The Journey

Chapter 2 - The Stranger's Revealed

By Cody Furlong

Megakat City

Back in in the future…

Two figures stood in a tiny hanger, silently gazing upon a lone jet. The jet was not the only vehicle here, but it was the only one of its kind. A jet upon which, all the hopes of the Resistance rode.

The figures, a queen, and a tom stood there brooding on what was about to happen when…

"It's time." The tom said, suddenly shattering the stillness.

He was wearing a tight fitting, dark blue flight suit with a silver harness. The front of the suit was unzipped, revealing that the Kat wore a dark colored T-shirt stretched across his broad chest beneath the suit.

The flight suit's short sleeves stopped just below the kat's shoulders, showing off the kats strong arms along with the tiger stripes that ran down them.

The queen, wearing what once was an Enforcer uniform turned and embraced the taller tom before speaking. "Good luck son, I'm proud of you, and I know your father would be too."

"Don't worry mom. I won't fail." The big kat whispered back stoically. Holding his mother tight, before releasing her and walking up to the jet.

The female kat sighed as she watched her son leap into the jet's cockpit, he reminded her so much of his father. How she wished he was still around to see how strong his son had become. Maybe then what her son was about to do wouldn't have been necessary….

The ex-enforcer was pulled from her thoughts at the sound of the canopy hissing closed and the black and silver jet powering up. Seconds later she closed her eyes as the jet vanished in a flash of light.

Back in the Past…
Three days after the appearance of Fury.

The Swat Kats had been out on a routine patrol when Razor had detected a large energy source coming from an abandoned warehouse.

Deciding they should check it out, they were rewarded by finding Dark Kat on one of his, destroy Megakat City quests. As was his norm, he used his Creeplings to distract the Swat Kats so he could slip past them and make his escape.

"Crud Razor! How does he keep getting past us? T-Bone snarled as he and his partner raced down a hallway after the cloaked kat.

"I don't know buddy, we'll ask him once we catch him." Razor fired back as he watched Dark Kat round a corner ahead of them.

"Aw crud! He's going to get away!" The tiger striped tom roared when they came around the corner, and saw Dark Kat charging towards the doors at the opposite end of the short hall labeled "Lobby".

"Come on, we can still catch him!" Razor encouraged, picking up his pace to race through the swinging double doors after the menace.

When the duo burst through the doors into the Lobby, they surprisingly found Dark Kat standing in the middle of the room, looking towards the door to the outside which was standing wide open.

Confused, the two heroes looked around the villain to see why he had stopped. When they did, they had to gasp, for standing just in front of the exit was a kat that looked so much like T-Bone, that Razor did a double take.

Taking a closer look, Razor saw that this look alike was actually slightly shorter than his friend, and had slightly darker fur as well.

But he had just as much muscle, if not more as T-Bone, and was wearing a flight suit and mask that looked identical to T-Bone's except for a few differences in color. Finally around his right paw and wrist, he bore what looked like a modified Gloveatrix.

Looking beyond the figure, the slim kat could see the Thunderkat parked next to the Turbokat outside in the parking lot, it's externally mounted weapons glinting in the sun light.

"Sorry Dark Kat, but if you want to leave, you'll have to go through me first." The figure taunted.

Getting over his shock at seeing an apparently third Swat Kat, the giant cloaked kat looked between the exit, this new and obviously unexpected kat. Weighing his options, and deciding he could easily wipe this stranger out of his way, he charged forward to do just that.

"Alright then, that's what I'll do!" Dark Kat bellowed.

T-Bone and Razor watched on incredulously as who they now recognized as Fury just stood there while the mountainous kat closed in on him.

Dark Kat had planned on simply grabbing the kat and tossing him aside and had begun to reach out to do that when. Fury suddenly lashed out and grabbed hold of Dark Kat's arm. Then using the kat's own momentum against him, spun the huge tom around and threw the tom back and into one of the concrete pillars in the lobby.

Before Dark Kat could recover, Fury brought his Gloveatrix up and fired three miniature Spider Chain Missiles which quickly wrapped themselves around the giant kat and pillar.

As Dark Kat vainly struggled in the chain's embrace, Fury, Razor and T-Bone slowly approached each other to greet each other face to face, so to speak.

"So you're Fury, huh." T-Bone spoke first, his earlier feelings of familiarity coming back full force as he sized the other kat up. The similarities between Fury and himself was just downright eerie.

"That's me." Fury replied before looking over his shoulder at the still struggling Dark Kat. "I wouldn't struggle too much if I were you, you might set off the shock systems." He warned.

Turned back to the other two toms Fury smiled when the sizzling sounds of electricity and a yelp filled the air. "Why do they never listen?" He asked rhetorically, getting a good chuckle from the other two.

Razor quickly got over his mirth and held out his paw to Fury. "Thanks for the help again, if you hadn't been here we would've been chasing DK all over the city."

"No problem, I'm glad I could be of help to the legendary Swat Kats." Fury responded, taking the offered paw and shaking it.

"Wow, I never thought I'd hear anybody calling us legendary." T-Bone gasped, surprised at the praise as he shook Fury's paw too. Just then Fury's Gloveatrix chirped and a light began to flash on it.

"What's that?" T-bone asked pointing to the flashing light.

"That, is warning us that Feral is on his way." Fury answered, holding up his Gloveatrix arm so the other two could see the device better. "My Gloveatrix is linked up with my jet, so when it detected Enforcer units, it sent a signal to my Gloveatrix to warn me." He explained.

"Wow, why didn't I ever think of that? What else can it do?" Razor asked, eyeing the device eagerly.

Fury chuckled lightly before responding." I'm dunno, but now is not the place or time to be sharing tech secrets. Feral is one his way which is our cue to split."

With that, Fury turned tail and sprinted out to the waiting Thunderkat. Seconds later the jet was up in the air and roaring out of sight.

"Come on bud, lets head home. We'll probably see him again, you can argue about who has the better Gloveatrix later." T-Bone soothed his disappointed friend as they followed Fury's example and left.

To be Continued...