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After finding the key to Zack's apartment, (it was on a hook by the patio door) he and Kat went back down to the garage to open it up. She'd told him about how they had cleaned up, and he wondered if everything would be out of place, or even missing. He wouldn't put it past Hodgins. To his relief though, everything was more or less as he'd left it. All his books, magazines, newsletters; everything was there.

'Hodge wanted to get rid of all this,' Kat said from the doorway. 'But Ange and I took a stand. We wanted you to come back to your apartment as you'd left it—aside from some nasty stuff in the fridge that used to be Kraft Dinner.'

Zack shook his head. 'That was perfectly good macaroni.'

'It was fuzzy and blue-green when we found it, and your dairy products were all just a curdled, stinking mass.'

He cringed. He might be able to handle decomposing human remains, but what Kat had just described was disgusting. He could never stand the smell of expired dairy products, even if it was only a little ripe. 'I guess I'll need to buy some groceries.'

Kat nodded in agreement. 'I'll take you, and make sure you don't just buy twenty boxes of KD—that is not groceries, it's something we bought as students. We need to get some nutrition into you.'

'That's what every doctor, friend, and female relative has been saying to me for as long as I can remember.'

'Well, it's true.' She smiled, and grabbed a hold of his wrist. 'You have scrawny chicken arms and legs Zack—even worse than when I left.'

'Well after you left, I didn't have anyone telling me to eat at regular times, and then work kept me busy, and I simply started eating junk food. I take it my metabolism is quite high, because most other people would have gained weight on my diet. In McKinley, I had a greatly diminished appetite—'

He was rambling, and Kat was obviously amused. 'Zackary Uriah Addy,' she cut him off in mid sentence. 'Do yourself a favour; shut up, and kiss me.'

He did, his arms instinctively wrapping themselves around Kat's slim waist, as her hands tangled themselves in his shaggy hair. Now this felt familiar.

'You need a haircut Zack.' She said with a low giggle.

'I need groceries before anything else.' He said decisively, letting Kat go. 'So we should go to the store, and then we'll have dinner, and a quiet evening here.'

Grabbing her purse and car keys, Kat sighed. Any other guy wouldn't want to leave the bedroom for at least twenty-four hours, but Zack wasn't any other guy. She had already waited months—years, essentially. What would another few hours be?

Zack heard someone banging on his front door, and glanced at the bedside clock with eyes blurry from sleep. It was nearly one in the morning. It wouldn't be anyone from the lab—they would have just called. So who was pounding on his door in the middle of the night?

'Do you want me to get that?' Kat asked sleepily from the other side of the bed. Her dark curly hair was tousled, and he had to admit, she looked beautiful even after just waking up.

'No, I'll get it.' He said, and pulled a pair of pyjama pants on before going to the door.

'Hey Zack.'

It was Sweets, standing there at his door with a suitcase in tow. He looked miserable; like he'd been crying even. But what was he doing here at one o'clock in the morning?

'Daisy came home from Mali tonight.' He said, as if reading Zack's mind. 'She found a sweater Kat left at my place when I had her over for dinner, and she kicked me out.'

'So you came here? Why?'

'You and Kat are the only ones who I thought might let me stay with you tonight. It's impossible to get a hotel room at one in the morning.'

Zack paused. Hodgins would be pissed if he found out Sweets had spent the night on his property, even if he didn't have anywhere else to go. But then again, he'd helped him get out of McKinley.

'Lance?' Kat's voice came from behind them. She'd pulled on a t-shirt and some sweats, and looked really confused.

'Hey Kat. Daisy kicked me out because she thinks I cheated on her with you.' Sweets said morosely. 'Can I stay with you guys?

'Hodge will honestly want to kill us all if he finds out—but sure.' She said, and pulled Zack out of the doorway. 'After all, everything's quiet here.'

'Thanks.' The psychologist said with open relief. 'I didn't want to have to try Booth or Brennan's place. And you two won't even know I'm here; I'll stay right on the couch, and just try to get some sleep.'

Zack still wasn't sure why he wasn't crazy about the idea of Sweets is his apartment, when the snoring started an hour later. It was high-pitched, and whistling, and was considerably loud for coming from such a small person.

'We'll kick him out tomorrow.' Kat promised, and then drew the covers up over her head. Zack considered trying to make Sweets stop, but resigned to follow her lead. He always ended up with the comforter over his head anyways, and it was nice and cozy...


Thus, the end of my madness. I'm shedding a little tear even as I write this, and I'm wondering what I should do next. I have a couple of Bones oneshots I could type up, and there is The Manitou Prophet to work on. I could even start my first Criminal Minds piece. If you have sugestions, send them to me- I love feedback and ideas.