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Kanon stepped outside from the photo service in delight. He had had the negative rolls printed and the results were so amazing. His and the Gold Saints' portrait was in his hand, smiling at him.

He quickly walked home, really wanted to show the picture to Saga soon.

But then his steps slowed down when seeing someone standing far in front of him.

As he got closer to the man, he widened his eyes in shock.

"You!" gasped Kanon.

The man in front of him smiled. "Yes. Me. Glad to see me, Kanon?"

"How…how come you…"

"Why? Do you think it's only you who can breath for fresh air?"

Kanon couldn't even blink. He stared at the man from head to toe.

"So it's the Gold Saints' photograph in your hand," said the man as he looked at Kanon's hand. "Well…it seems you guys have to prepare yourself."

"Prepare ourselves for what?" cut Kanon in amuse, yet cold voice. "Do you think you still have any power to beat us?"

"You have no idea," the man turned around and walked away from Kanon. "Just tell your beloved brother and fellows they have to collect another multiple portraits soon, in case they'll never have any chance to do photograph in Kido's mansion anymore."

"What the hell are you talking about?!" shouted Kanon.

But the man kept walking away, leaving Kanon standing stricken on the asphalt.

The End of "The Sketches"

The epilog will be continued soon in the multiple chapters "Home Sweet Home"