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Summary: Spike and Angel argue over Buffy... again...

She Loved Me More!

By Secret Slayer

"She loved me more, and you know it!" Angel yelled angrily, stomping around his big desk.

"Bollocks!" Spike scoffed.


"No body could love someone with hair like that," Spike announced, waving his hand in the direction of Angel's hair.

The brunette self-consciously ran a hand through his hair.

"What's wrong with my hair?" he grumbled.

"In a word?" Spike asked, then smirked, "Everything."

Angel glared at the bleach blonde, then smiled evilly.

"OK, lets talk about hair... Captain Peroxide."

"Hey!" Spike objected.

"You started it," the brunette retaliated, pointing a finger at the younger vampire.

"Yeah... well... you have an abnormally large forehead," Spike replied lamely.

"You know what, Spike, you're really starting to piss me off for the last time."

"Good. Then I've done my job," he answered smugly, sitting back on Angel's big leather chair, and placing his muddy boots on the shiny surface of his desk.

Angel swatted Spike's legs off of his desk, and grabbed the lapels of his leather coat, forcing him to stand. "Get out of my office. No, wait... Get out of my building, my city – or better yet, get off the planet!"

Spike pulled himself out of the older vampire's grasp, straightened his much loved coat, and glared at him, "Don't get you're knickers in a twist, Nancy, I was leaving anyway."

Angel looked slightly taken aback, and asked curiously,"Really? Where were you going?"

Spike smirked, "To find Buffy."

The office fell dead silent.

"You know she loves me more, right?" Angel finally said.

Spike rolled his eyes, "As if. You were just a bit of fun on the side. We had something physical."

"Having sex does not make it a better relationship," Angel quickly bit back.

"Says the bloke who cant have any."

"You were an experiment. What we had, we were real."

"And how that turn out?" Spike asked with a smirk, satisfied with the way Angel glanced away, "You two couldn't go five seconds without something bloody tragic happening. Like a soddin' twisted fairy tale it was."

"Well, at least she loved me!"

"She loved me too! She said so herself."

"Yeah, when you were about to die. Desperate times call for-"

Spike brought his fist back then launched it at Angel's face.


Angel repeated Spike's actions.

"Bloody hell, what was that for?" Spike asked, wiping his hand over his bleeding nose.

"You hit me first, you idiot, what did you expect?" Angel asked defensively, licking his split lip.

Spike narrowed his eyes at him, "Yeah, but I had every reason to!"

The vampires fell silent again, the tension slowly leaving the room.

"So, are you really leaving?" Angel finally asked.

Spike shrugged, "Nah. Buffy can wait."

"For what?"

"For me to prove she loved me more."

The End

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