"Ying! Lin! Cai! Anyone?" Angel skipped through the halls looking for anyone to hang with.

She had felt refreshed when she had awoken in her room and was looking for something to do. She had forced herself to try and forget what had happened at the beach the previous day but she did keep tabs with Aaron and Jiro.

With her hopes of someone distracting shut down, she sat by the pool a sighed. She knew Jin and Xiao Mai had gone off to do some business deal so they were no fun. She had spoken to Housekeeper Yi, and it seemed like Ying and Lin had gone out to walk through the town. She tried to talk to Cai, but he wouldn't answer his door or his phone when she tried.

That had caused a little tug at her heart.

She sighed and kicked the water.

"Beautiful girls don't sigh, it just makes everything good in the world look a little dark," Turning her head she saw Jiro smiling from the doorway.

"Well, when it feels like everyone is avoiding you, it seems like the world is depressing,"

Taking off his shoes, he rolled up his ripped jeans and sat next to her.

"Why? Where did everyone go?"

"Xiao Mai and Jin are both working, Ying and Lin are somewhere in town, and Cai is avoiding me completely. It hurts that he's doing that because he was my first closest friend when i got here," She glared down at the water.

"Well I'm your friend aren't i?" She laughed and nodded. "Well then as your friend, I'm still here for you and i know just the thing to get your mind off of everything,"

"If it has anything to do with water, then i think i'll have to pass. It seems that water is my bad omen,"

"Don't worry, I'm sure we'll find a way to avoid any liquids- that is until you get thirsty," She laughed and accepted Jiro's hand and stood up.

"Your funny, i like you. Okay, i'll meet you down in the foyer. I need to change, my skirt got wet," Jiro nodded and walked off.

He didn't got straight to the foyer but took a detour towards Cai's room. He needed to figure out why his friend was avoiding Angel. Jiro didn't exactly think he was that close to the girl for knowing her only a day, but with their serious talks he thought that he had some sort of close relationship with the girl.

Plus he kind of liked the girl. She was unique and had an interesting personality. Not only did they have a lot in common, but she didn't ask questions. The only thing that was stopping him from pursuing her was the slight fact that he thought that she and Cai had something.

Giving a strong knock at the said male's door he waited. He didn't exactly have anything planned to say, he thought he could just wing it.

"What do you want?" Cai asked coldly.

"I'm here because of Angel," Jiro answered simply.

"Well whatever it is, i don't want to hear it," Cai went to close the door, but jiro had placed his foot before it shut completely.

"Oh really? I just heared from her that you have been avoiding her completely. Not only that, but that you had been her first friend when she got here. What is the deal with that? If you two were so close why would you act so cold towards her?"

"I wouldn't categorize this as any of your business," Cai glared.

"When a friend of mine is depressed because of someone, i intend to figure out why and find a way to make them happy again. When i saw the two of you yesterday it seemed like there was some hidden feelings between the two. Did i happen to read you two wrong?" Jiro came to a close distance and looked at the male in front of him.

"I thought...what's it to you? With the time you were gone and how the two of you came back it seemed like there was something going between the two of you. You met her yesterday! How can someone who has met her in a day come that close in contact?"

"If i remember correctly Nan Feng Cai, you used to be that close to girls all the time. If you remember correctly, she had fallen asleep. What happened to you man?"

"Nothing. Just nothing. Whatever." With his lie he turned away to look away from his friend.

"So you don't care? That girl, in the room in the next hall, has more problems and hardships that you will never encounter. You adding to her stress isn't needed. She doesn't need that, but here you are," Jiro shook his head.

"And what do you know that i don't? Whatever, just leave,"

"Fine, i will. Since you don't seem to care for that frail girl in the hall next to us, don't come in to close contact. From now on she is none of your concern. I'll be there when she needs a shoulder to cry on. Maybe our relationship will change," Jiro smirked and walked out of the room leaving Cai to his thoughts.

Jiro has smirked when he heard a frustrated yell come from inside Cai's room as well as the sound of something crashing onto the ground. It wasn't that he was heartless and didn't care for his friend, but one thing you learn when you are brought up in the harsh business world, is you learn to put how you feel aside and get the reaction you want.

So when he had reached Angel's room his smirk had disappeared and was replaced by a charming smile. WHat he didn't expect was Emp and Housekeeper Yi to walk out of the room. He bowed respectfully and watched the two out, but was confused as to why they were in there in the first place.

His questions were answered when he saw the frail girl huddled over her couch looking even more vulnerable.

"Angel," He furrowed his browns when he saw her flinch and retract away from his comforting hand.

"Emp knows. My mother knows. You know what happens now," Jiro sighed and pulled the girl into his arms and let her tears soak through his shirt.

"I will always be here. No matter what anyone says or does, i will be here. With me being here when you are in need, this calls for my surprise," He looked down at her and smiled wide.

"Should i wear some sports padding?" She joked slowly returning to her old self.

"I don't think so. A helmet might be needed though," He laughed and kissed the top of her head.

"Aw, i don't think i packed one. I'll be right back, i bet my make up looks more like a raccoon now," She stood up.

"I think you look beautiful," Her insides fluttered, but all she gave him was a smile before she left.

When one falls down, it is always right to get off the ground and hold your head up high, show no signs of embarrassment. But when you have fallen and broken so many times, is it that easy to let things go and show your confident side again? Or is it easier to go with the ways that people have already planned for you?