Chapter 7:

As Seth waited in the living room, making polite talk to the Cullen boys, I was bombarded in the kitchen by the females.

"What is a werewolf doing in your living room?!" Rosalie hissed. Esme was helping me put together three roast beef sandwiches (that boy ate A LOT) while Alice was sneaking glances around the corner to make sure Seth hadn't noticed.

"He's a friend of a friend that's now my friend. So shut it!" I hissed back, putting the same venom into my voice. Rosalie and I had a little staring contest before Alice broke the silence.

"Time's up! Go!" I wondered how many war movies she'd been watching lately, then remembered who she was married to. I carried the tray laden with roast beef sandwiches, BBQ chips, and two glasses of lemonade, with Esme, Alice, and Rosalie right behind me.

Upon sitting, a tense silence filled the room, only broken by the sound of Seth eating. Finishing his 'thanks for doing this meal, hey, happy to see you' he said, "Am I interrupting something, Bella?"

An almost nonexistent growl echoed throughout the room. Someone wasn't happy.

"No, Seth. Not at all. What brings you're here? You're…" I did a mental calculation in my head, "about two days early. Any reason?"

Seth glanced around the room. "Jake called." Oh, great. NEVER was it good that Jake called Seth before me. That meant he wanted something checked out that Jacob knew I would lie about. Like the fact my ex-boyfriend's/ true love's family was currently residing with me, and had plans to make New York their permanent residence.

"And?" I smiled. Seth frowned.

"There've been some strange killings around his college. Says girl, only girls," he added, "go out for a drink, and come back bloody and broken. Like they'd been thrown off a cliff and smashed under a cement layer. All bones broken. All blood drained, except for the stuff on their outside." Oh, god. I'd have to report this to Aro.

"Does it look like a newborn?"

"No… it looks like a professional job. The skin around the neck on all six victims is completely gone. But it was removed in a perfect circle." Seth's frown deepened, obviously deep in thought. Maybe…

"Have you seen any of the bodies, Seth?" I asked cautiously. I was afraid that if I pushed him too far, he might snap, and that would NOT be good.

It seemed as if the vampires thought the same thing, for everyone but Rosalie and Esme (Stella was still asleep, and Aanjay was in her bedroom shining my silver) leaned forward in their chairs and tensed. Seth's eyebrow twitched, showing his annoyance, and relaxed into the seat to show how "calm" he was.

After several minutes, he answered. "No, but I have pictures. They're sort of blurry though. Jacob took them on his phone after he discovered the body."

I blinked, surprised that my friend was so directly related to the murders. "Which one did he find?"

"A girl by the name of Rhonda Sinclair. Literature student." Seth paused and studied my face. I was too shocked by the news.

I knew Rhonda. Before I became a vampire, Rhonda transferred into Forks High School. We had become good friends quickly, and she, along with her sisters, helped me. They knew I wouldn't pull out of my 'funk', as they called it, but helped me hide it from Charlie. Then, at least, he wouldn't send me to a therapist.

"Who were the other victims?" I inquired softly. I didn't want anyone to hear my anguish at my lost friend, although Jasper could probably feel it.

"We don't have access to the police up there, so we don't know." Seth's eyes turned wary as he said, "Jacob's actually asked me to go help him, while you ask your…" he searched for the right word, "boss if they could send someone out." His demeanor turned dark. "We don't want a war on our hands, but their hunting is too close to our territory. Plus, they're making it way obvious they aren't human."

I nodded yes. "I'll see what I can do."

Seth's smile could have blinded the world. "Thanks."

Jasper suddenly piped in, "May some of us come with you?"

Both Seth and I looked at him in surprise.

"You seem to be short on hands, and I'm skilled in the…destruction of newborns. Perhaps we could help?" Jasper sent waves of trust around the room. I would have told him to know it off, had I not agreed with him.

" I guess, although the final decision will come from Jake. Who's coming?" I took it as a good sign that Seth was talking in future tense.

"Just Carlisle and I. We have a few things that we need to pick up from Forks as well." Carlisle nodded.

Seth shrugged. "OK with me." He stood to leave and we rose with him.

"I'll be leaving tomorrow with your buds, if Jake gives the high sign. I'll probably be back in about a month."

"Alright." I couldn't stop worrying for Jake, although I would feel better once he had reinforcements there with him. He had a tendency to be a bit…risky, at times.

I showed Seth to the door and closed it to his large back just as Aanjay came skipping down the stairs.

"Who was that?" She asked, wiping off an ornate silver teapot.


Her reaction was instantaneous. She dropped the cup and it clattered to the floor, a dent forming on its bottom right side.

"Seth was here and you didn't TELL ME?!" She screeched. I moved toward the teapot as she raced for the door, wrenching it open while yelling Seth's name. I rolled my eyes at her typical teenage behavior.

Jasper and Alice snickered. Rosalie glared at the noise. Emmett laughed at her weirdness. Carlisle and Esme rolled their eyes. And Edward stared at me. Again. Without blinking.

A few minutes later, Jay came back looking defeated. I patted her back as she walked by, giving her my support. I vaguely heard her moaning as she trudged up the stairs. I wasn't really paying attention, since I decided that now was the time to announce the upcoming event.

"Hey, guys?"

"Yeah?" They replied. Jeez, talk about freaky.

"My company's having a gala opening tomorrow and…"

"WE'D LOVE TO GO!" Alice exclaimed. Everyone else looked pleased as well.

And Edward was staring at me. AGAIN.

*Sigh* Tomorrow night was going to be one long evening.

Yes, yes I know. Filler. But it IS important.