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Long Road to Ruin

Let Me Love You

I'm a self bitch.

I put my mother through hell, I put my friends through hell, and I played with Speedy's heartstrings.

Despite all my efforts to keep my secret life and my heroic career from colliding I instead watched it all blow up in my face, but … somehow I knew this wasn't going to end well for me.

No, actually, I figured this wasn't going to end well for both X and me, but apparently I was just trying to comfort myself by telling myself I wasn't going to go down alone. When in reality, I knew I was going to take the fall all alone. Azarath was the first to go and now I was losing my Titan status. Or … maybe not … maybe I can bounce back … maybe I can be what everyone thought and expected me to be: a good girl … a perfect role-model … the perfect toy soldier.

"Raven …" he called my name, I blinked and looked up at Robin as he stepped closer to me and closed the gap between us with his right hand slowly reaching out to me. I thought he was going to push me against the wall, strap me in cuffs and drag me to the lock-up. I thought he'd finally take me down like the lying, selfish little bitch I was and set an example; prove that no one can escape Justice's cruel and swift blade from cleaving my head off. I've gotten away with so much already; it was about time I got my just deserved.

So I braced for the cuffs, the jail-cell, and the humiliation of being dragged across the Ops Room and exposed to the others for the traitor I really was, but I didn't get it. Robin did reach out for me, but he placed his hand over my hand and it was only then did I finally look down to notice I had my T-com in hand and I was giving it to him. I was giving away my title and honor. I was choosing a side, and it was a side Robin didn't want me to take. He closed my fist with his hand and pushed it back to me while the grip on his gloved hand over mine tightened as he softly said my name once more, "Raven … you don't want to do this …"

"… How …" my voice cracked, why? I swallowed to keep it leveled and I stepped away from him with a low shake of my head, "… Robin … how do you know what I want …?"

Like a lifeline I gripped my communicator so tight I could have crushed it, my free hand fisted itself into my cloak while I continued to step away from Robin, but I forgot I had my back to the stairwell and gasped when my heel tipped over the edge of the top step. Robin grabbed the front of my cloak to keep me from falling and pulled me to him so both his hands were on my shoulders. He held me tightly and shook me like an older brother trying to shake sense into his stupid little sister's head. My world went vertigo while he growled through gritted teeth, desperately trying to reach the logic in me, assuming of course logic wasn't already dead and gone, "You belong here Raven, you're a Titan you've always been a Titan! Just let me help you … let us in … let him go."

How does he know all this?

Why does he care?

Why does anyone care anymore what happens to me?

I thought I was just the girl in the shadows, the plain-Jane, the background character, the filler, the extra, the quiet-little-geeky-bookworm … why is it that suddenly everyone found me so goddamned interesting?! What do they know that I've lost?! What do they see that I can't?! What's the fucking point of it all?! Silent tears of frustration and confusion fell down my face, came down in rivers, but I refused to sob or crumble to the floor. I bowed my head from Robin and turned away from him to hide my tear stained face, I pushed myself from him, away from the stairs and quickly pulled my hood up to hide in shadow. He reached around and grabbed my left shoulder, he pulled me back to him and yanked my hood down, I pushed him again in defiance.

I didn't want him to care anymore.

I didn't want anyone to care anymore!

I stumbled away from him and gasped when my foot caught my cape and I fell back against the entrance to the floor my room was on. Robin leapt to save me from falling out, but I smacked his hand away, caught my footing, and quickly walked from the stairwell to my room. Robin, annoyingly enough, kept up with me with little effort, "Raven! Stop!"

I didn't stop, I reached my room but couldn't go in, Robin spun me around, I dropped my communicator and held my hands up to keep him from touch me again. I couldn't stand his touch anymore I couldn't stand his caring, trusting self I just couldn't stand him anymore! He reached out to touch me, but I slapped his hand from me and screamed, "Don't touch me!"

He didn't touch me, but I did flinch and press myself against my closed door when he placed his palms flat on the door on either side of my head. He didn't have to lean close to plead with me, or rather demand of me what he wanted to know, "What is it Raven?! What's wrong with you?! Why can't you talk to us anymore?!"

Please just go away … just leave me alone … I silently pleaded, but I gritted my teeth and grinded them together I willed myself not to say it. I couldn't admit why it was I couldn't talk to him and why I couldn't let X go. I didn't know why, but that's not good enough! 'I don't know' is never a good enough answer for Robin, he was black and white, cut and dry, in and out, simple. In order for me to answer him I'd have to be as black and white as he was and I couldn't live like that, I can't think like that, my life wasn't as simple as he would like it to be.

We were as connected as can be, but he'd never understand, as a matter of fact, now that I thought of it: we were perfect. We were so close it was considered unhealthy … and it is for me. Actually, maybe … maybe I over complicated the matter … maybe the answer to all my madness had been staring me in the face all along … and like the idiot I was I just refused to believe it was true. I fell into darkness and succumbed to numbness; I followed orders and thought I grew sick of them when it wasn't the mundane villain-verses-hero routine that was driving me crazy.

No, the means was so complex that the ends turned out to be as simple as black and white.

It just took this long for me to realize it, but I knew why I destroyed everything around me to be with X … it was because I couldn't be with Robin.

I … I loved Robin so much I felt betrayed when he finally announced his goodie-goodie Starfire as his official girlfriend.

It was suppose to be me!

We were suppose to be together!

We click so well, why … why didn't he see me?!

Secretly, subconsciously, unknowingly, and unwillingly I was falling apart with every little kiss, every little hug, and every little thing the two of them did together that I was beginning to hate him, but I was too stupid to realize it. Too stupid even to realize that I was channeling my hatred into the hatred of my Titan status simply because I didn't want to believe my feelings for my leader, best friend, and confidant could be true. I'd never do that to him … I'd never put him in such a sticky situation, and so I did what I do best. I bottled it up until I couldn't take it anymore and I began to punish him.


The only way my subconscious knew how … to start a relationship with his arch rival … Red X.

Crazy? Twisted? Sick? Unreasonable? Illogical?

Yes … I was all of it … hard to imagine all this pain I put myself through was to punish Robin for betraying me … but the pieces fit. It made sense … all except for the being unable to leave X part. That one I still couldn't figure out, but why I continued to see him was now clear and comprehending it was scaring me. How could I be so petty? I always thought I was above jealousy and hatred … how … how could I have missed something so vile and disgusting within myself?

I closed my eyes when Robin pushed himself off the door to pace before me and run his fingers through his spiked hair. He shot me a narrowed look through his masks; I didn't have to see it to know he was doing it … damn bond. Slowly, I reopened my eyes and looked down to watch him pick up my communicator, he tossed it in the air once and flipped it in his hands a couple of times before he handed it back to me. I stared at it long and hard, Last chance, I remember him saying, and I gulped when it hit me that the last chance didn't only mean my last chance to make things right … but to set things straight.

I took the communicator from his hand and stiffened when he touched my shoulder, "You belong with us Raven … you're home here."

"…" I don't want to belong here … he patted my shoulder and as if taking the communicator back ended the discussion and represented my decision he walked away. Completely oblivious to the true reason why I put him, and everyone else through utter shit. I sighed heavily to keep myself from screaming and finally slipped into my room, but when I got there I threw my communicator into my soul-mirror and shattered it completely. Furthermore, the demon in me rose and I growled with gritted and grinding teeth. My fangs grew and I fell against my door to control my desire to unleash all of hell for the sake of saturating my bloodlust.

It didn't so much respond to anger as it responded to the grief and remorse for what I was about to do. I hated to lose and worse yet I hated to lose everything I once considered mine: Azarath, being a Titan … Robin. Damn it all! I always thought I wasn't the jealous type … I always thought I was above it simply because it was such a petty game couples play that could spiral out of control quickly. Shows how much I really know about myself anymore when subconsciously I've been pulling the strings and playing the puppet-master with everyone's heart. Feh, the Puppet King's got nothing on me.

In particular, I've been playing with X's strings, no doubt he suffered the most and became the innocent bystander I used to satisfy my sadistic need to 'punish' Robin for ignoring me. For the love of all that is Holy, X fell in love with me! Worse yet, now that I've got the time to think on it, I think for the same reason I fled to X for my petty emotions towards Robin I fled to Speedy when I saw how close X and Blackfire had been with each other. A vicious cycle … one that ended as soon as I saw the genuine pain I was putting X through with my actions with Speedy.

I hated myself for doing that to him, I felt guilty, and so I chose him over Speedy.

How sick was that?

I only sided with him because I caused him pain.

I need professional help.

Hiss! I gasped and snarled when my window slid open, someone deactivated its locking-mechanism and with the ease he had done so I knew he's done it more than once. X slipped into my room, his domino back-up mask stared at my shattered mirror as he frowned, "Jesus, what the hell happened here?" He scanned the room and finally found me still leaning against my door, my head bowed with my hair curtained around my face. I sensed him coming closer to me, my demon hated the advance and I physically restrained myself from lashing out at him, "Raven, what happened?"

His scent hit my nose and a sense of familiarity made my shoulders relax, but when the gloves of his fingertips brushed against my cheek I turned away from him and gently pushed his hand from me. I didn't want to be comforted, I didn't want his sympathies or his pity; I've gotten enough of that from the Oblivious Robin who still couldn't see the problem even if it was staring him right in the face. In which case, I was. X took the hint and didn't try to touch me any further as I sucked in a deep breath and inhaled a good portion of his scent, I concentrated on it and my demonic desires subsided, but didn't leave me entirely. I scratched my claws against my door before I pushed off of it and walked around X to stare at the mess I've created.

Another mockery of the starry skies of Azarath laid for the world to see on my floor, my communicator in the center of the mock-model. I clenched my hands into tight fists and gulped before I whispered, "I literally have nowhere else to go …"

X stood by my side, if a little further from me just to give me the space I needed, but otherwise said nothing. I sighed heavily and ran a clawed hand through my hair before I bothered to glance up at X and I suddenly felt guilty for everything I've put him through, guilty … but never regretful. For a long while we stood in silence, me because I didn't know what I was going to do (I never seem to know anymore), and X … well, I don't. Maybe he was waiting for something, I didn't care to try and guess what it was until he huffed and finally said, "So the general court-martialed you, huh …"

I blinked, shot him a look, then shrugged, "I don't know what he's done … he's given me an ultimatum … and because I took the communicator back he thinks I've accepted his ways."

He chuckled and shook his head as he walked around the glass shards to plop down on my bed and leaned back on his elbows, I narrowed my eyes on him as he smirked and chuckled a bit more before he said, "Wow, I can't believe kid-wonder does have some balls to put his foot down."

I rolled my eyes, "He didn't give me the boot, more like he bluffed me with an idle threat …" I looked down at the broken glass and sighed again, "He trusts me … and …" I swallowed hard when I added, "… cares a lot for me … he can't see himself just throwing me out." I scoffed when another thought struck me, a thought that sounded like something Robin would do instead, "Then again, to do so would be admitting there was a screw up in his squad which reflects a screw up on his part … he's waiting for me to quit …"

X shrugged and completely missed the point, "So you still have your Titan status after he's figured everything out, see, everything worked out didn't it?"

"I gave myself the boot, X."

The smirk on his lips was wiped off his face as he sat up so straight I was almost sure I heard his back crack when he asked for verification, "What?"

I shook my head, "I'll figure something out … but I can't stay here anymore …"

"Raven, don't be stupid," He stood up, his masked eyes narrowed on me, looking so much like Robin that I had to turn away from him to glare at the glass shards scattered all over my room, "You beat the system! That's like giving the trophy to the third place cheater when you won the match fair and square."

I scowled, "What did I beat X? I'm still in the same position I was when this all started only now my credibility is shot and … no matter what Robin says he'll never trust me again."

He walked around the glass to stop me as I headed towards him to pack up what I could and get the hell out of dodge, but he held out his hands and grabbed my shoulders. I looked up at him with a tired expression as he shook his head, "You can't just give up, you'll be conceding to his will and that's just fucked up."

"My numbers up X, I've gotten away with enough," I brushed his hands from my shoulders and at the same time slipped my cloak off so I could change into something more comfortable. I didn't care if X was still in the room; modesty was the least of my concerns right now. Besides, he already knew every inch of my body, probably even put every curve to memory with how thorough his hands had been not a few nights ago. I quickly did away with that memory before it festered at the forefront of my mind and slipped on a black long sleeved turtleneck.

I pulled my hair out of the blouse and then reached into my closet to fish out a dark blue duffle bag; the only thing going through my mind was to pack the essentials and leave no trace of where I would be headed. In which case, I myself had no clue. I began to go through my closet and threw in some clothes as well as important artifacts that shouldn't be left for the others to find and fiddle with. I stood back to give the space a one-over then remembered I had a few things overhead, so I reached up to grab a couple of scrolls, vile cases, and powder bottles. Yet, as I grabbed one very important spell book I let out a small rush of breath and stiffened when X slid his hands onto my hips.

I should have been use to it by now, but when a hot chill rushed down my spine as his warm breath tickled my tummy and his voice whispered into my ear, I gulped. I was so not over him. Clutching the book to my chest tightly I closed my eyes and sighed heavily for the umpteenth time today when he said, "It's not fair, I'm suppose to lose everything … not you …"

My shoulder's sagged and with a huff I forced myself to scurry out of his warm embrace, it felt good to believe for a second that everything was going to be okay as long as I got the chance to feel his arms wrapped around me. I turned around to face him and saw he had taken off his mask to stare at me with downcast amber eyes that seemed to lose their shine the longer he stared at me in regret. He felt guilty? I blinked slowly and frowned, which then turned into an irritated sneer as I moved him away from me so I could sift through my library to see if there was anything important there to take.

On my way to the shelves with a sort of detached indifference (I was still trying to keep myself from falling completely apart) I said, "Don't be nice X, it doesn't suit you."

There was stunned silence for a few seconds followed by a scoff, "You don't want me to be nice, you don't want me to pity you, and you don't seem to want me to get even remotely close to you, so what the hell do you want me to do?"

"Nothing, I just want you to be who you are and not something you're … well, not, besides …" I paused in my sifting to look up at him when he nimbly traversed the broken glass to stand before me. His amber eyes still dull, but will always hold that unmistakable passion I was familiar with, "When has my ever wanting something had any effect on you?"

He shrugged and leaned on my bookshelf nonchalantly, "It always has sunshine, its just now I don't care who knows it or who sees it … so what are you going to do now? Where are you going to go?"

I turned away from him, "I don't know … I'll figure something out …"

On my way towards the other side of my bookshelf I gritted my teeth when X wrapped an arm around my waist and gently turned me around so my back was now pressed against my bookshelf with the heat of his body against me. I couldn't stop the rising blush on my cheeks even if I tried; by the Gods even under such a miserable time for me he was still shameless. I pressed a hand to his chest to push him off, but paused when he pushed his smirking lips against mine and sent a shock of emotions rushing through me. Most of them his, all of them swirling around my head and weakening my defenses as I sighed against his lips and kissed him back.

Why did this feel so right?

Why can't I get over you?

He's was only suppose to be a puppet, so why can't I let him go?

Whatever the reason I deepened the kiss thinking that maybe the answer was hidden within the swirling power that rose and fell with each heated breath we tried to take while refusing to pull apart from one another. The answer is within him, I know it, I can feel it, what is it?! I needed to know; he lifted me up off the ground, instinctually I wrapped my legs around his waist so I wouldn't fall while my hands went to his face to keep him close to me before I wrapped my arms around his neck. Please, please tell me X, tell me why I can't let you go.

Robin was my bond and my meant-to-be-but-isn't, so who are you suppose to be if you're no longer my puppet, X?

A rush of air escaped his lungs when I finally pulled away from him, but I refused to let him go, not until he told me what I needed to know. With that satisfied smirk on his lips he whispered, "I got an idea …"

An idea is good … tell me …

Breathlessly I asked, "What is it?"

He kissed me and I accidently linked my mind with his, I was just about to sever the connection when I distinctively heard him whisper lovingly and secretively, Let me love you … He pulled away and severed the connection for me, leaving me to wonder if I'll ever know what he truly thinks so long as I play by my moral code and stay out of his mind. I sighed and stared at that cheeky smirk on his lips I've come to adore and hate so much completely ignorant of my discovery, he said, "Stay with me."

I wrapped my legs around him tighter as I pulled my head back to stare at him in his full profile when it all hit me. That's it … how embarrassing … I was so much like Robin that I myself was oblivious to those around me. Though I will never admit it out loud – never – I think I should let X love me. We've already been through hell and back, he's seen me at my worse and at my best, he's even put up with me when I was an emotional wreck. Yeah, love is a funny thing … it particularly likes to play pranks on me when it hides away until the very end.

I'm a selfish bitch.

But worse yet, I'm a selfish oblivious bitch.

I finally slipped away from X and picked up my duffle bag to glare at him with suspicion … somehow, I think even he knew I couldn't stay away. I sucked in a deep breath, licked my lips – tried really, really hard to forget about the delicious way he tasted – and now tried to logically analyze his reasoning, "Are you serious?"

He shrugged and chuckled as he pressed a hand on my bookshelf so he could hover over me, "Some people call me X, but you can call me anything you want Sunshine."

Gods does he look so good in that suit of his. I gritted my teeth and centered my focus on his face and not on his suit; but in all honesty, he does look sooo much better in it than Robin ever did. I shook my head to remain on topic and rolled my eyes as I forced myself to step away from him, "You're asking, or rather suggesting that I stay with you. That's a big deal … especially for you."

He jerked his head back and narrowed his eyes, I braced for a rebuttal, "You're the one that loses everything and you're still concerned with my well being. Well, yes, Raven, I'm sure I want you to stay with me."

Slowly a scowl replaced his smirk with I crossed my arms over my chest, still holding my duffle bag, and refuted his rebuttal (my pride was on the line), "I don't need you to lend a helping hand. I can take care of myself just fine."

Of course he had something to say to that and he said it with a hoarse tone of voice, "Could you just stop being you long enough to just say ok and roll with it? Why does every little thing always have to be an argument with you?"

"This isn't an argument; I'm just letting you know that I don't need you to take of me."

"Rav –!"

Knock! Knock!

We jumped, X, on reflex fisted his right hand and cocked it back loosely prepared for contact, I dropped my bag and stared at my door wide eyed in bewilderment, I don't what to do!

"Raven? You in there?"

"It's Cyborg …" I whispered to myself, and to X who scowled and hissed at me.

"Well get rid of him."

I shot him a dark look, "Yeah, I'll just say go away, that won't seem too suspicious."

"Raven …" I stiffened and gulped as Cyborg sighed heavily and continued to talk through my door, "Look girl … I, um, I saw everything that went down in that alley … and …" he paused, I held my breath, X tensed, "… I don't know what Robin told you, but I just wanted to let you know that we – at least I know I don't – care much for it. I'm just glad you're alive … and … well … you're a good friend. Just wanted to let you know that …"

I'm a good friend?

Who's he talking about?


I mentally scoffed; I'm not a good friend, if I was a good friend I wouldn't be preparing to runaway from him – everyone – right now. Ignoring the tension in X's shoulders I slowly made my way to the door where I opened it a crack and looked up at Cyborg's brotherly face of adoration and understanding. I frowned and with my eyes falling to the ground I whispered, "I'm sorry …"

He flicked his wrist dismissively and pulled me out of my room, "Come'ere you." I gasped and gritted my teeth as he trapped me under one arm while his other rubbed the top of my head lovingly. It last only briefly before he let me go and apologized for the touchy-feely moment before he gently tapped his fist to my shoulder, "You can choose your friends, but you can't choose who you fall for."

I sneered, "I'd expect that to come from Beast Boy, not you."

He shrugged, "Hey, the truth is the truth no matter what you make of it," he suddenly turned sheepish as he rubbed the back of his head. His warm brown eye in stark contrast to his cybernetic glowing red eye, yet somehow still managed to feel warm despite its cold hard scientific creation. He offered me a reassuring smile, "You really are a good friend Rae, and don't you dare think otherwise."

Too late … I nodded and with a warm silence that feel on us he slowly turned to depart, but stopped and as I reentered my room he called back to me, "Hey, Rae."

I looked at him.

He sneered as his eyes narrowed on my door, possibly looking through it to X who was waiting nervously for me to close said door. The only other barrier besides myself keeping the two apart when Cyborg said, "Tell your boyfriend to quite messing with my sensors, his tricks are getting old."

X snorted, I allowed a small smirk of amusement to grace my lips as I nodded and slipped back into my room. Once I slid it shut X vented, "Old tricks? That rust-bucket wouldn't know if I hacked into his security or his brain if I did it with a hammer."

I glared at him, "Get over it, he won, you lost stop whining."

I picked up my duffle bag and continued to shove things into it while X hovered around me with a now curious look on his face, "Even after that heartfelt moment you're still going to leave?"

"Of course … my …" I paused to think about this for a second, were the Titans still my friends? Or were they now just a dead past I would soon have to forget and live without? How was it that I can easily forget and leave the people I've lived with and fought along side with for a thief I've only known for six, maybe seven months? The math, if looked at, didn't really make sense. Families have disputes, my teammates considered each other a family, and from my understanding families always manage to work things out and live with each other in harmony.

They are my friends … they are my family … but sometimes … I think it's better for a family member to go her separate way. It would be hypocritical of me to remain if I wanted to stay with X. So, yeah, people can say I lost everything, and I did … I lost everything I thought defined who I was … Azarath and my Status, but I forgot to count the people around me. The Titans, my mother, X … I didn't lose them. I think the only reason why I'm being so pathetic is because of Robin … was I leaving because of him?

I closed my eyes when X took my duffle bag from my hands and whispered into my ear, "Whether you like it or not, I'm going to take care of you." I glared at him through the corner of my eye to watch his smirk slowly return to his lips, "Life gave you lemons Rae, I got the vodka, we might as well have a party."

I looked up at him and rolled my eyes when he winked, I leaned on my shelf and crossed my arms over my chest again, "Two weeks X … just two weeks before I find my own place and a job and be out of your head. Of course not exactly all in that order, but you get the picture."

His eyes lit up like fireworks on the fourth of July, but only subtly, one had to know him to see it since he was so skilled at staying calm, cool, and collected. He ran his hand through my hair and chuckled maliciously, "We'll see about that …"

Yes we will … I took my bag back from him and continued to put things into it while X stepped around the glass and headed to my closet. Through the corner of my eye I noticed he was unclipping his cape, he tossed it to my bed as he shuffled through my closet and pulled out one of my smaller black back-packs. I paused in my packing to watch him unzip the bag to pull out a plastic bag that was full of extra clothes. I blinked and without looking up he said, "Always be prepared for everything sunshine."

"So you stuff extra civilian clothing into my closet incase of what? A runway walk?"

He scoffed, "Please, this is incase of a quick getaway, if I was expecting a catwalk I would have brought my supermodel make-up kit."

I sneered, "Funny."

He chuckled and I sighed, I'm leaving … because I want to … because it's right … because it feels right … I zipped up my duffle bag and X stuffed his uniform into my other bag. He slung it over his shoulder and I looked up at him, there was a calm moment of realization between us. Despite the chaos of the shattered glass still on my floor surrounding my fallen communicator it was there hovering in the air waiting to be acknowledged.

I was finally free from this Tower, and finally acceptant of what life has given me.

I loved Robin, that will never change, but I loved X even more.

X rubbed the back of his head and cleared his throat to be rid of the silence that filled the air, "So, uh, you mind if we stop by my sister's place first? I still need to give Miah that letter from the crazy bitch back at Steel."

I refrained from laughing at the memory and simply shook my head, "You're the driver apparently."

"Okay … so … let's vamoose." He jerked his thumb towards the window; I walked around my room to grab his arm and without having to ask him he told me where he parked and I fazed us out of my room and out of the Tower. We stood beside his X-bike, I stared at it long and hard before I realized he parked in the same exact place where Robin said he saw us together in the beginning. I gulped and sucked in a deep breath as I looked back at the Tower and let it all sink in; I was leaving, going away, and probably never coming back. X placed a hand on my lower back, I chewed on my lower lip when he asked, "You okay?"

"… Yeah …" I meant it, "Let's get out of here."


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