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Miracles - Chapter 6

Ruka's POV

The day after Christmas.

"Ruka-chan, It's so wonderful to hear you speaking again!" said Yanagi, bending down to my level and smiling.

I resisted rolling my eyes. I had heard the same sentence at least ten other times today - Yusei and Aki were having a get-together with all their friends, so plenty of people were here to excite themselves over the fact that I was now speaking.

I simply smiled and nodded to him, turning away to go find Rua, Rally, and Tenpei.

As I made my way through the various groups of people, I saw all three of them listening to a story Crow was telling.

"And then the - Hey! Ruka-chan!" said Crow, standing up before coming over to me and sweeping me up off my feet.

"Hello Crow-san." I said quietly, smiling.

"Wow - Look who's talking!" chuckled Crow, setting me back down on the floor "It's good to know you didn't bust that little voicebox of yours."

"Mhm." I nodded, slightly irritated that the subject had been brought up yet again.

"Ah - Ruka-chan! Crow-san was just telling us a story called "The Christmas Carol." " said Rua excitedly.

"Oh?" I said, raising my eyebrows quizzically "And what would that be about?"

"It's a story about a man named Ebenezer Scrooge who hates Christmas. Would you like to join us?" asked Tenpei.

I hesitated.

"I'm not sure I-" I began before I was cut off.

"-You could sit next to me..." said Rally shyly, blushing a bit.

I too blushed upon hearing his offer, and slowly nodded, sitting beside him. Saiga, who had observed the scene, smiled a bit and said quietly so that only Rally and I could hear:

"Ah, young love..."

Both Rally and I shot a glare at him, but otherwise ignored him as we listened to the rest of Crow's story.

"Great story Crow." said Yusei as he and Aki approached Crow after finishing the story.

"Heh heh...Arigatou...So, is the news true? Rumor has been goin' around tonight that you two will have an extra pair of feet here in several months." said Crow, looking somewhat sly.

Yusei chuckled slightly.

"Hai - It's true." said Yusei, putting his arm around his wife.

"Well, well! Congratulations! I can't wait to see the little guy - or girl." said Crow, smiling.

"You're pregnant?" asked Jack, who had overheard the conversation from nearby.

"Mhm - Didn't Mikage tell you?" asked Aki, looking over at him.

"Iie." said Jack, glancing over at Mikage beside him, who blushed.

"Sumimasen - It must have slipped my mind. My head has sort of been in the clouds all day..." said Mikage, slightly embarrassed.

"Hm? Oh - That's right. You're engaged to Jack now, aren't you?" inquired Aki.

"H-Hai." she said, smiling shyly and looking up at her fiancé.

"Whoa - This is news to me! I didn't know you and Mikage-san were getting hitched!" laughed Crow, glancing at Jack.

"I proposed yesterday." said Jack in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Well - I suppose that deserves some congratulations too. Now, can I hope to expect some kids from you two as well? You know how I love the little tots." teased Crow, smiling.

Both Jack and Mikage turned scarlet red, but nodded nonetheless. Rua rolled his eyes and turned to Rally, Tenpei, and I before saying:

"Come on...Let's go outside, adult talk bores me."

We all agreed.

The cold air washed over me as I stepped outside alongside my friends and brother.

"Ugh, I don't understand why they always talk about marriage and babies and stuff...What's the big deal about it?" rambled Rua senselessly.

"It's very important to them - It should be too." I said quietly, " I mean, think about it. Mikage and Jack have decided to spend the rest of their lives together. And Yusei and Aki are preparing to bring new life into the world...."

"Huh...I guess I never thought of it that way... So it's sort of like how you talking is really, really important to us?" asked Rua.

I blushed.

"Don't say stupid things Rua..." I said, flustered.

"I don't think it's stupid." commented Tenpei.

"Yeah, we're all so glad that you're speaking again." added Rally.

"Oh, you guys..." I said, smiling shyly.

"What made you find your voice again anyway?" asked Tenpei.

I shrugged.

"Oh...Just being a witness I suppose." I said.

"A witness to what?" questioned Rally.

I smiled and laughed a bit before saying:

"A Christmas miracle."


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