It's been years since I last walked Earth, joined with my body. Here I sit on my cloud each day, watching the others around my shell. Ron cannot stay in the same room as me. Seclusion seems to sustain him, though Hermione tries to comfort him. I wish I could tell him to let her. Mum and Dad don't try to speak to me. I've seen Mum sobbing openly, and Dad seems to be silent so much. I wish I could run to them, and tell them that I was okay. Fred and George closed their joke shop. They never smile anymore. I wish I could make them laugh again. Percy hardly ever comes home. He works all the time. When he speaks, it is only of the Ministry. I wish I could tell him to go and spend time with the family. Bill hasn't been to the Burrow in years, and Charlie stays in Romania. They don't want to see me in the state I'm in. I wish I could tell them to go home. Harry stays with me. He holds my hand. Harry talks to me. He asks me questions, begging me to answer him. And I never respond. He kisses me, and I don't notice. His eyes have come to resemble the emptiness of mine, and Harry never leaves my side. A pained expression is painted on his face at all times. I wish I could tell him that I loved him, one more time.