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Chapter 5


"Axel?" the slightly shaky voice called and the figure of a boy peeked inside the shack. Roxas watched as the form of a brunet, slightly taller than him entered the small shack. The boy looked very much alike him. He also had those pair of bright blue eyes that almost resembled Roxas', although they were slightly darker and firmer, while Roxas' were paler and softer. They looked at each other, staring...amazed that there were mirror images right in front of them even though they were completely separate entities, different person, alien, and strangers. Freaky, no?

Axel observed silently with his emerald eyes. Everyone in the area could sense the seriousness in the air and no one did anything to break the tension. Roxas didn't know what he should say to the boy in front of him. That must be Riku, he guessed. However, he still didn't know how he should act. He was never good at socializing. He hated meeting new people and it was always those new people that would talk to him first, not him. If at all, he would rather stay quiet for the rest of the day, letting the world pass him by.

"You're not...Axel," the brunet said shakily, hesitantly, either because of the cold or because of the atmosphere. It was early in the morning, the sun hadn't even risen.

"Axel's..." Roxas opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by the translucent being standing behind him.

"We have a code, Sparks'," the redhead grinned mischievously. And, right at that instant, Roxas immediately knew that things would go terribly, terribly wrong- for him anyway. That grin never meant anything good. He narrowed his eyes in distrust, biting his lower lip, and waited for Axel to say something more, completely ignoring the other boy that was also in the area.

The brunet stared quizzically as to why Roxas was facing away from him, looking at nothing in particular.

"Are—are you lost?" the brunet asked kindly. "You shouldn't be here, you know." he smiled. The brunet kept staring at the blond, as if he couldn't get enough of him, thinking about something at the back of his mind that he wouldn't want to share.

Roxas rolled his eyes. "Well, what code?" he whispered silently, too engrossed in thinking about the words that would come out of Axel's mouth next rather than pay attention the brunet he knew as Riku.

"Excuse me?" the brunet asked.

Axel laughed maniacally. The ghost floated forward, grinning widely and Roxas' eyes widened as the redhead whispered it into his ear.

"Wh-what did you just say?!" Roxas yelled, shaking his head, mouth gaping like a fish out of its pond, an apparent blush immediately gracing his pale face.

"That's the code, sparkles. Easy as that," Axel tried to keep a straight face, but he couldn't. The cheshire grin nearly spread to his ears, and he was having trouble not laughing maniacally.

"..." Roxas twitched, keeping his glare at the redhead. All that guilt that had been eating him away just now immediately vanished. The ghost deserved to die! He breathed heavily. He shrieked loudly when he felt a gentle hand was placed on his shoulder and he quickly turned around only to find the brunet staring at him worriedly.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Are you okay?" the brunet tried a grin.

Roxas bit his lower lip. "I'm okay, but that..." he growled. "Ask that insane redhead friend of yours you call Axel!" he yelled, still blushing violently, pointing at the translucent redhead who had started laughing in the background, unheard and unseen by the other boy.

"Insane redhead?" the brunet repeated, making sure that he hadn't heard something wrong. He looked around the small area but found no one other than he and Roxas.

Roxas growled again, realizing that the boy couldn't see Axel.

"C'mon, Sparkles, say the code and it will be over soon," the redhead convinced, in a singsong tone.

Roxas groaned, rolling his eyes, pouting. Axel couldn't help but think of how cute the blond was, and though he thought that the brunet was really cute, Roxas was even sweeter. The pouts and smiles on the blond's face were priceless, and the evil side of him was happy that he was able to make Roxas show such emotion.

Roxas took in a deep breath, facing the brunet, and resting both of his hands on the other boy's shoulders. He glued his gaze to the floor. The area was silent for the brunet. However, for Roxas, there was always that noisy background "song" made by the certain idiocy of a redhead.

Finally, Axel's laughter ceased. The redhead wanted to at least watch and listen to the whole thing and he ignored his squirming stomach that was tickling him, wanting him to laugh even more. Roxas finally closed his eyes at the silence. He could feel his face burning up, spreading to his ears.

He released a small cough. "Riku, you sexy beast, take off your pants..." he whispered silently. He was about to faint right then and there for having muttered out such...such inappropriate words.

The brunet's face turned bright red. He raised one eyebrow. He took in a deep breath. "O-only if you wear your thong, you...sex—y pyro..." he stuttered.

Axel burst out laughing in the background, doubling over on the floor, kicking and trashing around at the hilarity and awkwardness of the situation.

"Stupid Riku. I swear, I'll kill him when I get back," the brunet said threateningly.

"I should have killed him and gotten him exorcised and—and..." the blond hissed. "Wait, aren't you Riku?" he asked, finally making eye contact with the brunet.

"No," the brunet replied, bright blush was still on his face. "I'm Sora. Riku sent me here because he got ill or at least, he seemed to be ill. No, wait... He must have pretended sick these past few days to avoid this code," Sora narrowed his eyes dangerously, but then he threw his attention back to the blond, smiling kindly. "Nice to meet you, Roxas," he smiled.

As soon as Sora muttered out the word "Roxas", Axel immediately stopped laughing and he floated closer to both boys.

"Excuse me? I didn't think I told you my name..." Roxas tilted his head to the side, blinking.

"Oh, oh... I—I heard," Sora said, stuttering. "Anyway, you said that Axel is here?" he quickly changed the topic, and hurriedly glancing at the ceiling.

"Yes, he's standing right between us," the blond backed away, narrowing his eyes. "With his ass facing me, and he's making faces at you," he informed.

"Aww, I know you love my sexy ass, Sparkles," the redhead teased, turning around and leaned his face in close to the blond's.

Roxas blushed slightly, but he quickly raised his hand, making motions to slap Axel away. Sadly, his hand passed right through.

"I guess, that's the bright side that I'm dead. I can tease you all I want and get no physical pain from it!!!" the redhead laughed his villain laugh.

"Can I...get some explanation?" Sora inquired, getting confused about the whole thing. He was even more baffled when Roxas suddenly performed some Kung Fu arts in the clean air. He laughed lightly.

Roxas, realizing that someone other than the ghost, who knew nothing, was watching, immediately stood still like a robot. He was flushed. In the background, Axel could be heard chuckling at Roxas' embarrassment. "Well, Axel…" the blond hesitated, looking uncertainly at the brunet before him. "Listen, this may sound crazy and I know that I'm not at all that sane after I tell you this, but you really have to believe me."

"Well, I think I've experienced enough to be surprised by anything and… by how it seemed just now… I think I can make some connections." Sora smiled, giving the impression that he did not mind whatever Roxas was going to tell him.

"Wait a minute… are you really Sora?" the translucent being narrowed his eyes, examining the mentioned boy closely, plastering his see-through face. "Ask him, Roxas," the redhead requested.

Roxas growled. "Fine," he muttered, not liking the fact of being commanded around. "He asks you if you're really Sora."

"He?" Sora inquired, raising one of his eyebrows. "Anyway, I am Sora. Believe it or not."

"No, no. You're too…formal to be Sora," the redhead argued.

Roxas looked dumbly at the ghost who was still examining the mentioned boy.

Axel coughed lightly, indicating that he wanted Roxas to tell Sora about what he just said.

Roxas rolled his eyes. "Seriously, are you just taking me as a speaker who would echo back your voice?" he sighed, feeling desperate already.

The redhead smirked. "To be honestly serious, yes." He nodded.

Roxas took off his shoe and threw it to the floating translucent being. Sora was lucky enough that he was aware of the action and stepped to the side before being hit by the shoe. Roxas pouted. "If you don't get serious, I'll go back home," he threatened.

Axel blinked for a second, watching the unfaltering blond. He grimaced, face straightened, eyes slightly narrowed, looking at the blond with his cold expression. "Tell Sora… I have the info on the heartless," he spoke in a low and icy tone that Roxas had never heard of before.

Roxas gulped then stared at Sora. "Axel has the info on the heartless."

"They are planning on an experiment and the whole purpose of the experiment was inside a letter."

Roxas repeated what Axel said.

"A letter? Where's Axel?" the brunet asked worriedly.

Roxas sighed and his expression darkened. "Axel died in a car crash. It was my first time driving and I was sleep deprived. It was my fault that he died and now I can see his ghost," he explained calmly.

"So, Axel's with us?" Sora asked. The brunet looked sad, but the blond was surprised that Sora didn't freak out about it.

"Yes," Roxas said.

"Where's the letter, Axel?" the brunet looked at the area where Roxas had said Axel stood.

Axel's eyes closed, and his mouth was set in a tight, straight line, "The clock tower. The one by the train station in Twilight Town."

The blond's eyes widened, "I go up there sometimes!"

Sora flicked his eyes from the empty space where Axel was, to Roxas, then back again, "What? Where?"

"He said that it's in the clock tower near the train station in Twilight Town. What's a heartless, what experiment?" Roxas swallowed and asked hastily, feeling that something was amiss. "Who are you? What…"

Before anyone could answer his questions and before he could ask any further, the door suddenly slammed open and people in black suddenly busted into the shack, all carrying weapons. Roxas blinked, looking around at the people who were already surrounding within seconds. His breath hitched.

"Shit!" Axel cursed loudly, using his perceptive eyes to count exactly how many goons were in the room and to formulate a plan for Roxas and Sora to escape. He slowed his breath, trained to stay calm in any situation. The room was crowded with enemies in black. He flew out of the shack, passing through walls with ease. "Figures," he hissed, watching as shooters and gunners were already surrounding the beach.

There were two snipers on the standby, hiding behind the palm trees, three gunners were guarding the door, and two man holding knifes were standing near the exit out of the beach. There was no opening—no chance of escaping. He began to slightly panic, worrying about the two boys' safety, but it was not apparent in his face. He immediately flew back to the shack.

Roxas was frozen in place, his mind going blank as armed men with unrecognizable face, covered by clothing surrounded them. "Where's the letter?!" one of them asked demandingly.

Sora glared. "What do you want with the letter?" he growled, voice low and dangerous.

"Tell…or you're dead."

Roxas narrowed his eyes, fear written all over his face. He was terrified—so terrified that he couldn't even get a single word out of his throat; he felt his breathing stop, his heart beating horribly fast, his mouth dry, and his legs paralyzed. He was trembling, no shaking with fear.

"The outcome will be the same. Tell them or not, they'll kill you both," Axel said calmly with malicious tone. His emerald eyes were gleaming with hatred, trying to find a way out of the trap, searching for a not-so-apparent way out.

"You'll kill us no matter what," Sora replied. "Who sends you here?"

"We give you one last chance. Speak or die," the man said coldly, his voice muffled by his mask.

Sora grinned brightly and the enemies were slightly taken aback. If one had known Sora, they would have known that his smile that gave off "kindness" and "innocence" was fake. Beneath those sparkling blue orbs lay daggers of malice, mystery, and cruel intent of slaughter. Too bad they didn't know Sora.

"That's a really interesting deal there. You honestly think that you can kill me?" he asked with his overly kind tone.

Roxas shifted his attention to Sora. His legs were numb, as if frostbitten. His breath fastened as the seconds passed by, feeling extreme horror and fear. He didn't know what was happening to him. Seeing all those people carrying weapons should have gotten him an adrenaline rush that would help in his escape.

"Roxas! What are you doing?!" Axel shouted to the blond. "Tell Sora that the enemies have surrounded us. The only way to escape is to make a path to it. Have you killed before?"

Roxas shook his head, watching the redhead ghost that was floating in front of him—talking about murder as if it was nothing—in awe. He would have thought that Axel was merely joking as usual, but he highly doubted it in that situation. "Killed?" the blond's voice was so hoarse that it was almost inaudible.

"Yes, Roxas," Axel nodded with an expression that Roxas couldn't even begin to describe with words. Those once soft, emerald eyes were somehow beaming…darkly, as if lusting for blood.

Roxas backed away slowly.

"Can you fight?" Sora whispered, trying to sound as gentle as possible. "We can't get out of here alive without some blood bath," he informed, causing the blond to shiver even more.

Roxas didn't answer.

"Roxas… It's life or death! They…"

Before they could talk anymore, the enemies were already rushing in for their prey, determined on slaughtering the two boys.

"Roxas!!!" Axel shouted as soon as he saw a shooter was aiming his gun at Roxas. Roxas was unfazed, unmoving, as if his soul had been sucked away by some higher entities up above. Axel's breath hitched as soon as he saw the shooter pulled his trigger. He immediately rammed into Roxas' lithe body, determined on saving the boy even though he knew that he would merely pass through the blond.

However, Axel felt the world darkened before him and then, he felt his arm hurt from the contact with the ground as his body was slammed down. He shook his head. "Wait, what?!" When he opened his eyes, he saw the enemies rushing to them and he raised his palm only to notice that he was inside Roxas' body. He could possess someone?

"Roxas! Are you okay?!" Sora shouted over while he had pulled out his knives, hidden behind his clothes, killing enemies that were in his way with horrifying precision and accuracy.

"I'm okay, So," the ghost—who was inside the blond's body smirked, eyes burning with lust of blood. "Worry about yourself. It's been a while since…" Roxas' speech was paused as he dodged an enemy's attack smoothly. He bent down slightly and then glared at the man that was much bigger than him. Axel-inside-of-Roxas' expression was murderous and merciless. He smirked, crouching, and then pushing himself up to do a somersault while stealing the enemy's knife without any difficulties.

With the short dagger, Roxas slit off the enemies' throats, killing them off one by one while watching the crimson liquid splattering around the area. His face was stained with blood and he became even more obsessed in killing. Axel got used to utilizing Roxas' lithe body almost instantly. His speed was faster than it used to be when he was occupying his own body. Roxas' limbs were easy to move and it was almost impossible for his attackers to hit him.

Sora also didn't have any difficulties, playing with his knives, occasionally using the enemies' weapons against them. The brunet would slide past each thrust of his enemy, and with ferocious accuracy, slit their throats with a single horizontal swipe of his blade. Blood filled the ground and dead bodies stacked up messily. The enemies were killed neatly, no unnecessary blood was spilled. Axel—who was inside Roxas was panting uncontrollably. He was not normally weak—he was far from it. He didn't know why he experienced such intense exhaustion after a simple battle against lowly underlings. He had a guess and he believed that he was right.

He was possessing Roxas' body. That must be the only reason why he was drained.

"Roxas… I didn't know you could fight like that… your style… seems so much like Axel's…" Sora commented, stepping closer to the tired blond.

"I'm Axel, So. I'm inside Roxas' body."

"What?" Eyes widening as he shook his head, not quite registering the new information.

"Listen, Sora. We have to get out of here. There are two snipers behind the palm trees, three gunners right outside the door, two men with knifes at the exit," Roxas informed, almost whispering. "I think I can stay in this body until we get out of here."

"I want to say that I can take care of it alone…but the snipers are problems…" Sora grimaced, saying in a cold tone. "I can handle them, but I would need help with the gunners."

"I'll take care of the gunners and the two other goons, while you sneak up to the snipers."

"Alright," Sora nodded. There was so many questions that he wanted to ask, but he knew that it was not the time for questions. Their lives were at stake. They needed to get out of the quick before they knew that they were still alive in the shack and send reinforcements.

Sora immediately went up the stairs inside the shack. The only palm trees were on the island that was located several miles away from the beach and on the roof of the shack. Axel nodded, still panting. The sharp pain was easing to his heart. He felt as if someone had just stabbed his chest mercilessly and slightly, he wondered if Roxas was alright. Where was he now that he possessed him?

Axel glued his back to the wall, listening if there were any signs of movements. Taking in a deep breath, he slowly pushed the door open. He took in a last breath before he rushed into an attack. Slamming the door, he managed to take down a gunner. The gunners were immediately alerted, as well as the snipers. Axel quickly dashed away, avoiding two bullets that were directed towards him. The bullets went past his ears, flying away uselessly, not hitting any part of Roxas' body. Axel smirked viciously.

Meanwhile, Sora was already sneaking up behind the snipers. His movements were so silent that not even the snipers noticed him. When Axel rushed out and the snipers jumped, alerted, he immediately took his knife and slit off the throat of one of the snipers, leaving only one alive. The sniper was trembling in fear, preparing his gun. Sora chuckled.

Before the sniper could pull the trigger, Sora had already murdered him with a quick swipe at the man's throat, directly under his adam's apple.

It was only a matter of seconds when Axel successfully killed the three gunners without suffering any wounds. He was starting to lose his concentration. His panting was becoming even more intense and horrible. He was sweating all over, biting his lower lip, trying to stay awake. He shouted when suddenly, he felt a sharp pain coursing through his body. He was stabbed, from behind by one of the goons.

Axel muttered a curse before turning around.

Sora, who noticed that immediately jumped off the island and ran towards the two goons, immediately killing them off before Axel could do anything.

Then, Axel felt his consciousness in Roxas' body fading away. He felt a huge force pushing him out of the body and he was struck away, his back hitting the wall and darkness overtook him.

Roxas' body went limp. He fell down to the sandy beach that was stained with the crimson red of the goons. "Axel," Sora regarded worriedly, crouching down near Roxas' body. He checked for the pulse and found out that the blond was still alive. His blue eyes examined the area to check if there were still enemies around. When he was sure that it was safe, he immediately slung Roxas over his shoulder, and headed off.

"Roxas…" Axel muttered inaudibly before he was pulled under, into the darkened blackness of unconsciousness.



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