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Chapter 1


It was a good day to drive. Roxas was smiling brightly that Sunday morning. He woke up extra early just so that he could take his father's car out. Last night, after some begging and some long, not so pretty, quarrel and conversations, Roxas was finally granted permission to take the car out. He cheered after having got through that tough attitude of his father and he was so excited that he didn't sleep all night. Of course, it was the first time in the one year of him acquiring a driver's license that he was permitted to actually drive. He was beginning to lose hope, thinking that his driver's license would pose no use at all until his life end…or at least until his father stopped worrying about it—which would take an eternity. His father was very hard to please and convince. Roxas really felt like God was somehow performing a miracle last night—as weird as that sounded.

So, anyway, it's a typical Sunday morning. No, it was not a cliché bright. That Sunday morning was in fact, really foggy and cloudy. The sun refused to show itself. It made some sense since Roxas woke up really morning. The last time his cerulean eyes eyed the wall clock, it merely showed six thirty. He had to wake up early and go out early. His father had to work that day at eight, urgent business call. Roxas' father was always busy.

With a big yawn—since the blond didn't sleep all night—Roxas walked out through the back door of the house that led into the garage where the sedan was parked. It was an old sedan, but the outward appearance was still really new and shiny since Roxas' father took a lot of effort caring it. Roxas sure didn't want to put any harm in the car. He wouldn't live long once he faced his father's wrath.

Roxas was already dressed up. He wore his Reebok sport shoes and hopped inside the car in the driver's seat, car keys in hand. He stuck the keys in and the car started up with a slight groan and it revved. Roxas grinned happily though sleep was apparent in his face. He ignored the sleepiness that was tempting him to go to bed. It was the first time ever that his father finally granted him access to the car. He couldn't just waste moments like this by going to sleep. It would drive him insane.

Thus, making sure that he had brought along his driver's license and jacket and every preparation that he needed, he opened the automatic garage door by pushing the button on the remote. The garage hissed open, revealing the foggy and cold atmosphere outside. It was so dark that Roxas could hardly see anything with his cerulean eyes. Roxas hesitated a bit, double checking and thinking if he should really drive that day. It looked like a pretty bad day to drive. However, the inside of him was screaming for him to take the chance and Roxas gave into that side.

Setting the rear mirror and the front mirror to the right position, Roxas finally pulled out of the garage with careful driving precision. He made sure that nothing and nobody were blocking his way. After all, he had made it a kind of carvings inside his heart that his father's car shall remain safe. He had two hours to drive to the hill to watch the sun rise and back to the house. That should be enough time for him to relax seeing as the hill was only a half hour drive from his house. It was nice. He already enjoyed it thoroughly.

Parking the car to the side a bit, he pushed the button again and the iron garage door closed with a loud groan. Roxas turned on the radio and it emitted soft songs—which only served to put drivers into a very calm situation, tempting people to sleep. Roxas didn't turn off the radio though. He thought it was rather nice. Making sure everything was set, Roxas finally stepped on the gas—accompanied with a loud, tired yawn, and the coldness and the fog embracing him.


About three fourths way until the lithe blond reached the peak of the hill, the sun was starting to peek out. Roxas was upset that the sun wasn't waiting for him. He was driving very slowly just to avoid any accident. In addition, there were times in those twenty five minutes of driving that Roxas almost fallen asleep. When waiting for the traffic light, he dozed off for several minutes. He was lucky that there was no car behind him, or else he would be honked to death, but he managed to snap himself out of the sleepiness whenever the light turned green anyway. So, it was all good, he supposed.

Panicking a little, fearing that he wouldn't be able to see the sun rise and that he was driving the car too slow that the sun was getting lazy to wait for him, Roxas gassed up. He stepped on the gas hard and the old sedan sped up. It was a straight road up the hill. Thus, Roxas had no fear in increasing his speed.

Roxas looked around through his front and rear view mirror. The highway that led to the direction of the hill he was about to go was very silent. In fact, there was no one—no car there at all. There was only Roxas' car, speeding up the lonely highway. He cursed himself for having making a decision to choose the hidden highway road to get to the hill. His father told him about that shortcut and it was the fastest way to the hill. However, he vaguely remembered that his father had warned him once to not take that road early in the morning and Roxas had no idea why.

The blond shuddered. He didn't know that his shudder was because of the cold or because of something else. However, he was sure that he felt crept out. It was too creepy, what with all the fog at all, but at least, the sun was up a little—bringing in orange shine and color into the dark and gloomy highway.

He sped up and he was about to go out the exit that was his destination to the hill. He was about to see the sun rise soon and he was very excited yet he felt very tired at the same time. When he was about to turn to the right side to get into his exit, he yawned a little and before he knew what was happening, he heard a loud crash. His eyes were shut and he could feel everything was shaking. He was slammed forward and he could feel his forehead bumped into the driving wheel. He could hear glass shattering and the shards were all flying in.

When he opened his cerulean eyes, it was all blurry. All he could see was the icky crimson liquid that was covering his eyes. He could feel the liquid dropping down and he was almost sure that it was staining his face. He breathed in and out slowly, levelly. It was so strange that he was not panicking at all. He vaguely wondered why. He could see smokes coming out from the front of his car and the electricity sound that went off. He indistinctly saw a tinge of red in front of him. Before he fainted, he thought of how he would try to avoid his father's scolding and how he would be able to defend himself from accuses his father was going to throw him. However, he knew that it was no use worrying about it now. His sleepiness was finally taking him in and he gave in. Then, it was all dark.


When he came too, he could hear buzzing and noises—people talking… "There's a huge cut in his stomach, doctor!"

"That poses a problem, take the tranquilizer."

"His heart rate is dropping! A hundred and twenty!"

"Don't let it drop!"

That was all that Roxas could vividly remember. He knew that those people that were shouting were not working on him. They were on the other side of the room while the blond was lying on his bed, neatly bandaged and merely bleeding a little. Roxas was not fully conscious and his eyes hurt from staring into the white light above him. He decided to shut his eyes and he went to sleep again.


Roxas jolted up from his sleep. It was bright. Later, he hissed from the pain sent from his arm. He took in everything with his cerulean eyes and he almost instantly knew that he was in a hospital. The beeping sounds that came from a machine beside him and other equipment that was very unfamiliar to him and ones that he didn't even care about made it clear that he was indeed bed-ridden in the hospital.

He slowly got up and balanced himself on his bare foot on the cold white ceramic wall. He found some sandals nearby him and wore them. He was a little unbalanced at first and he had to hold on to the bed's handle so he didn't fall down. He looked around again and he soon found the door out of the room he was in. He was finally able to balance himself and stood up straight. He took several cautious steps first and when he found out that he was able to walk, he walked to the door, holding his neatly bandaged arm with one hand. What had happened? How come he was inside the hospital? The last thing he remembered was that he was taking his father's car out for a ride, going to the hill to watch the sunrise. Oh shit…the crash… I got into an accident, didn't I? I crashed to a car. Shit… this couldn't be happening. That man, how is he? He wondered, panicking slightly.

When he opened the door and walked out, he bumped into a taller male figure. He knew immediately who it was. His father, Cloud.

"Dad?" he regarded with a confused tone in his voice. He suddenly became alerted as he was reminded that he was going to get a good scolding from his father later and he took several steps back to clearly look at his father's face. It was soon that he realized that it was of no use since his father was not a man who would show any emotions.

However, this time, worry was written all over the blond man's face. "Roxas! Are you okay?" Cloud asked worriedly. He pulled his son into an embrace.

"Dad? I'm okay," Roxas released a sigh of relieve when he sensed the warmth from his father. Cloud was not angry. That almost seemed like a miracle. He smiled and hugged his father back.

"Roxas, everything will be okay. I'm glad to know that you are fine. You should go have some rest. I will take care of everything, okay?" Cloud asked, his voice was very gentle that Roxas almost couldn't recognize his own father.

"Alright, Dad," Roxas obeyed. He had no intention of disobeying seeing that he had caused so much trouble already and Cloud wasn't mad at him at all.

"I have to take care of the hospital's procedure. Can you take care of yourself until then, young man?"

"Of course," Roxas smiled, feeling heavy all of a sudden that his father was treating him so kindly.

Cloud went out of the room and disappeared. Roxas stared as the man went away and he walked back to his bed, lying down slowly, resting.


Two weeks later, Roxas finally got out of the hospital. For one week, he wondered about what happened to the redheaded man. He could almost swear that the redheaded man was the person that involved into the car crash with him. He must apologize. It was his fault. He didn't sleep and he was so tired that he didn't pay attention to the road at all.

"Dad, do you know who I crashed into?"

Cloud's face turned pale when Roxas threw out that question and Roxas instantly knew that something was wrong. "Roxas…" Cloud paused.

"Dad, what's wrong?"

"I guess you will find out about this someday…so, I'm going to tell you, but you have to stay calm…"

Roxas gulped and nodded, hoping beyond hope that it was not what he had imagined.

"The man you crashed into…his name is Axel… he was terribly injured and the doctors were unable to save him. He died…"

"What?!" Roxas blinked.

"Roxas, stay calm. I have taken care of the funeral. It took place three days ago. That man didn't seem to have any family."

"I killed…a person?"

"It's not your fault, Roxas. It was an accident," Cloud said calmly.

Roxas suddenly felt so heavy. It was all because of his carelessness. He should have listened to the other side of him and decided against going to watch the sunrise. Now, he had taken away one live…


That night, Roxas couldn't sleep at all. He kept thinking about the man. "I'm sorry…" he mumbled silently, staring off into the window that was next to his bed. He was lying restlessly on his blue covered bed.


He jumped when a face suddenly appeared right in front of him. "What?!" he yelled.

The blond stared into the greenest eyes he had ever seen in his life. A very tall redhead was standing right in front of him. He knew that red. No, no way, it was impossible and absurd to even think about it! "Hello!" the redhead grinned widely and greeted casually with his innocent face.

"Who are you?!" Roxas hissed, alerted.

The redhead laughed richly. "I'm Axel, and I believe…you're the one that killed me," he grinned and chuckled.


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