1"Are you ready to pay up?" He purred into her ear as his warm body pressed to Rin's, trapping her against the wall.

"Ummm... What... What does Sesshoumaru want?" Rin's whispered response, breathy and panting, gave rise to that roguish, dare he say, lecherous new-found side of his psyche. She sounded like such easy prey... so willing a recipient to his amorous advances... and so very much like she needed and, more importantly, wanted him to take her. Take her, taste her, please her, fill her...

A deep, smooth growl shook his chest as his hand rode high, tugging her kimono lapel to the side roughly, and dipping his head to run his tongue over her mate-mark, sending waves of erotic pleasure rolling over his mate's body, sending a delicious whimper to his ears. "Permission," He purred out, and pulled back gently to see her response.

"Permission?" Her hazy eyes held questions.

"Permission." He nodded, and sent a flood of images to Rin's mind, her head dropping back as he promptly maneuvered to lift her and then lay her back on their futon.

Another Obi was sacrificed to his impatience and soon, the girl was laid bare before him. Golden eyes surveyed his prize with possession and pride burning along side a flare of lust. As he lay to cover her, his large clawed hand reached for hers, and he placed it over her mate mark, opening his direct connection to her thoughts.

"Do not move that hand." He commanded.

He wanted to hear every thought, feel every shudder and twitch, from her side. He would use this time to thoroughly explore her.

"But..." Rin blushed even deeper at the implications. He was going to hear her inner most thoughts while he was... pleasuring her. Considering the nature of some of her more... interesting... fantasies, she was worried at what his reactions might be.

"Mates have no secrets between them."

Rin worried her lower lip, "But... But... What if..."

With that, he fully opened his end of the bond, and pressed his forehead to hers. His lips captured her own in a searing kiss and all Rin could feel was an overwhelming sense of... He wanted her. Not merely a sexual want. He wanted all of her. She had never before realized the depths of his true emotions toward her, how protective, possessive and even the almost dark current that flowed through his need to claim her. To own her. To make her his in every sense of the word. This feeling...

"When humans say that youkai are unfeeling, they are completely inaccurate in that assessment. While it may appear to outsiders that they feel nothing, the truth is that youkai feel everything, very deeply.

When a creature's emotions are as strong as a youkai's, and the being is as powerful as a youkai, such a creature must simply be extremely selective in the things they choose to have feelings over.

When a youkai feels hate, he feels it completely, down to his very bones, when a youkai feels anger, nothing can stop the tidal wave of destruction until the source of such anger is obliterated. When a youkai holds a grudge, he will never let it go… and… when a youkai loves… he does it with everything he is… and he does it forever.

To have such strong emotions, one must be careful who they allow to have influence over those emotions…

Rarely do youkai allow themselves the indulgence of true emotions.

And almost never do they love.

Not because they can't love, but because of the extent to which they can..."

He did not merely love her. He adored her. He held an almost religious reverance for her and truthfully... That was frightening.

Buried deep within, Rin sensed a single truth.

If he could not have her, love her... No one would. If he could not possess her... He would destroy her.

Rin shivered and made the decision all over again, now with a new found respect for what it meant.

Rin decided... She was and always would be... His.

"Yes…" She whispered aloud, and felt his pleased smirk against the skin of her neck and a deep rumble shake his shake his chest, while satisfaction emanated from his end of their bond.

With slow, smooth languorous movements, Sesshoumaru moved to straddle Rin's waist, and sat upright above her prone body, golden eyes sliding over her tiny frame, and down to her generous breasts.

Rin's face burned as he looked at her, and she felt a renewed flame of his desire lick at the corners of her mind, his mating mark's open connection giving her privileged access to his state of mind… Even if his throbbing erection wasn't currently pointed directly at her face, and heavy enough to be brushing against her torso, above her belly but below her breasts. Every now and then she could feel it jump or twitch, hot and hard against her skin, and Rin had the overwhelming desire to touch him… But, she couldn't move her hand from her neck and she doubted she'd be able to do much with her non-dominant hand.

You like to look at me… The though came to the forefront of her consciousness, and Rin immediately closed her eyes in embarrassment at being caught ogling his cock and thinking on how much she wanted to touch it.

Why does that embarrass you? He reached down, using a single claw to tilt Rin's chin upward, signaling he wanted her to look at him. To desire one's mate is natural. To desire mating is natural. To desire mating with your mate is… Well, it goes without saying; so, why is my Rin so distressed at the idea of my knowing of her desires?

"I don't know…" Rin whispered, and his finger came to rest on her lips, silencing her.

Use our connection… The more we use our connection, the stronger it will become.

His hands slid to her shoulders, massaging them and her upper arms comfortingly, encouraging her to continue mentally, what she had been about to explain verbally. Her eyes met his, and Rin gave a small nod of understanding.

Rin does not know, Sesshoumaru-sama… Perhaps because, for so long, Rin had to try so hard to hide her feelings for Sesshoumaru-sama, that to do so has become natural. For so long, Rin was so… afraid… if Sesshoumaru-sama realized Rin was in love with him… He would be angry, disgusted and he might even… InuYasha-sama said he might… kill Rin. But, Rin wasn't afraid of that… Rin was most afraid that… that… that Sesshoumaru-sama would… would… that he would leave, and Rin would never see him again. Rin would be alone, again.

His brow furrowed, and he felt upset with himself and guilty over the years he'd spent showing very little in the way of affection for Rin. He had made her feel insecure and frightened, for a very long time. She was completely convinced that, at any time, he was ready to pick up and leave her… She thought he could have walked away, and out of her life, and he would have remained completely unaffected. She had thought that he felt indifferent toward her.

You will never be alone again, Rin. I will never leave you… To abandon one's marked mate is not only unheard of, it is thought to be impossible. Without you near, I will become gradually weaker and weaker, the longer we are apart… However, even without the mark, I would have never left you. You are, since the moment I revived you, the most precious thing in the world to me. You are, and have been, my reason to continue on… Nothing has been more important than my connection to you.

From the time you were but a little girl… And now, you, my Rin, are no longer a child…

His hands slid down from massaging her shoulder, to instead cup each of her breasts. He palmed and shaped the twin mounds, massaging them gently, pressing them together to admire the way her cleavage looked, and capturing her nipples between his fingers, slightly pinching and tweaking those perky little buds on occasion.

Rin's deep satisfied purr and arching back mirrored what he felt from her mark… The twitch between her legs was slowly blossoming into an ache at the apex of her thighs. And… you also like this… He was pleased that this time, Rin merely responded with an enthusiastic, Oh yes… More, please… More…

His too-gentle handling of her breasts was driving her mad with want. Harder… More… Pinch my nipples harder, please, yes, please! Stray thoughts that were leaking into his mind guided his hands over her chest, and he was able to give her exactly what she wanted and needed, and exactly the right moments. He was able to know the perfect moment to lean down and lick the brownish-pink buds of her nipples, the precise time when he should wrap his lips around that same stiff little peak and suckle, and the best instant to change and mirror his actions on the opposite side.

He could sense when it was time to move on, her ache now bordering on painful, to say nothing of his own throbbing member leaking pre-seminal drops of sticky fluid onto her torso. The Dog Lord took a few more little nibbles at his mate's warm, soft, comforting breasts and slid down her body, sitting back up, and reversing the position of her legs to be on the outside of his, now.

He pulled Rin's legs apart gently and moved his own open a V, then gripped her hips and in one tug, pulled them down to meet his, draping her thighs over his. In this position, the only thing keeping his sex from hers was the fact that he was sitting up, and she was still laid back before him.

Sesshoumaru reached down, and brushed his claws through the neat little patch of soft hair that lined her sex, before using his thumbs to guide her lower-lips apart, and reveal to him the proud little pink jewel that crowned her delicate folds. Moving one thumb slightly to the side, he brushed that little button with the pad of it, and felt sparks fly through Rin's mind in response.

Oh yes…Oh yes… Right there… Don't stop… Faster… Circle… Not so hard… Ummm… Yes… Better… It seemed that right now, single words were all she could muster, even in her own mind. Her vocalizations were naught but grunts and moans and sighs and whimpers.

To his surprise, it seemed as if she preferred a feather-light touch, and if he pressed too hard, it did not feel good to her, but rather, hurt. This was in direct opposition to how he preferred to be handled, where all he wanted was her hot, wet, tight body to squeeze him hard and milk him for all he was worth.

He continued to stroke and circle her jewel, until she was sopping wet in his hand, and her mind begged fulfillment of the empty ache deep inside her core. When finally he rotated his wrist and pushed two thick fingers inside her, the deep groan of satisfaction and accompanying feeling from her end of their mark had him so hard he could feel his heartbeat in his cock. Mindlessly, he reached down and encircled himself with his own hand, pumping slowly with a tight fist.

He had barely registered what he was doing, until he realized Rin had opened her eyes, and was looking down at the motions of his hand around his member. He stopped, ready to release himself and feeling terribly self-conscious, until he heard a direct thought, sent to him, Don't stop.

He thought she meant the motions of his hand that was working her sex, and quickly snapped his attentions back to pleasuring her, but…

No… Don't stop… The other… What you were doing… To yourself…

Sesshoumaru looked back at Rin, who was again biting her lip and looking slightly guilty. He quirked a brow and gave a questioning look.

Rin likes to… wants to watch…It's very…erotic looking.

You do not believe it to be… pathetic… for a male to resort to self-pleasure in the absence of a mating partner?

His hand inside her had gone completely still. For so long, he had felt such deep, unabiding shame in the fact that he would occasionally pump himself to climax, alone and desperate, without a female in the youkai world willing to touch him… They all feared him, and at the same time, mocked him for the half-breed in his line and his father's shameful acts.

Rin felt the inner turmoil of her mate, and backed away, letting his fingers slip from inside her, and pulled herself to sit up. She crawled over to him, and pulled his face into her hands, their eyes meeting. "No. Absolutely not." Rin said aloud, before pulling him in for a deep kiss. When they broke apart, she spoke again, "My Lord is a gentlemen of the highest class, who could never take a female against her will… He made the honorable choice… And," Rin's tone took on the air of mischief, "Besides… It feels really good. What's wrong with that?"

With that, she reached down and grabbed his hand in her own, and moved it to his member, wrapping his fingers around his cock, her own hand loosely over his, and began to stroke. The whole time Rin kept watching his hand move over his cock, with a red face and excited eyes.

"Lay back again for me." Sesshoumaru mumbled into her ear, and Rin obeyed without question, moving her hand back over her mate mark, and spreading her thighs wide and thrusting her hips in time as he worked her back into full, wet, excitement… It wasn't difficult, thanks to the erotic show he was now providing her with.

He found her inner pleasure center, and curled his fingers against it, rocking back and forth against her inner wall and sending Rin into shuddering spasms. So close, so close, kamisama, kimochiii…please… kudasai…kudasai…

Good girl, Rin…Good girl… That's it…What do you need, Rin? Tell me, what do you need? He could feel she was purposely holding back, and he knew she was close.

L…li…lick… Rin… there… kudasai…

Sesshoumaru let go his member, and swiftly moved to put his face between his mate's widely parted thighs. He didn't have to be offered twice. Any chance he could get to relish in the tangy clean taste, and deeply spiced scent of her sex, he would gladly take. His tongue darted out, sliding over her button, flicking and licking, while his two thickest fingers continued to plunge in and out, his fingers curling and straightening, and curling again, to make hard circles over that rough, raised place within. Finally, her juices drenching his face, his fingers, and the futon below them, Rin's sex clenched up around him, and her thighs went taut, her toes curled, her breathing stopped, and her mind went totally blank… A few heartbeats later and her body shattered into climax, her inner walls rippling, her legs jerking, and her breathing reduced to pants and moans and sobs of ecstasy.

It was too much for him. He absolutely needed to be inside her, now.

Swiftly, Sesshoumaru crawled up her body and licked her cheek, his hand found hers, the one not still held over her mate mark, and he entwined their fingers, pulling her arm up over her head, and nuzzling into her armpit, taking in the salty scent of her body. By the gods, did she ever smell like heaven… With his other hand, he reached between them and slipped his member inside her still quivering core, their hips meeting with a distinct 'thud'. I cannot… hold back…He managed to send that last thought to her mind, before sliding out and thrusting back in, beginning a brutal pace that left Rin clinging to him with her thighs wrapped around his waist.

Yes… Um… My love…So full… So good… Don't stop… Rin is going to come aga…

Her body again wracked with climax, and Sesshoumaru's howl rocked the very walls as he felt himself expand inside her, tying a knot that would keep them in place while his seed filled her waiting belly, and he hoped… he hoped it would take hold.

As the two came down from their mutual, psychically enhanced high of shared climax, Sesshoumaru rolled them to their sides and merely wrapped the girl up in his arms, and finally allowed her to move her hand from the mark at her neck.

He sat in silent contemplation.

This was mating, as mating should be, for youkai… Not the shallow rutting father had participated in with that stupid little human whore. His human was oh so different, oh so very much better than the rest of them. She alone was special…And, by the Gods was she ever beautiful when she was writhing slickly sweat covered beneath his paws…hands…Where had… Where had 'paws' come from?

At that moment a low, deep, animal growl worked its way through his frame, and his vision became tinted red, as he felt himself slowly taken over by a transformation that he himself had not willed. It had just… happened. He felt his conciousness shift and Rin had obviously felt it as well, because now, through red-tinted vision, a very different Sesshoumaru was looking down into her startled eyes.

"Sesshoumaru?" Rin's voice echoed like the sounds of angels singing in his ears. Her scent, so strong and clear and young and healthy and perfect… She was perfect. Too perfect. This one… This one, this one, this one…

His instincts screamed at him… You belong to this one. This one is your bitch. You need her to know… You need to ask her… Will she have you?

Will she mark you?