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Chapter One

After the death of Spencer, Roland never thought that he'd ever find someone to love, but he was wrong.

It had been a year since Spencer had passed away, and Roland was sitting in their house thinking about things that they use to do, when all of a sudden there was a knock on the door.

When he got up and opened the door, there stood this cute little girl and she said, "Mister, would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies, they don't cost too much."

Roland smiled at her, he happened to look over her head, and he saw whom he figured was her father standing beside a car. He was smiling as he watched her ask the man if he wanted to buy some Girl Scout Cookies.

Roland looked back at the little girl and he asked, "What kind do you have?" She smiled and he saw that her two front teeth were gone and she told him what she had, and Roland told her, "I'll take one of each."

She smiled brightly and as he handed her the money, she picked up the cookies and handed them to him and she said, "Thank you." Then she took her other cookies and walked back to where the man was.

As Roland watched the man hugged the little girl and he put the cookies in the back and as she got in, he made sure that she was buckled up and then he got into the car and started it.

When Roland closed the door, he looked down at the cookies and he thought to himself, "Now why did I buy these cookies, I don't even like cookies." He chuckled and went to put the cookies in the kitchen and he went over and called Seto.

He said, "Do either you or Joey like cookies, the reason I'm asking, is I just bought several boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, and you know that I don't even like cookies."

Seto laughed and then he said, "Yes, Joey loves cookies. We'll be over tomorrow and you can give them to him. How are you doing?"

Roland closed his eyes and he said, "Today is better then yesterday, I'm trying to go on, but at times it really is hard."

Seto then said, "When we come over, we have something to tell you."

Roland asked him, "Is it good news?"

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and when Roland answered it, there stood the man whose little girl Roland had bought the cookies from.

The man said, "I hate to bother you, but my car won't start and I was wondering if I could use your phone to call a tow truck?" The little girl was holding onto her father's pants leg and she looked really frightened.

Roland said, "Come in, the phone is over there."

The man called the garage but they didn't have a tow truck they could send out. The man replaced the receiver and as he turned around his little girl said, "Daddy, is the man going to come and fix our car?"

The man smiled down at her and he said, "No honey, the man doesn't have a truck to come fix our car, we'll have to call Nana and see if she'll come get us."

The man looked at Roland, he held out his hand and said, "My name is Samuel Burton and this is my daughter Pricilla, can I please use your phone one more time." Roland shook Samuel's hand and he said, "I know of someone who can come see what's wrong with your truck, I'll call and have my son-in-law come out."

Roland then called Seto and asked him, "Can Joey come over here, a man is here and his car doesn't work, I was wondering if he could see what's wrong with it."

Seto then said, "Sure, we'll be right over, by the way who is the man?"

Roland told him, "The father of the little girl that I bought the cookies from." He hung up the phone, looked at Samuel, and said, "He'll be right over."

The little girl was kind of acting as if she had to go to the bathroom, and Roland looked at her father and said, "The bathroom is down the hall on your left."

The man thanked him and took his daughter so she could use the bathroom.

"Daddy that man is really nice isn't he?" She said to her father.

Samuel smiled down at her and said, "Yes honey, he is."

When they got back to the living room, there stood two men and Roland said, "Samuel, this is my son, Seto and his life mate Joseph."

Samuel walked over and shook hands with both of them and then Joey said, "Let's go see what's wrong with your car."

Samuel looked at his daughter and said, "Honey, you stay here, I'll be right back."

When Joey and Samuel walked out the door, Pricilla acted really frightened, until Roland said, "How about if we all go get some milk and have some of these great cookies I just bought."

Pricilla smiled and nodded that she wanted to, so as the three of them went to the kitchen, Roland went to the cupboard and got down five glassed and placed them on the table, while Seto got out the milk, then Roland helped Pricilla sit on one of the chairs and he asked her, "Which kind do you like?"

She smiled and pointed to the thin mints, Roland picked up the box, opened it and put some on a small plate, and as he and Seto sat down he said, "Alright, let's get to dunking."

Pricilla giggled and that caused both Seto and Roland to laugh and as they dunked their cookies in the milk and ate them, Joey was outside looking at Samuel's car.

"Well, you need a battery and I'd have those hoses checked, it looks like the one leading from the radiator to the engine is about to blow." Samuel thanked him and as they walked back inside, they heard laughter coming from the kitchen, and when Joey and Samuel went to the kitchen, Joey said, "Hey is there some for us?"

Pricilla smiled at her dad and the other man and she said, "Here daddy, there's some for you and him."

When they sat down, Joey looked at Pricilla and winked and said, "My name is Joey." Then as he and Samuel took some thin mints, they started dunking them and all of them began to laugh.

Finally, Samuel said, "Joey said that my car needs a battery and that some of the hoses need to be replaced; now all I have to do is find someone to tow it to a garage and get it fixed."

Seto looked at his dad and said, "I'll call Ricardo and have him come tow the car to Kaiba Corp. and in the morning they can see what's wrong and fix it."

When Samuel heard Seto say, "Kaiba Corp. he then knew that he had seen Seto somewhere. Then Samuel said, "I can't ask you to do that."

Roland smiled at him and he said, "Listen, it'll be fine, if you want I can give you and your daughter a ride home and when your car is ready, one of the mechanics can drive it to your house."

Samuel didn't know what to do or say, then Pricilla said, "Daddy, can Roland give us a ride home, I have homework to do, please let him."

Samuel smiled down at her and he said, "Thanks I'd appreciate the ride." So after they got the glasses put in the sink, the milk back in the refrigerator, Roland grabbed his keys and said, "Shall we go, oh Samuel can you leave your keys here, after we leave Seto can call Ricardo to come get your car."

Samuel shook Seto and Joey's hands and Pricilla said, Thank you." Roland opened the front door and as they walked out to his car, he drove them home. "I'll have Ricardo call you tomorrow and let you know exactly what's wrong with your car."

Samuel handed Roland a piece of paper with his phone number on it and he shook Roland's hand and then Pricilla kissed Roland's cheek, they both got out and walked into their house. Roland backed out of the driveway and drove back home.

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