AN: *Sigh* I have re-written the 'epilogue' many times and have come up with not so much an epilogue but another chapter. I think that leaving it with the chapter before would be just fine because if I go on it won't feel like the end. Believe me, I've read the epilogue I wrote and it was crap. So now I've decided that it would wreck this fanfic if I did do an epilogue therefore this is not an epilogue but a list of thank-you's to readers and reviewers. I OWE THIS TO ALL OF YOU FOR MAKING YOU WAIT FOR OVER A MONTH…I also apologize for making you wait just to get nothing. Anyways enough with my rambling…

THANK-YOU to the following

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P.S I don't know if any of you reviewers got the replies I wrote but I hope you did. I didn't really get to answer your questions in the authors notes but if you did get the reply it's in there.