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"Hey Sak, you going to ditch school with us?", grinned a boy with floppy brown hair to a gorgeous pink haired girl sitting opposite him. Swinging herself down from the ledge to reach over for his cigarette, she smirked mischievously.

"Oh Kiba, of course…if it wasn't for the fact I have to go to some rich new school" snarled the girl, inhaling the other boy's cigarette. Anyone could tell that Sakura Haruno was peeved off by her stormy viridian eyes and uncombed short rosette locks. The red haired boy, sitting next to Kiba, sneered at her.

"You're going that Konoha High place right?" sneered the red haired boy as Sakura continued to puff the cigarette. Turning to glare at the red haired boy named Gaara, she gave him a what-the-hell-do-you-think look. Kiba grinned cheekily as he leaned over to retrieve his stolen cigarette.

"Oh that place filled with all those snobs. You sure you going to fit there Sak?"

Sakura smiled knowingly as she ran her fingers through her short hair and put on her sweetest expression that amused the two boys.

"With my acting skills, I just have to pretend to be like one of them"

Truth be told, Sakura Haruno, was not attending Konoha High willingly. It was due to her rebellious nature that her father, the head of the Haruno corporation, had decided to pull her out of her previous school and send her to the prestigious Konoha High where all the best of the best gathered. Now all she had to do was become the most popular girl there which wouldn't be too hard knowing how wealthy children always thought of others and the fact that her father's company was famous helped as well. Yes, she would definitely bring a storm to Konoha High…

Sasuke Uchiha was not happy.

His fan girls surrounding him were pissing him off and his group of friends laughing their heads off wasn't helping either.

"Naruto you baka! Come here!"

His blonde haired friend merely laughed and loosened his school tie before giving the girls a lazy analyzing look. The girls instantly swooned and some crowded around him though the majority remained with Sasuke. Suddenly a silence fell over the cafeteria when the doors opened and a small group of girls strolled through.

Sasuke looked up to see what was so special about those girls before realizing that they were one of those "it" crowds, not to mention his fan girls as well. Calmly, he stood up to leave when he heard the whispering.

"It's Sakura Haruno! The one with the short pink hair!"

"Wow… she's so pretty…she looks just like a doll"

"She's already so popular…"

A poking in his ribs, caused Sasuke to turn to look at the blonde haired dobe in irritation. "What?" hissed Sasuke, slipping out of his school blazer as Naruto merely looked at the group of girls that had entered.

"Wow…I think I'm in love teme…look at the pink haired goddess…"

A tinkling laughter lighted up the cafeteria and Sasuke turned to look.

It had been the pink haired girl that had laughed and turned Naruto in a love sick puppy.

He gaped inwardly.

Silky pink locks brushed the girl's delicate shoulders gently as it framed a well structured face. Startling viridian eyes were thickly framed with long silky eyelashes while the girl's rosy pink lips curved deliciously into a smile, deepening a dimple in her right cheek. The uniform hugged her in all the right places but still didn't look slutty and her face was clear of any make up. Her expression was one of delight as the girls chattered earnestly to her. That's when Sasuke noticed.

The girl's eyes held no delight though this was hidden slightly by her long eyelashes and her beautiful smile looked to be almost forced as she laughed along with the other girls. Sasuke was intrigued when it finally hit him.

This beautiful girl was acting.

Sakura wanted to puke. All these girls ever talked about were clothes and shopping and jeez, she really needed a cigarette right about now. Her cheeks were throbbing from smiling all day and she was currently sitting among the group of girls who she assumed were the popular ones.

"Wow Sakura, you have such beautiful skin"

Sakura smiled demurely at the girl, after all, she had to appear innocent.

"It's because I sleep early"

Now that was a lie. She stayed out almost every night with Kiba and Gaara as well as the rest of the gang.

"Sakura! You're so smart! I heard you got full marks for the entrance exam here!"

Sakura pretended to be embarrassed as she cast her glance downwards in a coy manner.

"Oh that? That was just luck after all…"

She had to admit that this was amusing watching how everyone fell for her innocent act but she couldn't stand it. These girls were really driving her insane and she didn't want to risk tarnishing this image she had creatively set. Hurriedly excusing herself, she walked out the cafeteria and behind the cafeteria block where she was sure no one would come. Once she made sure no one was there, she took out her mobile and rang Kiba. He picked up on the second ring.

"Hey Sak"

"Hey…I'm dying over here"

She heard him laugh and in the background she could hear Gaara and the rest of the gang chattering. They were ditching school again.

"Sorry Sak but I'm not going anywhere near those black gates of Konoha High"

"Not even for me?"



"Fine…I'll come get you after you finish school"

With that the call ended, leaving Sakura puzzled. She wondered why but Kiba had been acting weird these past 2 months. Shrugging it off, she spun around, only to collide into something hard. Opening her eyes, she noted the uniform of a male student before her eyes traveled up innocently.

Then her eyes widened.

She had just come face to face with one of the hottest boys she had ever seen. The boy was tall and well built with black hair that fell over intense onyx eyes and a well sculptured face that should only belong to angels. Then it hit her. What if he had heard her talking?

"I knew it…that was all an act before right?"

Sakura gasped as she looked up at the extremely good looking boy in shock. So he had heard her phone call.

"You…who are you?" asked Sakura, regaining her composure. There was no way she would let this boy get the better of her…no matter how delicious he looked. "Me…? I think I should be asking you who you actually are…" smirked the boy, his onyx eyes fixated on her. Annoyed, Sakura glared at the boy, instantly losing her composure. She couldn't help it. There was something about this boy that annoyed her so much.

"I asked you who you were" huffed Sakura, shaking her head in irritation.

"Sasuke Uchiha"

Sakura looked up at him wide eyed. She had heard of the Uchiha's. They were one of the most wealthy and prominent families in the entire country. To top it all off, she absolutely despised the Uchihas.

"Uchiha…" snarled Sakura angrily, her eyes flashing.

Sasuke was surprised to see the timid girl become so edgy and irritated by his family name. But he kept his cool façade on as he smirked at her confidently.

"You are Sakura Haruno" stated Sasuke as he studied the annoyed girl.

Sakura merely growled before stalking passed him, not even turning back to look at him. After all, she hated Uchihas.

They were the pure epitome of evil and absolutely repulsed her.

No matter how good looking they were.

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