Author's Note: This will be the first of a series detailing the adventures of Superman, my way. It will take a few inspirations from popular culture. Don't be mad if I make mistakes or inadvertently insult anyone, I'm still rather new at this and I don't always do research. Please review.

It was the year 1965. Jonathan Kent, an average but hard-working, 33 year-old organic farmer sighed as he loaded the latest batch of corn into his truck. "Oh Martha, this may have been where I grew up, but sometimes being a farmer in Smallville can be so boring."

His lovely, red-haired 30 year-old wife chuckled. "Oh hush. Like my mother used to say, 'Sometimes adventure is just around the corner.'" She closed the van.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Well our next "adventure" is to get this food delivered to town. Come on!" They laughed at this little joke and started the long drive from their isolated farm to the grocery store in Smallville, Kansas.

They had not even left walking distance when suddenly, BOOM! An explosion of dirt and a shockwave knocked their truck on its side. "Aahh! What just happened!? Martha, my God! Are you all right!?"

"I think so. Ouch." She shook her head, trying to regain her bearings.

The two of them awkwardly managed to climb out of the vehicle. Jonathan groaned at the sorry condition of his truck. He sighed, then gathered himself and shoved it, turning it upright with a loud crash.

"Darn it!" He could barely contain himself. "It will probably take half our savings just to fix the paint job! What did we do to deserve this!?"

Martha, who was much calmer, perked her ears in wonder. "Shh. Listen, it sounds like a baby crying. It's coming from the direction of that explosion." The two walked over, and to their amazement, there was a crater near the side of the road! Even more shocking, there was a rocket-like craft, the size of a bed, at the bottom.

Jonathan gazed at it in wonder. "What on God's green earth is that. Wait, Martha, what are you doing!?"

Martha had started moving toward it. "There's a baby in there. It's scared, or maybe in pain. We have to help it." She climbed down the crater, and Jonathan joined her after debating whether or not she was nuts. The craft looked like nothing they had ever seen before, even in that Twilight Zone show, and it was covered in writing that looked totally unfamiliar, too.

Martha examined it trying to find an opening. "Don't worry. We'll get you out." She noticed a button and pressed it, then shrieked as the vessel started glowing. Then, a compartment opened up. Inside was a naked, crying infant boy. Martha quickly covered him up with her jacket and carried him out. She began rocking him, which calmed him down.

Jonathan was still trying to get over the shock. "Put that thing down. We don't know where it came from."

"Don't be silly. He's a baby, it doesn't matter where he came from. He needs us."

"Well, he is kind off cute. Hey there, little guy." He poked the boy's belly, making him giggle.

Martha giggled as well. "Looks like he likes you. Hmmm, what should we name him? Wait, I know, how about, Clark?"