In the dead of night, I awaken. No sound is heard, no sight is seen. Yet the red-haired vampress is in my bedroom, her eyes seeking death. My death. She advances, and even I can feel the killing intent coming from her body. But it is if she is being pulled, like a puppet on a string. She whips the sheets of my bed around me, then drags me out my window. I could not tell you how far we traveled; all I know is that we stopped above a cliff. She crouched, preparing her body and mind for the hunt, the prey. Wishing that my blood would taste as sweet as Edward's face would look. But he wouldn't care.

For Edward was gone.

She sprang, sinking her fangs into my skin, and therefore changing my fate. Now I would not spend the days of my wasted life as a human, but as a vampire.

That was three years ago. Now, I reside in Manhattan, New York, living the dream that everyone wants. A penthouse suite, high-paying, low hours job, and a beautiful body that Paris Hilton would kill for. Gone was the bumbling girl that blushed at the first compliment, in her place was a gorgeous woman who was already jaded.

I walked into my apartment to find Stella, my step-sister, leafing through a magazine and laughing at a cartoon show. Phil and Renee had died from a car crash, and had left me as their caretaker. I was eighteen at the time. Charlie wanted to take car of her, but I took guardianship, as a last wish to my mother. We visit Charlie on holidays and long weekends, so he's only a little lonely.

And even though she's human, she doesn't know that I'm a vampire. I plan to keep it that way. My vibrant, intelligent step-sister was only five years old, but Stella treated me as if I were her own mother. I was glad she had transitioned well to the Big Apple.

An envelope in old, yellowed parchment sat on the table. My blood ran cold, and I prayed Stella hadn't seen it. She continued to multitask as I greeted her, then carefully scooped up the letter and hurried to my room. I ripped it open, and while tossing my things on the floor, read the letter.

Another summons.

As I was getting into the shower, Stella came in. "Mummy, is your boss sending you away on another trip?" Stella had picked up a weird English accent from her friends. She also knew that whenever I got a "crusty paper," as she dubbed it, I left on a "business trip." That's what I call it when Aro summons me to do something for him.

"Yes, sweetie. But Mummy's going to be gone only a few days. Do you think you can take care of the house when I'm gone?"

Stella smiled a proud smile, one that makes her dimples show. "Of course." I felt my heart grow with joy as I kissed my adorable little sister and finished my shower. After dinner, I packed my stuff, gathering all the tools necessary to complete my mission. I tucked Stella in, and off I went into the night.

At about one in the morning, I climbed aboard my flight to Italy. It only takes twenty two hours (I'm guessing people) to make the incredibly journey, but I'm not tired when we arrive. I immediately headed for Aro's headquarters.

Felix, Aro's minion, greets me at the entrance. "Aro is busy today, so he won't be able to see you off personally. Here is your target." He handed me a manila folder. Inside was a picture of a gorgeous man with dark brown hair, red eyes, full lips, and beautiful bone structure. The sheet that came with the photo said that Mohit was turned only five days before this photograph. Unfortunately, he'd become known to the villagers of Leh, India. They wanted control of this situation, and fast. That's why they called me in.

I am what you would call a "knight" in chess. When vampires, or "pawns", go out of control, threatening to reveal our existence, the "knights" of Aro's round table are called in. We either destroy the rogue or forcefully transport him to Volterra. Usually that only happens if the newborn has special powers. The only reason that I don't "live" in Volterra is because of Stella.

Aro, knowing my skills, was lenient on me, and only summons me for capture situations. Mohit must have a power that Aro finds useful. Boarding another flight, I made it to Leh by the second day. I had already disguised myself in the usual Indian garb so that I didn't stand out as much. I still had to travel by night, though, so that slowed me down. When I did reach Leh, I was in for the shock of my life.

The rampant newborn vampire was out, drinking from people left and right, in broad daylight. Not only was his behavior erratic, he sparkled like a thousand diamonds. Rumors had begun spreading in Shimla, and even as far away as Delhi. Now I knew why. Subtly, I herded the newborn back into the jungle and began my hunt. I circled around him, making sure he didn't try to bolt. I knew he could see me, even though I was moving at about 120 mph.

But even he would be helpless to my power.

I could feel it growing, gathering around him. His eyes showed a primal, instinctive fear. It was too late though. It had begun.

My power is controlling wind. The slightest breeze, the strongest gale, anything that blows is under my domain. So I slowly, carefully, sucked away his oxygen. Even though vampires don't need oxygen, the newborn probably didn't realize that. His body, still pumping with human blood from the villagers, would involuntarily react and pass out. Then I would deliver the body to Aro, and that was that.

Everything went as expected. It was almost boring.

I arrived at in New York at three o'clock and hailed a taxi. Aro's words when I delivered the body had set me on edge.

"I hope you like surprises. Oh, don't make that face, Isabella," My eyes were probably wide with fear for Stella, "it's nothing bad. Simply some old friends wanting to see you."

Unlike most vampires, I had retained my memory from my human life. To make Aro less suspicious and more trustworthy of me, I told him. He immediately wanted to run tests and experiments on me. After three months of that, he finally settled with just adding me to his "knights" at the round table.

The yellow taxi stopped at my suite and I threw a $100 bill at him. It sped off after I grabbed my bags. Ungrateful scum. I sighed while trying to sense anyone inside the house. No, the only heart beating was Stella's, although hers was very excited…I unlocked the door.

"Mummy, Mummy!! You're back!! Look who's visiting!!" Stella bound up to me and I wrapped her in a hug.

"Who's here, pumpkin?" I asked, turning the corner to the living room. And there, sitting on the couch, was the last person I wanted to see.

"Hello, Bella." He said. His eyes searched mine as he stood up. I still had not moved since I saw him. But not just him. The ENTIRE family was here.

Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, and Esme all sat on the couches scattered around my tiny living room.

So this was what Aro was talking about.