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Tokyo Tides – Chapter 1: The Assignment

It was an alley in some dark corner of Shinjuku, devoid of all life. From the shadows emerged two teenagers, spraypaint cans at the ready. One pointed to a dumpster.



They laughed as they ready to tag it. As they approached, they had to close their nose at the rancid smell of it. But they held their nose and didn't care. They had done this countless times before, each mark an expansion of their turf. Those police had tried to stop them, and they had done a few stints in jail and paid a few fines. It didn't matter; they wouldn't be stopped from achieving their true glory. They weren't sure what it was at the moment, but it would come to them. For now, all that mattered was the tonight's little stunt. They shook the paint cans up and the hissing echoed through an alley that was devoid of all life save for them.

And then the dumpster shook.

"...Whoa. What the hell was that?"

Kasu sand Oniji stopped and looked at each other. Kasu spoke first, "You think there's someone inside?" "A bum. Probably why this dumpster stinks so much. Let's show him what happens when you bother our work," Oniji replied. Kasu gave a wicked grin and gestured to the dumpster. "After you." Oniji began to lift himself into the dumpster. Then he stopped. He shifted a few bags of trash. Shock spread across his face as he yelled, "Oh my God, Kasu, I think he's"

That's when the dumpster lid fell. Oniji screamed as the lid landed across his back. The screams continued as Kasu lifted the led and began to pull him out. A second later, the lid fell again, this time on Oniji's head. The impact was so hard that the lid rebounded.

Oniji fell, lifeless, to the ground.

Seconds passed. Kasu stared. And then he did what came naturally: he ran.

It was an alley in some dark corner of Shinjuku, devoid of all life.


An hour passed, and the alley in Shinjuku had been cordoned off with police tape. One police car. One puddle of blood. Two cans of spraypaint. Two officers were looking over the scene. It was Isei's turn to hold the camera and take the pictures of the crime scene.

"Kid probably walked into a mugging and got himself knocked out. Let's call the forensics crew and see what they find."

A large garbage truck pulled up. The man inside called out to the two police officers, "Excuse me, but I need pass through here and pick up the dumpster. I'll only take a few minutes." The two officers stared at him and looked around, quite surprised. They shrugged to each other and Isei responded, "There's no dumpster here." The driver facepalmed. "Not again." "Again?" The driver sighed. "This dumpster? Keeps getting stolen once a month or so, and takes us a few days to find each time. Probably some gang playing jokes. My company's been making reports to you cops each time, but you haven't done much."

Isei got out his clipboard to take another report. Seitaro got out his radio. "Dispatch, we've got blood and a possible kidnapping. A stolen dumpster too."


In a police department in Tokyo, Masamichi entered an office and sat at a desk. Someone was dead. Masamichi usually sat at this desk because someone was dead. Inspector Sonoda Masamichi had been part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force for almost a decade, and had been promoted to Homicide Division within the last year. He had joined law enforcement to put food on his family's table, and to help maintain the peace in his city. The former was working out a lot better than the latter, but he had no intention of failing either. He was already earning a reputation at catching the strange little details of a scene that everyone else seemed to miss. He'd need it for this.

Masamichi was sitting at this desk across from his superior, Inspector Ohta Nobuo. Nobuo took out a folder with some pictures and started explaining. "Last night, we received a call saying that someone needed medical help in an alley in Shinjuku. Took him a while for him to give actual directions, but police found the alley he was talking about. Nubuo passed him the first photo. "That's the alley. We found some blood, and an employee for municipal waste disposal told us that someone had stolen the dumpster."

Nubuo passed Masamichi a second photo. It was a picture of an accident scene. A red Toyota had crashed into a trash dumpster... in the middle of street. "About a half-hour after the initial emergency call, police responded to an accident about a mile away. It looks like someone had tried to push the dumpster across the street when a car crashed into it. The driver's being treated in the hospital."

Masamichi stared at the picture for several minutes. He didn't understand, but something felt off. He could almost tell that the dumpster was different. He racked his mind and tried to think of how it was different. The answer kept escaping him, but he knew there had there was something wrong about it. "And the dumpster?"

Nobuo took out more pictures. "We wheeled it away to where we keep the impounded cars. It's tied down at the lot..." Masamichi responded, "Tied down?" Nobuo snorted, "Damn thing tipped over and crushed one of the lot employees! We still don't know how it happened. The surveillance video just shows it tipping over on top of him. He's in a coma as we speak."

Masamichi shook his head, "Nobuo-san... that doesn't make any sense and you know it!"

Nubuo glared. "I know it doesn't! We're going to look into that as soon as we finish this investigation." He pulled out some more pictures. "We found two corpses inside the dumpster. They're doing the autopsies as we speak." Masamichi took the photos and had to refrain from gagging. The dumpster itself was covered with blood. One of the coprses looked like it had just been killed. But the other... it looked as if his corpse had been flayed. Nobuo continued, "But from the look of the second one, whoever did this has probably been doing it for some time. Masamichi gave the pictures back. "That bastard. Please tell me you have something to go on."

"We have a suspect."

Masamichi was stunned. "Already?!"

Nobuo pulled out another folder with fingerprints and a mugshot. "Dai Kasu. Arrested multiple times for acts of vandalism. His fingerprints match those on the cans of spraypaint. He's also the one who called us. We need you to bring him in and question him. Masamichi nodded, gave everything back, and left. Within minutes he was in his patrol car, driving to Dai Kasu's apartment and mulling over everything in his mind. None of it made sense. Someone going from tagging to murder wasn't unheard of, but wouldn't explain the phone call or the second corpse. And that dumpster... why would it be so important to whoever did this? The dumpster was more than a place to stash the corpses, but the very thought struck him as insane.

But then, whoever did this was insane. Masamichi parked, climbed up the stairs, and knocked. A teenager opened the door.

"Dai Kasu, Inspector Sonoda Masamichi. You need to come with me."


"You know this person?"

"Yeah, he's a friend of mine. His name is Oniji."

"We know. He's dead."

"I.. When he fell..."

"About that..."


"Just tell me what you did to him."

"I didn't go anything!"


"You ran because you didn't want to get caught. I understand that"

"I was scared, okay?!"

"Of us finding you."

"I called you guys!"

"After you had left the scene."


"What were your friends trying to do, moving the dumpster?"

"It was just the two of us! No one else was there!"

"Why did you move it?"

"I didn't move it!"

"Then who did?"

"I don't know!"


"We need your help on this, please. Just tell us who this is."

"I don't know!"

"You know who did this to him?"



A teary-eyed Kasu was led away in handcuffs. An exhausted Masamichi buried his face in his hands. Nobuo walked in and sighed. "Four hours and he didn't break. Kid's tough. Masamichi raised his head. "I don't know how many times we went over everything. You know, I'm starting to think that he was telling the truth." Nobuo laughed, "Right. The dumpster lid falls on the guy twice. Then some person comes out of nowhere, stuffs him in, and rolls it away. You really believe that?" Masamichi took off his glasses and wiped his eyes. "I don't know what to believe. The forensics people find anything?"

Nobuo took a deep breath and started, "Oniji's death was caused by a massive blow to the head, probably caused by the dumpster lid. He was hit once more, across the back."

"So Kasu's story-"

Nobuo interrupted. "Now, we haven't identified the other victim, yet. It's hard to say exactly, but the coroners believe that he received multiple blows across his entire body. So he is probably where all the blood on the dumpster came from. They're doing DNA analysis, but that can take weeks. Now, they ran a couple tests. It looks like both bodies were exposed to large amounts of acid."

Now it was Masamichi's turn to interrupt, "Acid. You're serious."

"Always," Nobuo replied. "We found some samples of it leaking into the garbage and on the bodies. Tests say it's similar to stomach acid and..."

Masamichi stood up and tried to clear his head. It didn't work.

Nobuo continued. "Sonoda Masamichi, no one doubts your commitment. But this is too much for us. I've contacted the Public Security Bureau, and they're going over the evidence now. Finish out the day and go home."


The rest of the day was a blur; all Masamichi could think about was that case. He didn't like that this had slipped away from it. It didn't help that the whole thing still made no sense. He made his way home and slipped in.

"Another long day, dear?"

His wife, Sonoda Meimi was there. The jacket he had been wearing was already in her hands. Masamichi only shook his head. "Someday I'm going to figure out how you do that." Meimi laughed, " I know you will. How was your day?" Masamichi shook his head. "Long day. Some nut went and..." He raised his hands. "I'm sorry. It's being handled. How was your day?" "Same old, same old," Meimi replied. Masamichi nodded, "Good, good. And the kids?" "They're doing fine and..." Meimi stopped. "You're tired. Eat some dinner and come to bed."

Masamichi looked at her and smiled. "Thanks. I'd like that."

He'd solve that case; he was sure of that. But for now, that could wait.