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"What are YOU doing here?" Courtney asked when she saw a familiar nerd at the resort. Harold stepped back, hoping Courtney still didn't hold a grudge against him.

"Uh… I was invited…" He said, holding up his invitation.

"Give me that…" Courtney took the letter from the boy who cheated her out of 100k. Sure enough, it was the same as hers, but with his name replacing hers in the letter. It was an invite an all expense-trip paid vacation to a 5-star resort for a week in Florida, flight and all. Courtney was skeptical at first, but when she saw the private jet, she was convinced. But… What was this all for?

"You know, I think this has something to do with that show we were on…" Harold said. "I mean, everyone else is here from camp. LeShawna, Owen, Cody, Noah, Duncan…"

"Duncan's here?" Courtney asked gleefully. He never mentioned this.

"Yeah, and everyone else… Except Gwen and Trent," Harold shrugged. "Maybe they didn't want to come," Courtney had tuned him out when she saw Duncan nearby in the pool. "Uh… Hello?"

"That's great…" She said, walking off. Harold shook his head.

"Chicks…" He said. "I'll sometimes never get them,"


An hour since Courtney arrived, and nothing strange had happened. Nobody had come to explain, nothing. When suddenly…

"Would the campers for Total Drama Island report to the snack bar?" A voice on some sort of loudspeaker was heard. With that said, every one of the campers moved to the snack bar (Which Izzy and Owen were already at).

"Wonder what we're all doing here…" Lindsay said dumbly.

"Isn't it obvious?" This is a new show Chris made to torment us," Heather, everyone's favorite little… Well, you know, remarked, arms crossed. Had she known this sorry bunch would be here, she would've never come.

"As fun as that would be…" An all-too-familiar voice came. A chorus of groans followed. "Hey, hey hey!" There was a smoky explosion that erupted from the snack bar, which cleared instantly. From it had come the dynamic duo, the kings of torture, the dreaded Chris MacClean and his equally hated assistant and partner in crime, Chef.

"I knew it!" Heather yelled. "I am so out of here…"

"Now hold on there, baldy," Chris couldn't let go of the shaving incident, even though Heather's hair had (Mostly) grown back. "I never said this was a set up. On the contrary, this is just our way of saying thank you for participating in our little fun show," He casually explained. It had been 2 months since the campers had left the island, and they were mostly unchanged in appearance, and attitude. Except for a select few, but we'll get back to THAT in a bit…

"Psh, yeah right. Since when did you start caring about others?" Duncan said spitefully.

"Yeah!" Courtney yelled at his side.

"I'm not kidding, guys. There are no strings attached to this," Chris replied. Chef simply nodded to back him up.

"Oh, sure…" Noah, our favorite little sarcastic guy, rolled his eyes. "What's the REAL story?" Chris's normally happy face turned to one of annoyance.

"Alright, the big guys at the top of the network said we went too far with the show and made us do this for you. Happy?" He said rather quickly.

"Now THAT I believe," Noah said.

"Chef and I are just here to keep an eye on you all. We already sent your parents info on this. Why did you think they didn't stop you from going all the way down here alone?" The torture master had a point. Their parents had been pretty nonchalant about the whole thing…

"So, we can do whatever we want?" Owen asked.

"Anything within the resorts rules and the law… Duncan…" Chris answered.

"I get it, I get it…" Duncan said, pushing his arms forward a few times to emphasize.

"Good. Now, we have important TV production-type things to do…" Chris said. "Oh yeah, I forgot, you have the whole resort to yourselves. It's rented out,"

"How much money do you guys have?" Beth asked.

"A lot," Chris said. "Now, I assure you this is no set-up TV show. If it was, I'd be fired. And I'm NOT going back to doing musical duets with Chef again,"

"…You guys did musical duets?" Heather asked.

"Uh… I…" Before the conversation could go any further, a shout was heard.

"Just shup. Up. I don't want you near me anymore!" The sound of an angry goth shouting could be heard.

"And so the last guests arrive… I think…" Chris said.

"Gwen, please, can't we just talk about this?" Trent could be heard. Something was up…

"There's nothing to talk about! You said you were a 'one women man', you liar!"

"What are you talking about? I haven't cheated on you or anything!"

"No, but I've seen the way you've been staring at other girls! For the past two months I've noticed! And you're not the sweet, sensitive guy I thought you were, you dirty pig!"

"Ooo… THAT doesn't sound good,"

"Please, why can't we talk about this? Just give me another chance and…"

"I've been giving you chances for the past DAMN TWO MONTHS! Look, Trent, I don't know how more blatant I can be; IT'S. OVER," Gwen and Trent walked in, Gwen looking like she had just visited a Chris convention, and Trent chasing her, trying to form words.

"Just get away from me, you ass!" Gwen's look worsened when she saw Chris and the rest of the campers.

"Uh… Someone else go explain what's going on…" Chris said, vanishing in more smoke with Chef.

"What the HELL is going on!?" Gwen screamed, dropping her bags. Everyone was too scared to move. "Well!? Is Chris putting us in ANOTHER show?"

It was Cody who found the balls to speak.

"U-uh… W-Well… No…" He began, still terrified of her. He already knew Gwen practically hated him as it was, and she was pissed right now.

"Then what is it?"

"C-Chris's… Chris's bosses said he was being to mean to us and made… Made him h-host this thing to a-a-apologize," Cody stammered, stepping back. Gwen's faced lightened, but only a little.

"Oh… Great. Just the thing to get away for YOU," Gwen looked ready to stab Trent with a knife. She stormed off, Trent recoiling in fear. It wasn't that he had done something huge; Gwen had just built up anger for the past month or two, and had had it. LeShawna stopped her friend suddenly. Gwen sighed.

"What… I guess you heard us?"

"Talk, girl," Gwen sighed again.

"He's just… So… Fake… I thought he was nice… Caring… But he's not. He just wants one thing from me, like every other guy I've dated…" Gwen said, getting angrier again.

"Easy, girl… Look, there IS a hot tub here… I think you could use it," Gwen smiled slightly.

"Thanks… I really could," Her smile faded. "Just make sure TRENT," the word was said with more venom than a box jellyfish. "Doesn't go after me,"

"I'll give you your private time," LeShawna assured her.

"Thanks," she said once more, walking off to change.


I watched her from afar. She stopped to talk to LeShawna.

Sigh… Gwen…

I had simply leaned an elbow on the counter after explaining to her and Trent what had happened, while everyone else had moved off to do other stuff. Except Owen, who was holding Izzy while they both wolfed down pounds of food. I paid no mind, though. I couldn't stop staring at Gwen… I wanted to comfort her; really, I did. Not as a way to win her over, not as a way of getting her off the rebound, but as an honest friend… But I knew she hated me. Ever since that challenge in the canoes, I could tell she just thought I was… an annoying little brother. Yeah, I got my hands on some of the tapes and heard her say it. It really brought me down… I was hoping we could've at least been friends… I looked back at Owen and Izzy, who were cuddling against each other now. I sighed, seeing Duncan and Courtney walk by holding hands… They were lucky, finding love like that. By not Cody, nope, he was cursed to be the outcast, the geek… I had stopped trying to be a lady's man awhile ago. I could honestly understand why Gwen probably hated me so much… I talked to her like… Ugh… I had no respect back then, and she didn't seem interested in talking with anyone… I saw her walk off. If only I could just… Be her friend… Or something… If only…

"Cody…?" My thoughts shattered when Bridgette and Geoff entered the shack. Naturally, since they were two of the nicest people around, they had noticed me sulking. Great, was I looking like I was begging for attention now?

"Oh, hey Geoff… Bridgette," I said in a gloomy voice.

"Hey man, what's got you down?" Geoff asked, sitting down.

"I'm fine… Just a little tired," I lied. I never was good at lying…

"It's Gwen, isn't it?" Bridgette asked. I groaned slightly at the mention of the name.

"Dude… I know you love her and all, but… Don't you think it's time to, you know… Move on…?"

"It's not that… I'm just really worried about her… And I wanted to talk to her as a friend, nothing else…" I sighed. "But I know she doesn't like me… At all,"

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, the last time I spoke to her was when I tried to ask her out… She was pretty mad…" I replied.

"Well, don't you think maybe she's not so angry about it?"

"Well… I kinda saw a confessional where she… Said I was like an annoying little brother…" Bridgette sighed.

"You know… She's mentioned you a bit lately," She said.


"Yeah, Bridgette's talked to her in the last week or so… When she was starting to get fed up with Trent…" Geoff explained.

"Well, while we were talking about it, you came up. Gwen feels a little… Bad… About completely shutting you out like she did. She says you tried to avoid her at all times after that…"

"Well… Like I said, I thought she didn't want anything to do with me,"

"People can change… And you've definitely gotten more mature from what I've seen… Why don't you go talk to her? She went to the hot tub," Bridgette said. I smiled slightly, rising.

"You know… I think I will. Thank!" I suddenly gained a surge of confidence. With that said, I headed for the hot tub area, determined to patch things up with Gwen.

But in the back of my mind, something was telling me that maybe… Maybe I still had a chance to get her…


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