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Chapter 1

Hermione Snape sat on the edge of the bathtub in her bathroom, hoping, wishing, and praying all at once.

Three years ago, Harry had defeated the Dark Lord. Voldemort was no longer alive, and had just become a memory of the past. The British Wizarding world was free from his evil clutches, and its people never felt freer and safer. However, there were consequences that the people had to pay after the war, for there were losses. One of them was that the population count had dramatically dropped. The Ministry then passed the Marriage Law and enforced it a year later.

The law stated that a pureblooded wizard had to contract for a muggle born witch to be his wife. It was made to stabilize a stronger future for the generations to come, having a new breed of half blooded children. The witch had no choice but to marry a pureblooded wizard, otherwise she would be banished from the British Wizarding world. She had no say as to who she would marry. She did have some slight choice in deciding who she would marry when she had received more than one contract. Those were her limited options.

Hermione was not an ordinary muggleborn witch. She was part of the Golden Trio, and best friend of the infamous Harry Potter. Also, she was the brightest muggleborn witch of her time. Her genes, non-magical and magical were at the top. With her brains, came very strong and magical powers, making her the best muggleborn witch candidate to marry for any pureblooded wizard.

Lucius Malfoy was one of the many pureblooded wizards that had contracted for Hermione. He was a Death Eater—a follower of Voldemort during the war. Unlike his other faithful brother and sister Death Eaters, he was the only surviving one that didn't go to jail. Everyone else was sentenced to Azkaban for life. How? In one word, it was all because of money. He was the richest wizard in the British Wizarding world and just easily bribed himself out of going to Azkaban. He once had a wife name Narcissa. A few years back though, she had committed suicide. Lucius became an eligible candidate for the law.

Another Malfoy that contracted for Hermione was Lucius's son, Draco. Of course, he was younger and Hermione's age. He was like his father though in all ways. If Voldemort had lived for another year, Draco too would have become a Death Eater. Like father, like son. He wanted Hermione just as badly as his father did.

In the end, Hermione had married Severus Snape. Double spy-death eater for the Order, and war hero, just like her. Severus wasn't her first choice. She wanted to marry Ron. They had once been an item during their sixth year, but broke it off later on because she had a few issues with him. Still, to her, Ron seemed like the best candidate in the list. He still loved her, and perhaps, she would learn to love him, but… she loved another.

It was Albus Dumbledore that forced the both of them to marry. It was for Hermione's own good and protection. Ron wasn't strong enough to defeat either of the Malfoys if they went after him, wanting to kill him to get to Hermione. Severus was the best option for her for he was a very powerful and strong wizard himself. There weren't many choices of Order members for her to marry. Sirius was dead, and Remus was a werewolf. There was really only Severus.

Right after the war, Hermione had taken an apprenticeship with Minerva McGonagall which was a two year program, wanting to become a Transfigurations mistress, and to teach at Hogwarts. She had her life planned out. A year into the program though, things changed when the Marriage Law was passed.

In all honesty, she loved Severus. She had some glimmer of hope within her that he would somehow open up to her and return her feelings. Sadly, she was mistaken. Her marriage with Severus was anything but romantic or intimate. It was just a magical piece of paper that proved that they were together. Of course, they had to fulfill the requirements of the law, and have sex twice a week and try for an heir. Those moments were the only times where they had such closeness and contact. The both of them slept in different bedrooms in Severus's chambers when they weren't engaging in their consummation night. He never showed that he cared for her, but he was protective of her. The Malfoys were not the only ones that wanted vengeance and to harm her, but also the sons of other Death Eaters.

Nonetheless, Hermione's heart was broken. There was no hope for actual love between her and Severus in their marriage. No hope at all.

Disrupted from her thoughts, Hermione stared down at the muggle pregnancy test right next to her, and watched as a positive sign slowly formed on the indicator.

"Shit!" Hermione muttered to herself.

This wasn't part of the plan.


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