There was mayhem. It was unbelievable that a group so small could cause such a ruckus. And it all happened so fast. Black and Lupin were there, traces of flashing wands. Harry jumping, lunging, trying to disarm them without the use of magic. I was crouched in the corner, waiting. I was waiting for a wand to drop from the scuffle. Crookshanks had prowled, mewing whilst shrieking in an unearthly way, and he was attacking Harry. And all the while, Ron, on the bed, with his leg snapped so severely that he could hardly move, moaning, right in the middle. Right in the middle. And I was too slow, not fighting, not defending, just waiting. Waiting, as Black flew against the wall, as Lupin grabbed Harry's wrists. As Harry attacked Lupin. As Black defended him, with a single curse. A single curse, that wasn't meant to kill. A single curse that you couldn't get in the way of. A single curse that was proof Black had gone mad, had not been concentrating, for if he had been, as he was innocent, would he have uttered the words? Would he have lain, sprawled on the floor as he was, not being certain where his wand was pointing, and bellowed the curse, if he were not mad? I knew that he was innocent, but difficult it was, for how could an innocent so willingly curse as he? And just because someone was in the way, just because they were impaired via a broken leg. Black, forgetting what spell he had been about to use, perhaps a Shield Charm, just to explain to Harry, had yelled the only thing that could have made things worse. The one thing that would destroy my world, if I had yet to realize it. Accident. It was a small, commonly used word. Something one would say if the bumped someone else in the hall, or if they spilled their ink jar. I had never imagined how such an innocent word could ruin everything. But then, 'innocent' was the word for Sirius Black, the cause of all this pain. Accidents, innocence, all mixed up with the thing I had not realized until lately was love. Avada Kedrava. It was an accident. Black was innocent. But it didn't really change anything, because Ron Weasley was never coming back.