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Prologue - The Darkness Begins

By Cody Furlong

What stood in front of Commander Feral was no longer a Swat Kat. What stood before him now was the broken, shattered visage of what once was a Swat Kat. When he peered into the dark eyes of the once great hero, he no longer saw the joy, hope and happiness that the big tabby once had, only pain, loss and suffering. It was as if the tabby's very soul had been ripped from it's body and tortured in the flames of a thousand fires.

T-Bone stood with the limp form of his friend cradled in his arms. Arching his back, head held to the sky, he let out a primal roar from the very depths of his being. Razor his friend, his partner… …NO!…. his BROTHER…. for so many years lay dead.

Two Years Later…..

Chance Furlong lay in bed dreaming. It wasn't the sort of dream one would have liked to have experienced, but, unfortunately, it was one he had often. In it, he saw himself back on that terrible day.

Silhouetted against the flaming wreckage of the Turbokat with his mournful howl still reverberating off the walls of Megakat City, he stooped to lay Razor's body on the remains of the Enforcer's flight line.

Gently, he pulled off Razor's helmet followed by his mask then standing, he turned and faced the gathered kats behind him.

"Only you will know our secret." He intoned darkly as he pulled his own helmet and mask off.

Turning away from the watchers, not wanting to see the saddened looks of shock on their faces, he slowly walked away. He ended up sitting on a chunk of concrete that had once been a part of the control tower, with his back to the group. He watched the blurry red sun set over the ruins of the once great city as his tears began to fall.

The silence, that had descended after his tortured cry had faded away, was broken only by the sounds of the burning Turbokat and the soft sobbing of the Deputy Mayor.

Chance bolted up in bed panting heavily, his fur damp with sweat. He took in the dark room around him. Swinging his legs out from under the sheets, he sat on the edge of the bed, before burying his head in his paws and sighing sadly. So lost in his own thoughts he never noticed the bedside table lamp switch on until he felt a light touch on one of his broad shoulders.

"What's wrong Stripes, more nightmares?" The soft low voice of his mate reached his ears.

"Yeah, bout him." Chance replied in a low whisper, looking over his shoulder at her.

"Oh love, I know you miss him, it'll be ok you'll see." Felina soothed, sliding across the bed to embrace the tom-kat and gently wipe the tears from his cheeks.

"I know." He sighed back. "I'm gona go take a shower." He added noticing the time on the alarm clock, before standing and walking in to the bathroom closing the door behind him.

Seconds later she heard the cold water tap turn on. Sighing as she noted they still has an hour before they needed to be up. She climbed out of bed, deciding that coffee was what they needed and padded to the kitchen. It was minutes later when she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist from behind.

"How are my kittens doing this morning?" Chance purred.

Felina chuckled lightly. "We're doing great."

"That's good, now c'mere." Chance replied before pulling her around into a kiss. "Now, how bout I make us some breakfast?" Chance asked after their lips parted.

"Sounds great Hotshot." The she-kat returned before kissing the tom again, then leaving to take her own shower.

When Felina returned, she found her mate staring down at his partially eaten food.

"What's wrong love, still worried about your dream?" She asked, she knew how bad Chance's dreams of Jake could get, and lately they had been returning stronger and more often.

"Yeah." The tiger striped tom sighed. "I'm going to go see him." Chance looked up from his plate. "I think my nightmares mean something Fel."

"They have been getting worse." She sighed in agreement. "You think that if you go see Jake that it will help?" She asked.

"I don't know." He breathed, before shoveling down the rest of his eggs.

Later that day…

A few hours after lunch, Chance climbed off his bike in front of the cemetery. As he walked through the rows of tombstones, he thought about what he would say, his dreams and what he had just been told at work. The memorial of the kat he had come to see lay in the back, in the "hero's" section on top of a low hill. Kneeling in front of a specific headstone he brushed his fingers across it's scripted name.

"Hey bro." His voice came out horse and soft. "How ya been? I've missed you so much little brother. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Hey guess what? I hope you are ready to be an uncle, I'm going to be a dad soon. A son, can you believe it? His full name is going to be Cody Jake Furlong. I gave him his middle name in honor of you buddy." Chance heaved out a heavy sigh, before his head drooped low. "It's a shame I wont be there for him. To be able to hold him in my arms when he is born, or to see him grow up. I got the word we've been waiting for today, it's almost time. The next time we talk, it'll be face to face again." He looked back up. "I should go, I still have to give Felina the news. I'll see you soon brother." With a parting caress to Jake's name, Chance stood and left.


On the other side of the city, Felina was unsuccessfully trying to get to her and Chance's apartment. But the inflow of kats going back to work after lunch was making her task more difficult.

She had gone looking for her mate to see if they could have lunch together, but found her uncle's assistant, the Sergeant instead. When she asked if he had seen Chance. He replied that he had seen the Commander approach Flight Commander Furlong just before lunch. The two spoke briefly, before the Flight Commander followed the Commander back into his office.

He finished by saying that several minutes later, he saw Furlong running from the Commander's office with a grim expression on his face and had not seen him since. Felina questioned him more deeply to see if he knew what her uncle wanted with Chance, but his answer was disappointing.

"I don't know. But the strange thing was, right after Chance ran out, Feral had called me inside, and told me that he had some things to take care of and would not be here for the rest of the day then promptly left without saying where he would be if we needed to contact him." He said, a small frown of concern creasing his face.

Sighing in frustration, she thanked the Sergeant and went on her way. She was quickly becoming more confused and worried about what was going on. She thought that if Chance left then he might of gone back to their apartment, so she decided to return home and see.

When Felina finally burst through the door, she found Chance sitting at the kitchen table with a thick, red, leather bound book. She quickly recognized it as the same book Chance had spent the last year and a half writing in. She knew what was imprinted upon it's pages and what it meant. It filled her with dread. She approached him as Chance was flipping through the last few pages, as if checking to see if all the words where in their place.

"Hey Stripes." The dark furred she-kat greeted as she sat down.

Chance closed his book and sat it down in between them before looking up.

"Hey Kitten." He greeted back, it was followed by several seconds of uncomfortable silence as they each thought about what to say and how to say it.

Felina broke the stillness first "I went looking for you earlier at lunch."

"I went to see Jake, I finally know what my dreams mean." Chance said, cutting off her unasked question.

"It wouldn't have anything to do with what my uncle wanted to see you about would it, or that." She replied knowingly, gesturing to the book sitting on the table.

"Yeah it does." Chance sighed greatly. "It's time Fel, that's what my dreams mean, they are a warning."

Felina gasped. "Are you sure?"

"Yes Ulysses confirmed it." Chance wispered darkly. "I'm sorry love, that I won't be there for you and our son. But we knew this day was coming. Uly has already begun his part and now I must entrust this to you, for yours." Chance intoned picking up his journal and giving it to her.

Felina took it reluctantly, clutching it to her chest as if it was a precious artifact.

"Remember I will always love you and our son." Chance whispered pulling his mate into a tight hug and giving her a fierce kiss, before standing and leaving his mate and unborn kitten behind to begin his own part of the plan.

To Be Continued.