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Tribbles in the Pegasus Galaxy

Rodney walked into his lab one day and found all his scientist's around one table playing with something. It was small and round and furry and it moved!

"That looks like a Tribble! This can't be good; did any of you watch STAR TREK as a kid? Don't you know what will happen?" He shouts.

Radek looks at him and says, "Calm down Rodney. Star Trek and Tribbles are not real. You can't base everything on what you watched as a child."

"And why not?" Rodney responded. "Most of the stuff that has happened out here is right

Out of sci fi or worse. How do you know that isn't some kind of monster that will kill us all?" He exclaimed.

Radek reaches down and picks the little fur ball up and places it in Rodney's hand.

Rodney strokes it with a finger, it trembles and purrs. Rodney slowly calms down. He sits in a chair and holds the little creature up to his face as he talks to it and strokes it.

From behind his back Radek whispers: "I want all of you to find out what you can about this little creature, if it can calm Rodney down and keep him happy I say we make sure he can keep It!"

They turn around as they hear Rodney talking to the little thing. "I don't care what they say, I say you are a Tribble, a Pegasus Tribble and I will name you fluffy."