The quiet rustling of leaves was all that Tayuya heard as she laid there, trapped or more fittingly, crushed among the trees that were once part of a battlefield. She didn't know how long she had been there, however she knew it had to have been a day at lest, many of the cuts that littered her body had scabbed over, little good that did though, seeing as she had a tree laying across her legs, which she couldn't feel anymore, along with her left arm which was pinned under a large branch.

'Fuck' she thought as she once again slipped into unconsciousness, not noticing the figure coming up to her from behind.


"Momma, Momma look I made it perfectly!" A young Tayuya explained to her mother, indicating the in-fact perfectly made pancake that she had just finished.

"Well done sweetie place it on the dish with the rest of them, and then wash up ok?" Her mother said while pointing at the bits of batter that clung to Tayuya's face and clothes. Obviously this perfect pancake made on big mess.

"I will...don't start eating without me momma, promise."

"I won't, I promise." Her mother said while chuckling at her antics and pouting face.

That was a Tayuya needed to hear as she ran off to the bathroom to clean up for breakfast. Running through the small apartment Tayuya thought about what her mother wanted to talk to her about, because she mentioned something about the night before when she tucked a five year-old Tayuya into bed. Finding the bathroom Tayuya reached under the sink to grab the little stepping chair and placed it in front of the sink before standing atop it.

"Wow I really did make a mess huh?" She said out-loud noticing the many batches of pancake mix littered about her clothing and even more upsetting...her hair.

"Aww this stinks." Tayuya said while whipping the offending matter out of her shoulder length hair with a wash-cloth.

"Tayuya dear hurry up please." her mother sounded form the kitchen.

"Yes momma be right there."

With one last look checking for any missed spots Tayuya jumped down form the stepping chair pushing it back into place before heading back to the kitchen.

"Lets eat!"

Smiling at her daughter Tayuya's mother nodded in agreement before placing two of the smaller pancakes onto her plate, which Tayuya liberally covered in sticky syrup.

"Tayuya sweetie thats two much, your gonna get cavities." her mother reprimanded with a scowl.

"I aint gwonna get any cavates." Tayuya replied back, but the amount of pancakes stuffed into her cheeks negated any authority she had been going for.

"Don't talk with her mouthful"

"Yesh mumma"

Shaking her head in defeat Tayuya's mother sat down and dug into her portion of their breakfast, laughing silently to herself. Cutting the pancake into fine pieces Tayuya's mother watched her daughter eat with vigor. The sight was truly heartwarming, little Tayuya sat in her little chair and with a smile on her face that signaled a happiness only a child could have while digging into something incredible sweet.


Swallowing a large mouthful of pancake Tayuya asked "What momma?"

"Remember that I have something I want to tell you from last night."

Nodding her head Tayuya waited for an explanation for the moment setting her syrupy fork down on the table.

"Well you see sweetheart I have met someone...someone I like very much."

"More than me?" Tayuya asked a uneasiness coming into her voice.

Sensing this her mother stood up and walked over to her, enveloping Tayuya in a tight hug. "No not as much as you, you'll always be number one in my heart sweetie, my little syrup-hime."

Smiling at her mother's proclamation Tayuya asked "So who is it?"

"Well it's this one man..."


The world came back to focus as Tayuya returned to consciousness, almost immediately she notices that she is no longer in the forest. Instead of sky a wooden roof covers her head. Looking around she takes in her surroundings, to her left a good size fire place stood throwing light and warmth throughout the room which appeared to also be made out of wood as well. She was lying in a small bed situated in the corner of the adjacent wall of the fireplace, a small night-stand to her left with a glass of water could be found. No pictures lined the walls but somehow the barren room gave of a feeling of warmth that had nothing to do with the fireplace.

"Fuck what's this shit?" Tayuya said unconsciously fouling up the good feelings to the room with her repulsive language.

"Oh my what a horrible mouth." a soft but firm voice said.

"Wha- who's there?" Tayuya said while looking around before setting her eyes on an elderly woman.

The woman herself was drabbed in what appeared to be home-made but very comfortable looking clothing with a reddish colored shawl about her shoulders. She had a worn but pleasant looking face that still held some of the radiance she must have had in her prime. Despite her age she appeared to be in good health and excellent shape, her body looked toned underneath her clothes. Her hair was gray and pulled into a tight knot but one could that that if let loose it would surely fall past her backside reaching to her calves.

'ex-ninja' Tayuya's mind screamed at her, setting her on edge forcing her to look around again for anything she might have missed ANBU squad.

"Relax dear it's just us here." The woman spoke obviously reading Tayuya's reactions and thoughts rather well.

"Yeah well where the hell is here anyway?"

"My house."

"Well where the hell is your house?"

"Right here."

"Are we still in Fire County or somewhere else?"

"Yes." was all that the woman said, making Tayuya efforts to get worthy information out of her invalid.

"So why am I here anyway and what the hell are you gonna do with me?"

"I found you badly injured so I took it upon myself to bring you back here and help you as best as I could but my skills are not what they use to be." the woman replied with a sigh.

However before Tayuya could say anything the woman spoke again.

"Oh yes your injuries...I did as best as I could, so your not an any life threatening danger however it will take time for you to heal and I must ask that you stay here for that time."

Something about the way she said that clued Tayuya into the fact that this lady wasn't 'asking' her anything.

"Yeah and how longs this shit gonna take?"

"From your injuries to gain full control and build your body back to what it was should take about a year."

"What fuck that shit I'm not staying in this fucking hell-hole for a goddamn fucking year are you out of your fucking mind lady, and who told you that you could take me to your fucking house anyway I was fine where I fucking was." Tayuya continued her rant for many minutes and the woman merely stood there letting it all just pass her by not fazed in the least. Soon though Tayuya's rant caught up to her and her body caved in to the needs of rest.

" stay right there I aint done with your...ass." the enraged and sleepy redhead said laying back onto the bed. "Just give me a moment to catch me breath."

The moment Tayuya shut her eyes though she once again drifted off to sleep.

"My that girl has a mouth on her doesn't she." the woman said to no one in particular as she walked over to Tayuya lay pulling the covers back onto her frame.

"You remind me of someone." she said turning around and walking back out of the room.

A.N.- Well here is the first chapter of 'A Song for our Sorrows', this story will focus more on Tayuya in general but it will eventually became a NaruxTayuya story. I wanted to cover Tayuya first though in an attempt to come up with a back-story explaining the way she acts and where she got that awful language from as well as when she met and joined Orochimaru. Hopefully my attempt is not in vain and you all enjoy. So let me know what you think.

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