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Lucarly: Mhm. A few (actually, a lot of) things you should know before you read:

-This story starts a day before Christmas, about three years after the whole Signer ordeal is over.

-Every chapter is in a new character's POV.

-Jack and Yusei have managed to "fix" their relationship, and are now friends again.

-The social hierarchy of Satellite and Neo Domino has, for the most part, fallen.

-Yusei and Aki are married and live with the twins in their mansion.

-Jack and Mikage are dating and have their own apartment.

-Yusei and Aki's "crimes" have essentially been pardoned by Security.

Miracles - Chapter 1

Rua's POV

It was a perfectly normal, absolutely nothing special day.

Kinda like one of those days you wish something exciting or different would happen.

But, as they always say: "Be careful what you wish for."

There was a knock no the door, and Aki left her book to go answer it.

Waiting at the entrance was someone from Security.

"Is something wrong officer?" she questioned in her normal, apathetic voice.

"Hai, I'm afraid there is...Why don't you step out here with me for a moment..." suggested the officer.

Aki cocked her eyebrow suspiciously but did as the officer asked, shutting the door behind them.

Ruka and I glanced at each other, but didn't say anything and continued with what we were doing.

Aki was outside with the officer for a few minutes, before she stepped back inside, looking rather pale.

"Hai...Thank you for stopping by...I'll be sure to tell them." said Aki weakly, closing the door and leaning against it, as if she were defeated.

"Is something wrong Aki-chan?" asked Ruka with concern.

Aki stared at the Ruka blankly, not responding. She then went upstairs and called for her husband, Yusei.

They came down together, whispering to each other as they approached us - both looking ill.

"What's going on, huh?" I asked, starting to feel worried.

"Rua...Ruka...We need to talk..." said Yusei calmly, sitting down on the couch alongside Aki.

Ruka and I quickly dropped whatever we were doing and left to go sit with the married couple.

"Yusei...Please, tell us...What's happened?" begged Ruka, panic in her voice.

Yusei remianed silent for a moment, struggeling to find the right words to say.

"Just tell them. Don't make it worse than it already is." said Aki darkly, hanging her head as she spoke.

Yusei nodded to her and cleared his throat.

"This morning...Your parents left to go on another business trip by plane...and..." began Yusei, biting his lip.

Seeing Yusei so nevervous made me worried - He ha never acted like this before. He always had such a calm composure...

"A-And what? Did something happen?" I asked, my voice trembling a bit.

Yusei took in a big breath and continued;

"A few hours ago...That plane...crashed." he finished.

I could hear Ruka let out a chilling, tearful cry upon hearing the news and see Aki bring her into a comforting hug. In that instant, my mind went numb. My hands started shaking uncontrollably and I could feel my stomach churn unpleasantly, as my eyes filled with hot tears.

"C-Crashed? I-It must be some joke! T-T-There's no way..." I sobbed, my whole body now shaking.

Yusei put his arm around me tightly and pulled me into his chest.

"G-Gomen nasai." he said.

I screamed, waking up in a cold sweat.

I breathed heavily, wiping my eyes away of tears.

It had been eight months since the crash, and this was the first dream I had of that awful day.

I stood up and stretched, before quickly heading downstairs, still in my pajamas.

A lot had changed since then. Ruka and I both had to go into therapy, though I got out of it two month's after I started; Which my therapist found amazing, saying that children never usually recovered from the death of their parents that quickly.

It wasn't that I didn't miss my mom and dad - It's just that I didn't know them very well. There was no huge...attachment.

Ruka, however, is still in therapy.

After the day of the crash, Ruka became mute.

She stopped eating for awhile, and didn't respond to anyone - as if she were in her own world.

It really scared everyone. Yusei and Aki had to keep a close eye on her since they feared she would try to commit suicide. I knew Ruka better than that though. But, I didn't protest since it was better to be safe than sorry.

Luckily, Ruka's condition took a turn for the better.

After Yusei and Aki went to court and gained legal guardianship over us, Ruka began to eat and drink again and started responding to people in nodding her head "yes" or shaking her head "no". It wasn't anything big, but we considered it a miracle.

She still doesn't talk though. Even to her therapist.

Upon reaching the bottom of the staircase, I could smell the delicious scent of breakfast. I wandered over into the kitchen, where Aki was busily cooking over the stove.

"Ohayou Aki-chan." I said happily, sitting down at the table.

"Ohayou," said Aki plainly ", How did you sleep?"

"Well, I had a nightmare." I said thoughtfully.

"About what?"

I remained silent.

"...The day my parents died." I confessed after a moment.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Not really."

"I see."

Then, as if on cue, Ruka walked into the kitchen and sat beside me.

"Ohayou Ruka - Are you feel well this morning?" asked Aki, glancing back back at her.

Ruka nodded.

"That's good," said Aki, returning to her cooking ", breakfast is almost ready."

"What did you make?" I asked her curiously.

"Eggs and steamed rice." said Aki flatly.

"It smells delicious." said Yusei, entering the room.

Upon hearing his voice, Aki immediately stopped cooking and turned to face him.

"Ohayou, anata." she said, kissing Yusei briefly on the lips.

I turned away - I was never a fan of them getting all mushy with each other. Though, this had become a tradition for Yusei and Aki. Every morning, Yusei or Aki would drop whatever they were doing when one would enter the room and share a quick kiss after exchanging greetings.

"Ohayou - Why are you making breakfast anyway?" asked Yusei as Aki turned back to the stove.

"It's Christmas Eve, so...I thought it would be nice..." said Aki, her voice trailing off.

"It's wonderful - Arigatou." said Yusei, kissing her on the cheek before joining Ruka and I at the table.

Aki then prepared each of us a bowl of rice mixed with the eggs and sat down with us as we began to eat.

As we were finishing up though, there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it!" I cried exuberantly, jumping out my chair and rushing to the door.

I quickly opened it, and was surprised to see Jack there.

"Ah! O-Ohayou, Jack." I said, feeling slightly nervous from seeing him them stand there. Jack had always been a rather intimidating person.

"Ohayou. Is Yusei here?" asked Jack.

"Ohayou, Jack. What brings you here?" asked Yusei, entering the room.

"I was hoping to talk to you."

"You could've talked to Yusei tonight when you and Mikage came over for dinner." said Aki, coming up beside Yusei and crossing her arms.

Aki and Jack had never really gotten along. I wasn't quite sure why, but I didn't want to ask.

"I know; But I wanted to talk to Yusei when...Mikage wasn't around."

"Naze?" asked Yusei, cocking his eyebrow.

"You see...I'm looking for advice since you've been married to Aki long is now?" asked Jack.

"It'll be ten months at the beginning of January." replied Yusei.

"Right, ten months. Well, I'm looking for advice on marriage since...I plan on proposing to Mikage tomorrow." finished Jack.

Yusei and Aki stared at Jack for a brief moment before Yusei chuckled and gave Jack a supportive smile.

"I see - Congratulations. What do want advice on?"

"Proposing." said Jack bluntly.

"Hm. Nervous?" asked Yusei


"I was too. She said yes though, and that's all that matters to me." said Yusei, putting his arm around Aki's shoulder and pulling her in closer, to which Aki seemed to be completely oblivious to, since she only continued to glare at Jack.

"How did you do it?" asked Jack.

Yusei shrugged.

"I just...took her aside some place where there was no on else but us and told her how much I loved her...Then got on one knee, presented her a ring, and asked her to marry me."

"You make it sound easy."

"It is when you think about it. Do you have a ring?"

"Not yet."

"Little late, don't you think?" said Aki coldly.

Jack narrowed his eyes at her, but refused to lose his temper.

"I realize; I was planning on leaving to get one after I visited."

"Do you know what you're getting her?"

"N-no, I don't." confessed Jack.

"Hm." Mumbled Aki, turning her head away.

Yusei shot Aki a quick glare before looking back at Jack.

"You can borrow Aki if you'd like her to help you find something." suggested Yusei.

Now Aki was the one glare at Yusei, yet, she didn't protest.

Jack cast his gaze over at Aki, looking suspicious.

"...Actually, some help would be great..." said Jack simply.


Hai - Yes

Gomen Nasai - I'm sorry

Ohayou - Good morning

Anata - Dear/Darling

Arigatou - Thank you

Naze - Why?

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