Hello, everyone! It's my one-year anniversary here on FanFiction, so I decided to come back to my roots: the Negima section. I have a special love poem I wrote and I dedicate it to those I have befriended here.

This poem is dedicated to LonelyRage, Notorious, Kuro, Twi, Xascul, Ryutaro, N.B., DK75M, Crimson, Lord Destroyer, and to all the friends I made here in the Negima section over the last year.

NOTE: You can see this as a KonoSetsu poem, Negi/Yue poem, or any other pairing that you deem worthy.

Ever since we've met, you've held a special place in my heart.

Not a day goes by that you don't invade my thoughts from the start.

Sometimes, they're of joy; other times, they're of sorrow.

When I think of you, everything else ceases to matter well past the 'morrow.

Oh, how I wish to hold you in my arms with all my might.

To gaze into your eyes, to press my lips against yours, like a glint of light.

My heart yearns for you to learn this secret of mine, yet…

I know that you'll never feel the same as me; it's a sure bet.

Out there are people more desirable, more worthy, more than I can be.

What would you want with a mutt like me?

So… I shall stand by your side, as a dear friend…

However, my heart will hold a place for you until the end.

This is for you, Negima fans! I hold this section near and dear to mean and I shall have more meaningful contributions to this section one day... Until then, I leave you with this...