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Doon sat in a wobbly wooden desk in his room in the Pioneer Hotel. He held a scratched wooden pencil in one hand and held a piece of paper down with the other. He wrote down a few lines on the paper, his pencil squeaking nosily. He read over the lines, groaned and ripped the paper apart. Exasperated, Doon stood up and started pacing around the petite room. He had to think of a good gift for Lina's fifteenth birthday. He'd made many attempts earlier that week. Drawings of Lina, a wooden pencil holder for Lina's pencil crayons, a teddy bear and finally a poem announcing his love for her. When he looked at his so called poem he saw how cheesy and mortifying it was that he ripped it to shreds.

He knew he couldn't tell Lina that he thought of her as more than a friend; he knew that saying that would ruin her whole birthday. Doon huffed and plopped down on the tattered arm chair that was in the room. Lina's birthday has to be special this year, Doon thought. She's been through so much the past two years and she deserves a birthday where she's not solving puzzles. Just as Doon was about to partake in another failed attempt at a gift Lizzie and her flaming red hair burst through the doors.

"Doon! A roamer just arrived a few seconds ago and I heard he has many valuable items with him! Come on!" she exclaimed.

"Uh, thanks Lizzie but I'm kind of busy—"

"No time for busy! I saw him and he has three carts full of things! Can you believe it? Three!" Before Doon could contradict Lizzie pulled him by the arm and toed him towards the Plaza where what seemed to be the whole town was gathered. The roamer stood on a crate with his arms spread wide and proud of his items. Doon peered over the cloud of people and saw the gigantic piles of things in the three carts. He decided to use this time wisely and see if he could find a gift for Lina there.

Doon took out the five matches he had in his pocket and one of the deep blue jewels he kept with him in case he needed light. He squeezed through the crowd of people until he stood at the front.

"I have lamps that are still in good condition! Around seven boxes of light bulbs! And many vegetable and fruit seeds!" the roamer yelled over the crowd. Doon heard people gasp in disbelief and start bidding their things.

Doon still couldn't see anything that was a good gift for Lina. He went around to the other side of the carts where only a few people were poking around. He saw old worn out shoes and big fluffy coats. He noticed a woman smoothly slip her hand through a pile of things and snatch a ratted pair of jeans. As she pulled the jeans out, Doon saw something glimmer and fall to the ground. He walked up to it and carefully lifted it up so it was at the same height as his teal coloured eyes.

It was a silver necklace. The necklace was made of silver ringlets which had what looked like hundreds of tiny diamonds glimmering in it. There was a small emerald locket attached to it with an intricate engraving of a beautiful flower. Doon gently dropped it into the palm of his hand and went back around to where the roamer was still calling out items. He could've taken it without bidding but it didn't feel right and he knew that Lina wouldn't have appreciated that he was giving her stolen property.

"Excuse me!" Doon hollered over the deafening noise of the crowd. The roamer looked down at him with an aggravated face. Doon knew the roamer was busy but he knew this was the perfect gift for Lina and he wasn't going to make Lina wait for another hour. "I'd like to buy this necklace!" Doon held the necklace up.

The roamers eyes widened. He told the people of Sparks that they could take a short intermission and start the bidding again in five minutes. The roamer then stepped down from the crate and towered over Doon. Doon wondered why he needed the crate when he was already humungous.

"Where did you find that?" the roamer asked.

"I saw it fall out from one of the carts," Doon explained. The roamer grabbed the necklace out of Doon's hand.

"Sorry this is not up for bidding." Doon felt his anger fill up. His hands were already in fists when the roamer was about to put the bidding back on. Doon took hold of the giants arm and made him turn around.

"Please, I really need that. It's for my friend. It's her birthday today and I've been searching for the perfect gift for months now. You see, I want this to be the best birthday present she will ever get," Doon pleaded. The anger now turned into anxiety. The roamer looked down at him with amused eyes.

"Ah, so you want to get the girl, huh?"

Doon nodded and looked down at the ground. He had never really admitted to anyone that he loved Lina. He didn't even think he was good enough for Lina but he would do anything for her to prove otherwise.

"Ermm, well alright then. I'll let you have it. I was hoping to get more for that in one of the northern cities. I heard they got billions of candles over there, but since you sound so desperate I'll give it to you for just one candle." Doon's face lit up as he heard these words. He planned on giving the roamer a bigger reward.

"That's too cheap. I'll give you these five matches and this jewel for electricity." The roamer grinned and took the six items from Doon's palm and handed him the necklace.

"You must really love this girl to give me such valuable things," the roamer commented.

"Oh don't worry. She's worth way more than those," Doon smirked, "Thank-you!" With that he ran off towards Doctor Hester's house.


Lina dragged herself inside of Doctor Hester's house and wiped herself clean with a towel. She had been outside all day, under the blistering tangerine sun. Lina was picking vegetables from the field and was covered in leaves, dirt and sweat. Had people forgotten it was her birthday? Or was this just her present? Lina decided to give herself a present and take a bath with the cold water from the pump.

After she finished she put on shorts and a sleeveless shirt to keep her cool. Lina was the only person in the house. Doctor Hester was out treating patients, Ms. Murdo and Poppy were at the plaza where Lina heard there was a roamer with three carts full of things and Torren was with Kenny playing by the river. She had the house all to herself and Lina guessed that was going to be her only birthday present so she decided to use it wisely and read a good book. She sat beside one of the windows where a brisk breeze was blowing. Just as Lina was comfortable and about to read someone knocked on the door.

Lina stood up and lazily walked towards the door. She opened it and found Doon standing in the doorway holding what looked like a picnic basket and wearing a shy smile. His side swept brown hair glistened gold in the sun.

"Oh, hi Doon. What's up?" Lina asked, curious.

"Lina, I was wondering if you'd like to spend what's left of your birthday uh…well…with me?" Doon felt blood rush up to his face. He'd never been so nervous in his life. It was weird, because he's always talked to Lina and he would never be embarrassed. He guessed it was because he was about to tell her his true feelings for her.

Lina smiled. "Sure, why not." Doon looked up and away from the ground. His eyes met with her beautiful auburn coloured eyes and his heart gave a large jump.

The wind was picking up now that the sun was setting. The sky was filled with sweet cotton candy clouds painting a magnificent background around the town. Doon had planned to bring her to one of the hills just about five minutes from the town. There was a tree there where they could have their picnic, talk about latest innovations and watch the sun sink and reveal a blanket of shimmering stars.

During the walk towards the hill, Lina had asked Doon about the roamer with the three carts. He told her how he had many useful things and people were screaming out bids like they've never done before. Lina asked him if he had bought anything and he answered with a simple 'nope'.

When they reached the top of the hill, the sky was the beautiful colour of lavender. Doon set down the items for their picnic and Lina helped. They ate their peanut butter jelly sandwiches while talking about their old city, Ember. Doon went into explaining about how they have a lot of books in the library now and which ones his favourites were.

Lina was glad that she was spending her fifteenth birthday with her best friend. Doon was the only person that remembered her birthday as far as she knew.

"Doon, how long have we been friends?" Lina asked after finishing their desert. Doon turned over to her and their eyes met once again. Her dark coloured hair blew gently with the wind and for a second, Doon was lost for words.

"Well, let's see. We were friends ever since we started school in Ember and even before that when your father was friends with my father. And then I guess there was that little break in grade four…" Doon trailed off. He forgot why he even got mad at Lina. Oh, right. The stupid lamp post incident, Doon thought.

"I don't think I'd count that as not being friends" Lina said. She grinned at Doon. "I always knew I'd be friends with you no matter what."

Doon smiled at her comment and absent mindedly brushed a strand of hair away from her face. Lina felt her face burn at the touch of Doon's hand. She tried to make her eyes wander away from Doon's eyes but she couldn't. His eyes were the loveliest colour of blue shaded in with a bit of grey. It was like the sky in an autumn afternoon.

Doon coughed awkwardly and let go of their gaze. He turned to face the sky. Lina too turned away, but she did it hesitantly.

"Umm, yeah so I think we've been friends all our lives I guess," Doon said trying not to turn and face Lina again. He was afraid he might do something he would regret so he stood up and walked over to the brown picnic basket he had brought.

"How much food did you bring?" Lina chuckled.

"I'm sure you won't mind having one more thing to eat." Doon took out a blue box and turned around. Lina had stood up then too seeing what Doon had in his hands.

"What's that?" Lina asked.

"Lina," Doon laughed "It's your birthday. You think I wasn't going to get you a gift?" Doon handed Lina the blue box. Lina looked down timidly at the box.

"I thought this was the present. Spending time with you is the best gift you could give me," Lina said.

"Lina, don't be stubborn and just open the box." Lina scowled and gently untied the gold ribbon that was wrapped around it. She lifted the lid and found a beautiful shining necklace with an emerald locket. She scanned her fingers through the necklace feeling the dents the beautiful flower made on the locket. "Doon…I-I don't think I want this…"

Doon looked at Lina and saw that she had a tortured look on her face. He panicked as he saw this. What! She doesn't like my present? I knew I should've just given her the pencil holder…

Lina must have seen the alarmed look on Doon's face because she stood straight in front of Doon and shook him by the shoulder.

"Doon! I think the necklace is breathtaking. What I meant was that I don't deserve it," Lina explained. She kept her hands on Doon's shoulder, waiting for him to calm down. They were about arms length apart now and Doon took a step forward.

"You deserve more than what I've given you today. In fact, I should've made a Happy Birthday parade for you…" Doon breathed in the sweet honey smell that the wind blew from Lina's skin. As Lina took a step forward she couldn't help but notice how Doon's face was flushed a deep pink.

"Don't be ridiculous. As I've made clear this is the best present anyone could ever give…" Lina practically murmured.

Lina and Doon were so busy being lost in each other's eyes that they didn't notice they were only inches apart. Doon was now holding Lina by the waste and Lina had her hands limp on Doon's chest. Doon leaned in slowly and so did Lina. Their lips were about to meet, their breathes growing heavier and heavier breathing in each other's scent when Doon tilted his head to the side and unwillingly gave Lina's cheek a small peck. No, not today, Doon thought. I'm not ready to ruin our perfectly good friendship over me being head over heels for her. I'll do that when she's ready too.

Lina stepped back, dazed. She wasn't actually paying attention to what was happening between them. Her thoughts were only on Doon's warm fragrance, his assuring eyes and the faint red that was on his cheeks. She hadn't even noticed that they were about to kiss until Doon's head turned and he gave her a small kiss on the cheek. She put her hand up to her face where his lips brushed.

Lina looked back at Doon and saw he was sitting down on the small needles of grass, again. He was now looking at the sky and the hills up ahead, his thoughts seemed far away. Lina gently sat herself beside him and stared at the rising moon.

"Happy Birthday, Lina…" Doon spoke softly.

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