I sat at a cafeteria table, self-consciously aware that all eyes were on me. The new girl - the new blood.

I was sitting with a group of people, having been invited to do so by a girl I had sat next to in Spanish class the period before. My dark hair was around my shoulders - trying to hide my face from prying eyes, but it didn't seem to be working.

I peered around and finally found a group of people who weren't absorbed in staring at me or whispering and pointing at me.

"Who are they?" I asked my companion... Jessica. Yes, Jessica was her name.

"Who?" was the reply, and I pointed out the table of five amazingly beautiful people. "Oh, them. They're the Cullens. They're all foster children of Dr. Cullen and his wife, and they're all together." The scandal in her tone was apparent. "Those two on the end - the blond guy and the black-haired girl are Jasper Hale and his girlfriend Alice Cullen. The blonde girl is Rosalie Hale - Jasper's twin - and next to her is her boyfriend Emmett Cullen."

Jessica paused then, staring at the last of the five.

"Who's the other one?"

Jessica sighed. "Edward Cullen."

Edward was probably the most beautiful of the five - except for the one called Rosalie.

"And is he... alone?"

Jessica was about to respond when the question was answered.

A dark-haired girl flitted by our table and an impossibly short second later she was across the room, joining the rest of the Cullens. Edward pulled her into his lap and whispered into her ear.

I could swear that her eyes - a lovely topaz color - settled on my face for a moment before the whole table of Cullens burst into laughter. I ducked my head and blushed.

"That's Bella Hale - Jasper and Rosalie's cousin." Jessica said. "She's with Edward," she added needlessly before being forcibly pulled back into a conversation on the other side of her.

I listened to the Cullens' laughter. I couldn't help wondering if I was the reason for their laughter.

"Uh, Roger?" I asked the guy sitting next to me. He turned to me and smiled eagerly. "The Cullens - they wouldn't be laughing at me for some reason, would they?" I felt stupid asking, but I just had this feeling…

Roger glanced briefly at their table and then shook his head.

"I doubt it. They're always laughing about one thing or another."

I allowed myself one more look at their table, but they all seemed to be talking amongst themselves now, no one looking at me. I shrugged and turned back to Roger.

"So, Morgan, tell me about yourself?" he asked.

I looked at Roger. He was no Jasper Hale or Emmett or Edward Cullen, but he was cute. And he was interested in me. So I smiled, brushed my hair off my shoulders and forgot all about the Cullens.


This is my first foray into the fanfiction world of "Twilight." I'm not sure why, but I just get tickled by the thought that sometime in Bella's future she'll be part of the Cullen's table at lunch and she'll be the envy of all the girls. And someday there will be a new girl in her school who wants to know who the table full of beautiful people are, just like Bella did at one time...

And where's Nessie? Wherever Jacob is, of course!