this!" I shouted.

"We can't let him get out," explained Pettigrew without taking his eyes off the sight of the wolf and the stag. He suddenly rushed over to Black and began quickly to mutter healing spells. Black must have said something because he bent down to listen better. He nodded and came back over to me.

"What is going on here," I demanded. He didn't respond but simply grabbed the shoulder of my robe and pulled me after him into the hall.

"No time, you have to follow me if you intend on living until tomorrow," he whispered. We stopped in the middle of the hall and he pointed his wand at the ceiling. A ladder appeared and he urged me up it. I soon appeared in an attic covered in dust. There was a small circular window at one end that provided little light since it must have been close to midnight.

"What is…," I began again but was cut off.

"Stay up here at least until dawn, okay?" Pettigrew didn't wait for my response but simply climbed back down the ladder and closed it.

The night was filled with shouts and screams and howls. I opened my eyes unaware that I had managed sleep until the sun was shining in my face. I looked around and discovered that I was still in the attic. There was silence below me so I pushed the ladder door open and climbed down. I quickly discovered that I was alone. The entire place looked like a tornado of teeth claws and antlers had blown through it. I lifted the trap door and began a lonely walk out of the tunnel. The end of it was so bright that one might think they were dead. I stepped onto the grass but quickly dived back as a branch almost smacked into me.

"Shit," I said. I had forgotten about the willow. When I saw no branches I quickly darted out and slapped the knot causing it to immobilize. I stepped out into the sunshine and brushed myself off. I looked at the position of the sun and my heart sank into my stomach. It was noon! I had missed all my classes and it was all Potter's fault. 'Potter,' I remembered. I defiantly had enough evidence to tell the head master everything I had seen and get him and his friend expelled.

I raced across the grass, ignoring the strange looks I got. I zoomed into the hallway, but just as I was going to turn a corner a hand shot out of nowhere and threw me against a wall where I was held with my feet barely touching the floor. I opened my eyes to stare into the dark brown pools that belonged to Potter. Lupin, Pettigrew, and Black were all close behind him staring at me menacingly. All of them had dark circles under their eyes which were bloodshot and glassy.

"Hey there, Sniv," he hissed. His words were dripping with so much venom that he could have frightened a cobra. "Listen, you're not gonna tell anyone about our little adventure last night now are you? Because if you do I swear I will hunt you down and you will be sorry. Got it?" he said through gritted teeth.

When I refused to respond he slammed he against the wall again.

"Got it!?!" he hissed again.

"Got it," I spat. He released me and I sunk to the floor with a moan.

"Good," he said with a sigh. He must have been pleased with himself and he moved his hair out of his face. "We'll be going then." He punched me in the stomach and then beckoned for the others to follow him back down the hall. I waited until they were out of sight before I lifted myself up to lean against the wall.

"You're a swine, James Potter," I spat, "You will never be anything in this world but a low-life and an asshole. Mark my words, someday, some fine day, someone will get you. They will put you in your place and they will show you no mercy. It may even be the day you die, but just you wait, on that day, on that fine day, I will laugh and be the happiest man on the planet, James Potter. One fine day will come your sticky end." I laughed there for a while until I saw a teacher coming. I hurried to get out of sight before my absence was brought up. "I hope I can shake the hand of the one who gives you your undoing, Potter. I will wait for that day."

The End

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