Title: A Harry and a Daddy

Author: Hpfanficfan

Summary: Once upon a time, a Harry and a daddy existed in a world of perfect harmony...or did they? What will Severus do when Harry decides to throw his first temper tantrum? Severus realizes something he's somehow failed to notice before...what could it be? Severitus. Implied CP.

Warning: Implied corporal punishment or spanking.

A Harry and a Daddy


Once upon a time, a Harry and a daddy existed in a world of perfect harmony. They lived in a great mansion in the small Wizarding town of Wilbert. Wilbert was peaceful society; the town had many daddies, but only one Harry.

This particular daddy was called Severus Snape. He was mean, sarcastic and one big ugly git. But not to Harry. Harry was a little boy who came to live in the town of Wilbert two years ago. His parents were killed by awful dark wizard many years ago. Poor little Harry was left an orphan and sent to live with his nasty relatives – Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and their son, Dudley. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia did not like him at all. In fact, they made him live in a tiny cupboard and gave him all the chores, as much as the small boy could handle. Harry rarely had enough to eat and had to sneak food from the kitchen when he could. His aunt and uncle yelled at him constantly, and they would call him hurtful names like 'freak'.

Harry hated his life at the Dursleys and wished that someone would come and take him away. Sometimes, Harry would cry himself to sleep, all alone in his dark cupboard; at least no one bothered him there.

Then one day, out of the blue, a daddy came and rescued Harry. From then on, Harry lived with his daddy in the little town of Wilbert. Daddy gave Harry a room of his own, bigger than both of Dudley's rooms put together! He gave Harry easy chores like picking up his toys and making the bed. Now, not only did Harry have enough to fill his stomach, he got treats as well – like chocolate frogs and pumpkin pasties.

Harry was very happy.

Daddy taught Harry that magic was not bad, and that Harry was not a freak. Daddy never screeched at Harry or swing wooden spoons at him like Aunt Petunia did. And when he grabbed Harry by the ear it was never as hard as Uncle Vernon would.

At first, Harry was timid and shy, distrusting of everything that came his way including his new daddy. But as time passed, the young boy settled down and became very active and bouncy...much to the dismay of his daddy.

Each day was a new adventure for Harry. Everyday was fun. Harry always did as he was told...though not according to daddy. But he was a good boy nonetheless, and never threw temper tantrums like his cousin, Dudley, constantly did. Yes, he would whine and pout, but never did he yell or scream or even stomp his feet!

All in all, the daddy was proud of his Harry. Nobody else could claim they had a boy as well-behaved and obedient his little Harry.

Harry was perfect and so was his life with daddy.

One afternoon, however, Wilbert's perfect harmony was broken when the boy called Harry threw his first temper tantrum...


"NO!" Six-year old Harry shouted, crying.

It was one of those days.

After the mild spanking (six swats) Severus had done the routine 'after the sting, comes the honey' cuddling. That usually calmed Harry down; the boy would sit on his lap and cry for five minutes and then everything would be fine. This time though, no amount of soothing could calm Harry and the child grew more and more upset, and every shout got louder and louder. Harry had never acted-out like that before. By the time Severus figured out his son was having a temper tantrum, he was at his wits end.

"Harry Snape! Watch your tone!" Severus scolded, trying to keep his temper.

"NO! Leave me alone!"

"Stop this behaviour right now," Severus demanded as he tried unsuccessfully to get Harry to calm down.

"I DON'T CARE!" Harry stomped his feet and thrashed his arms around.

"I won't stand for this tantrum," Severus bit out, his face heating up with frustration and anger. He'd already spanked Harry, he couldn't pull the boy over his lap again. Maybe a sound smack would set him straight? "Stop it right now, Harry. I mean it," he scolded harshly. But Harry was too worked up to care, he was in full tantrum mode and he wasn't stopping anytime soon.

"Go away! Go away!" Harry wailed as he pulled and shoved, trying to get out of Severus's grip.

"That's enough!" said Severus as he reached around and smacked Harry on the bum. The boy was infuriating and he had to tried hard not to raise his voice, Harry still didn't like loud noises.

Harry shrieked and Severus cringed at the high pitched noise of a screaming six year old.

Alright...time for a different strategy.

Severus opted to give the boy a time out, so that both of them could take a breather. After all, wasn't that what you were suppose to do with a child intent on throwing the temper tantrum of their life? Let them cool down on their own?

As Harry continued to howl, Severus found his control slipping. He growled, took a deep breath and counted to ten before turning to Harry.

"Stop this abominable behaviour at once, Harry," Severus ordered. "This is your last warning. Another word and you are getting a time out."

"I DON'T CARE!" Harry screamed as he continue to bawl his eyes out.

"So be it!" Severus said frostily and released Harry's wrist. "You are not to leave this room until I say, is that understood? You are old enough to understand my expectations, Harry. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable and I will not tolerate another minute of it."

Harry, now out of his father's firm grip promptly ignored Severus and stomped across his room, where upon he grabbed the nearest thing within his reach and chucked it at his father.

The older wizard however, caught the toy with one hand and finally shouted in all his anger and frustration. "And this is coming with me!"

"No, no!" Harry cried and ran forward, jumping up and grabbing at Severus's robes, trying to get to his favourite toy.

"If you don't want it, then I will have it."

"I...w...want it," Harry cried with streaming of tears running down his blotchy face. "Give it b...back."

"You may have it back tomorrow."

"No, no! I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Harry wailed in a desperate attempt to get the toy. The boy's face was stained with still flowing tears, and he was crying so much he was coughing and choking. The look on Harry's face would break any woman's heart. But Severus knew better than to give in to a tantrum like this. Those were probably crocodile tears anyway.

"Ten minutes, Harry. Think about what you did wrong," Severus said sternly and with that, he turned and headed into the hall.

"No, I don't wanna!" Harry whined and sobbed. He reached wiped his itchy eyes with the back of his hand, but the tears kept coming.

"I don't believe you have a choice in this."

"No!" Harry continued to cry, but Severus ignored him. He grabbed the knob and pull the door so that only a small crack was left open.

And so he left the boy alone to finish his meltdown. Harry's screams of displeasure followed Severus as he trampled down the tall. Remarkably calm on the outside, one the inside Severus was pining to scream his own frustration.

"You're terrible and I don't like you anymore!" He heard Harry cry from the bedroom. Severus felt a pang in his heart, but at the same time he knew Harry didn't mean it.

After half an hour of fighting the squall Harry conjured up, he was exhausted, furious and nursing splitting headache. Fuming, he slammed his hand against the wall and shouted some colourful words of anger. No child had test his patience so, not even the royally spoiled brat, Draco Malfoy.

Sitting down on top of the stairs, he put his head in between his hands and let out a tired sigh.

They both needed to calm down.


Okay, so maybe perfect harmony can no longer be used to describe Harry's life with his daddy. Actually, it might have been an exaggeration in the first place. The daddy was confused, his Harry had never acted like this before, like...like a spoiled brat. Was his Harry spoiled? Of course not, he might indulge Harry from time to time, but he was firm more often than not.

As the daddy sat there with his head down, his breathes ragged with frustration he began to wonder...


What had caused Harry to blow up like that?

This is be Molly's fault! Thought Severus. She is constantly coddling the boy and feeling sorry for him. Her indulgence is utterly incomprehensible! What happened in the past should stay in the past, Harry did not need people pitying him! Nor does he need anyone reminding him of what happened. Or perhaps it is Lucius and his little prince. Draco is spoiled rotten and is having a terrible influence on Harry.

It was amazing how much Harry had changed. Only a year ago, he had been timid, shy, and obeyed his every word. When Severus walked down the aisles in the local grocery store and saw children screaming for candy, he could proudly say that his son would never show him such attitude.

Harry had never done anything like this, ever.

Two years ago, Severus rescued Harry when word of abuse from the Muggle authorities reached the headmaster. To say that Dumledore was upset was an understatement. The old man had been quite angry, both at himself and at the Dursleys. He place a tremendous part of the blame on himself, regretting ever leaving the son of Lily and James Potter in the care of those despicable Muggles.

Throughout the years, Mrs. Figg had noticed signs of neglect and reported to Dumbledore. But the blood bond was a necessity and though Harry was unhappy, it was a small price to pay in a matter of life and death. It wasn't until another neighbour called the police and reported a potential case of abuse that anybody knew the real gravity of the neglect. The call led to an investigation and had been widely publicized. Soon after, charges filed and a court date was set. In the mean time Harry and Dudley stayed with social services until a suitable guardian could be found.

Both Dursleys were found guilty and received three year prison sentences for child abuse and had to give up he custody of both boys. If Dumbledore had his way, the Dursleys would be facing Wizarding law, which had more severe consequences for crimes against children. But he did not want the Wizarding world to know anything about Harry Potter just yet. Fortunately, Wizard law allows charges of child abuse many years after the initial incidents. And with Harry Potter as the victim, a guilty verdict would be a breeze.

Severus couldn't wait until the day those worthless Muggles got what they really deserved.

Marge, the lumpy sister of Vernon Dursley, applied for and won custody of Dudley, but she wanted nothing to do Potter's child. Dumbledore had implored Severus to take Harry as his own, as there was no one else. Severus had suggested the Weasleys, and how they would provide the perfect home for Harry. But the old Wizard refused, saying that the Weasleys, as kind as they were, had their own children to worry about. Harry, coming from a family that did not want him didn't need 6 brothers and a sister jocking for the parents' attention. The headmaster spewed all his wise words about how Harry would feel out of place and different, and how the boy needed unique care and attention and so on and so forth.

In the end Severus had reluctantly agreed to the atrocious settlement. What in the world was he going to do with an abused four year old boy? Severus had wondered. Oh, and who also happened to be his childhood nemesis' son!

Severus shook his head. He still didn't understand why the confounded old man chose him to look after the blasted boy.

Severus took Harry to Prince Manor, home of his mother and her mother before her. He placed Harry in the bedroom, told to boy to sleep and spend the rest of the day thinking hard. Severus' life with his new 'son' had started out quite shakily. Harry was painfully undernourished, and had to drink a substantial amount of potions just to gain a little weight. But the physical wounds of the neglect would heal, it was the emotional scars that worried everyone.

Harry was overly shy and timid, and never spoke unless spoken to. The boy was also worryingly obedient; it was unnatural. It took some time for the new arrival to get use to his surroundings, and even longer for him to warm to Severus. Initially, Severus himself remained emotionless and frosty, but as time passed, he began craving that funky smile Harry had when he was truly happy. Week after week, Harry got better and better and by the end of the year, he was as normal as a four year old could get.

Harry was still more well-behaved than the average boy. But that early obedience, like scars of his neglect, faded with time. By six year old, Harry started getting in trouble more times than Severus would like to handle.

However, Harry has never acted out like this.

Maybe it's just a phase? Maybe it is high time he threw a tantrum...to make up for all those years of pent up emotions? Perhaps I should be relieved ...is this what normal six year olds do? Merlin, I hope not! Is throwing a tantrum is just a fundamental stage of development. That's it, he's just acting out...but how do I get rid of it?


Severus was snapped out of his thoughts by a timid voice from down the hall. He turned and saw Harry peeking out of his room, face covered with dry tears and snot.

How long was he out of it? Severus wondered as he checked the time, it had been nearly an half an hour. Had it been that long?

"Harry," Severus said as he stood up.

"I'm sorry." The look on Harry's face and his woeful tone was heartbreaking.

" Come here," Severus stepped forward and opened his arms.

Harry shuffled towards his father and scooted into the welcoming arms. He let out a tiny sob and buried his face into the black robes.

"Shhh...it's alright. Don't cry," Severus soothed while rubbing Harry's back gently.

"I'm sorry," Harry quivered, pressing his face against Severus's chest.

"It's okay, there, there."

"I...don't not like you. I like you a lot." Harry sniffed and coughed.

Severus smiled. "I know."

Harry seemed puzzled by his own behaviour, Severus observed. The sudden change in Harry's attitude no doubt scared Harry himself. Severus knew Harry was sorry, as shameful as a six year old could possibly feel.

Harry tightened his grip and cried even harder "I didn't mean it," he insisted.

"Hush now, no need to carry on so," Severus picked Harry up and headed downstairs. The small boy wrapped one arm around Severus's neck and laid his head sideways on the conveniently placed shoulder.

"I love you, daddy," he sniffed.

"I love you too, Harry."

"Are...are you m...mad?" Harry questioned faintly, his breath hitching.

"No, I'm not mad," Severus answered softly as he made his way to the lounge. It was hard to see his son so upset, and crying so hard. Severus sat down on the couch and with small boy curled on his lap "Shhh."

"I'm s..sorry for...for yelling...and throwing stuff."

"I know, Harry. It's alright. I'm very proud of you for knowing what you've done wrong and apologizing," Severus held Harry tightly in his arms, his son had not been this upset in a long time.

"Don...don't go away," Harry sniffed as he snuggled closer. "I don't w...want you to go away."

"What are you talking about? I'm not going anywhere, Harry."

"I did...didn't mean it wh..when I said that."

"I know, Harry. It's alright. Daddy's not going anywhere."

Ten minutes passes and Harry had finally begun to calm down. Severus summoned a glass of water and held it for Harry as the boy took huge gulps.

"Slow down," Severus exasperated and pull the glass away. Harry took big gulps of air before tipping the glass towards him again. Severus grimaced when Harry wiped his nose on his sleeve and summoned tissue paper and a wet towel.

"Here, blow." Severus pinched Harry's nose and made a face when he felt the wet substance through the thin tissue. He then took the towel and swiped it across Harry's face gingerly, making sure to get rid of any tears that still lingered. He folded the towel in half and sponged away the tears that still pooled around Harry's red eyes.

"I'm sorry for not coming to get you. I only wanted you to calm down for ten minutes. I was lost in thought...I'm sorry I left you alone for so long."

Harry listened in bewilderment. Why was daddy apologizing to him? Harry was supposed to be the one to be sorry, not his daddy. Harry didn't blame Severus for keeping him in his room for so long, it had given him time to calm down and think. He didn't blame Severus for being angry and not wanting to see him for a little while, his dad was angry and had every reason to be.

"Harry?" Severus frowned with worry. Was Harry mad at him? The boy had every reason to be. Forty-five minutes must have been unbearably long for the six year old.

"It's okay," Harry muttered finally and rubbed at his red and itching eyes.

"Yes, it is. Everything is fine now," Severus smiled lightly. Raising a six year old was bothersome, demanding and irritating (sometimes terrifying) business, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

Harry lay snug in his father's fold and fell asleep, exhausted.

Yes. Everything was fine.

To be continued...