'Mmmm… what is that elk? Lion? No wait… mmmm… grizzly.' I inhaled hungrily, then exhaled satisfied with my potential kill.

I broke into a run, my long blonde hair flowing behind me. As I got closer to my prey, I took one more whiff just so it would be more satisfying once I sunk my teeth into the large animal. But as I took this breath, another smell hit me like a ton of bricks. I stopped abruptly and stood wide eyed.

'Is that? Human blood? Mixed with the scent of the grizzly's?' I thought to myself.

My curiosity got the best of me. I held my breath this time, just in case it was really a human. A giant bear came into view. I leapt and climbed up a near by tree to get a better look. I gasped (which was a mistake seeing as I was forced to suck in a new set of air). I held my breath instantly before I could taste the scent of the spilled blood. My eyes widened in horror as I saw a full head of short dark brown curls.

"Henry?!" I whispered disbelievingly.

'Don't be stupid Rose! Henry is still a child,' I thought slightly relieved.

I snapped out of my short daze and realized that this man was lying on the dirt ground unconscious bleeding uncontrollably, while the bear hovered over him angrily. Then at that moment for no reason at all, I felt greatly enraged. A fierce growl escaped from my lips. I had a sudden urge to tear this animal to pieces.

'No time to be masochistic! Get that man out of here… NOW!' the voice in my head screamed.

In an instant I was airborne, I leaped onto the bear's back. It swung me round and round. This would normally send any normal person flying, but I held on as if we weren't moving what so ever. Then using those assassin skills my brother Edward always teases me about, I snapped the large bear's neck. As it was cut off mid-roar, the bear dropped to the ground with a loud thud.

Completely forgetting my thirst, I rushed over to the man on the ground to check for a pulse.

"It's weak but it's there," I whispered to myself. I felt panic take over my facial features.

'What do I do?!' I thought, 'Think Rose! You don't have much time!'

I looked around panicked still not quite sure what to do.

'You have to change him!' the voice in my head screamed.

I shook my head vigorously, "NO! I can't! No one deserves this life!"

'He's going to die! You have to do something!'

Was I really arguing with myself right now?

"Even if I did want to change him, I might kill him!"

'Carlisle! Take him to Carlisle!' my thoughts yelled back in response.

I didn't argue this time. I picked up the stranger and made a run for it. My home was approximately a hundred miles from where I stood. I was running faster than I ever had in my two years of immortal life. I've been running for a little over forty minutes now and I was getting close. I prayed to God that Edward could hear my thoughts right about now.

'Edward! Edward! Get Carlisle! Meet me in the backyard! Hurry!' I thought frantically.

Suddenly I felt movement in my arms. I looked down at the stranger who's eyes were fluttering weakly open.

"Am I in Heaven?" the stranger asked.

I didn't say anything, I didn't know what to say.

"Yeah, this must be heaven. Why else would there be an angel… you must be taking me to God. Aren't you bright angel?" the stranger continued in conclusion.

As I kept running I stared at the man in my arms in disbelief.

'Did he just call me an angel?' I couldn't help but give a short chuckle, 'He had no idea how wrong he was.'

I was just now entering my backyard. My mother and father, Esme and Carlisle, and also my brother, Edward, were there waiting for me.

"Rosalie what is this?!" Carlisle asked.

"Who is he?!" Esme said soon after.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Edward had added.

I barged into the house, my family close behind, I raced into the dining room.

"I don't know who he is. I found him in the forest while I was hunting, a bear attacked him." I said answering the first two questions, all the while pushing everything from the dining room table onto the floor. I glared at Edward, the answer to his question. In less than a quarter of a second I ran into the living room, retrieved a pillow and placed it under the stranger's head. I then turned to face my family.

"Carlisle change him." I demanded of my father.

"What?!" Edward exclaimed.

I shot another glare at Edward, "Carlisle please help him…please," I was begging now and I did not like to beg.

"Rosalie you can't be serious!" Edward stated.

'Edward! This does not concern you!' I viciously thought.

"Rosalie this concerns all of us! You're out of your mind!" He said.

"Rose… I…" Carlisle stammered.

This was getting annoying, there was no time for arguing! "Carlisle if you don't he will die. You can see his wounds! He is clearly going to need dozens of stitches for his abdomen alone! Carlisle you didn't see what I saw! There was so much blood, he's lost so much!" I whimpered in pain at my words, I felt so useless, so weak that I could not change him myself. I felt the dry sobs coming from my hysterics, "You have to help Henry!"

'Crap, did I just say Henry?!' I thought.

"Who?" Esme whispered.

I composed myself and did not answer her, "Carlisle…dad…daddy please."

Carlisle sighed, "are you sure?"

I gave a sigh of my own, "yes."

Carlisle took a step closer to the stranger.

"Carlisle you can't be serious!" Edward screamed.

Carlisle put up a silencing hand and bent down towards the stranger, "everything will be okay," he whispered into his ear. Then that's when he bit him.

The strangers eyes shot open and he screamed in pain. Carlisle backed away slowly and back to Esme's side. I was instantly at his side, holding his shaking body down onto the table, "shhh… it will be okay… you won't have to suffer for long… I promise." as I reassured him, I couldn't ignore the pain in my dead heart as I watched him this way.

"It burns!" he screamed, "Put it out please! The fire! Put it out!"

He was shaking more ruthlessly now as I held him down and watched in pain.

"Angel where are you?! Please make the pain go away! It hurts so bad!"

'Angel? Does he mean me?' I thought.

He was taking the pain through clenched teeth. I suppose it was helping some, his shaking slightly settled. I turned to my family, Edward was now leaving the room, Esme following to calm him. Carlisle stayed behind.

"It will take three days for the venom to completely spread, Rosalie," Carlisle said.

"I know… Thank you so much," I replied.

He smiled half heartedly, then backed out of the room.

"Angel?!" the stranger exclaimed in pain.

I moved quickly to his side, "Please, not another word. It will only cause more pain."

He was still taking the pain through his clenched teeth. With a shaky hand he managed to cup my face. I couldn't help but give a slight gasp in shock.

"Angel, please don't leave me," he whimpered helplessly.

I closed my eyes and put my hand over his, "I'm not going anywhere."

With a painful groan and tightly closed eyes he replied, "good."

He didn't say anything more after that. He just laid there shaking in pain. I couldn't do anything but watch.

'It's amazing how he can stay calm after all he's been… and going to go through.' I thought.

"How can you do this Rosalie…" I heard from behind me.

'Why can't he just stay out of this!' I thought, completely forgetting he can hear me just as clearly as if I were to say it out loud.

"I can't stay out of this while you damn this man's life!" My brother exclaimed.

I didn't take my eyes off the stranger or answer my brother.

'He looks so much like Henry,' I thought aimlessly, 'even if this man is in pain he has the same dimples, hair and… innocence-' my thoughts were then interrupted.

"Is this what this is about?!" Edward exclaimed.

I couldn't help but twitch in irritation.

"Just because he looks like some boy you use to know during your human years!"

A growl had ripped from my throat. I have had enough of this.

"Get out of my head Edward! These thoughts are private," I said venomously.

"Rosalie don't be an idi-" but he was cut off short.

"That's enough," I heard another voice say.

I turned to face my mother.

"Edward that's enough now," she continued in the most maternal tone possible, as if she were separating two children fighting over a toy.

"But Esme! She's out of her mind! How can she do this!" Edward tried to explain.

"Edward I said that's enough."

I turned away and rested my eyes on the stranger once again. "There is no need to worry… he will be my responsibility… I will watch over him," I said serenely.

Even though I couldn't see it, I could feel Edward roll his eyes. "Edward go help your father out back," Esme said, probably just so Edward won't be able to continue his pointless arguing.

He scowled and walked out of the room.

My eyes were still on the stranger when I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder. I turned to face Esme. She gave me a warm smile and left the room.

I looked over the stranger's bloody attire and even though it pained me to do so, I left the room. I swiftly walked into Esme and Carlisle's suite and took some clothes from Carlisle's drawers and closet. I also went into the bathroom and grabbed a wash cloth and filled a bowl with hot water. I was back at the strangers side in no time. I soaked the cloth into the water and started to clean his face. I knew he wouldn't be able to feel me cleaning him off, the venom has been in his system to long for him to be aware of anything right now.

As I cleaned his face I couldn't help but realize how beautiful his face really was. I didn't pay any real attention to his face till now. I finished cleaning him off and realized I had to clean the rest of his blood stained body. I felt kind of embarrassed at what I had to do next.

'Just do it. He needs to be cleaned,' I thought.

If I could blush I probably would have been a deep red by now. I ripped off his already shredded shirt and pants and threw them onto the dining room floor. When I was done cleaning his wounds and dressed him into Carlisle's clothes. I looked at my blood covered hands.

'Why aren't I going crazy over all this blood?' I thought as I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

Then it occurred to me, it did not matter how much blood was spilt. I didn't want to hurt this man. I just wanted him to be okay. I closed my eyes tight and gave a short sigh. I washed my hands and disposed of the shredded clothes.

I pulled out a seat and sat down. I looked at the stranger's face again.

'He looks like he's just in a deep sleep… a very painful deep sleep,' I thought.

I hesitantly took his hand in mine, "don't be afraid," I said breathlessly, " when you awake you'll be something new. You're going to be beautiful and… strong," I sighed, "and nothing will hurt you ever again."

I kissed his hand and rested my head down onto the table, still hand in hand.

'Nothing to do now but wait,' I thought as I shut my eyes, not to sleep (not that I could even if I wanted). Just out of some useless human habit.


"Rose it's been three and a half days, and you still haven't been able to hunt," Carlisle said from the entrance of the dining room.

I still sat in the same position, for the last three and a half days, still hand in hand with my stranger.

"I will hunt when he is awake," I said determined.

Then at that moment the stranger's hand gripped mine fiercely. I shot up from my seat quickly, watching in distress. Carlisle was at my side at once.

"Ah, he must be waking up," he stated as he freed my hand from the stranger.

I watched attentively and anxiously as his body shook more than before. His heart was beating at four-hundred miles per hour. From memories of my own transformation I knew what was to come next after the rapid heart beats. After for what seemed like hours (but merely seconds) of uncontrollable shaking, the part that I have been waiting for took place. His once racing heart had come to a dead stop.

His body went limp, and it there was complete and utter silence now. I looked at Carlisle with concerned filled eyes.

"Just wait for it," he told me not removing his eyes from the limp body on his dining room table.

"Remember Rose he's a newborn, so he might not be completely aware of what is going on. You must take some caution, he will be very dangerous and probably full of bloodlust," Carlisle reminded me.

I nodded and put my attention back onto the stranger.

'Come on… wake up,' I thought desperately.

He just laid there, unmoving. He didn't look in pain anymore, he looked like he was sleeping peacefully.

Then, I saw his eyes start to flutter open. I held my breath in anticipation. I suppose the stranger realized he was somewhere he was not familiar with because he sprang from the table at miraculous speed and on the floor in a defensive crouch.

'Well at least his instincts are up to speed,' I thought.

He growled ferociously, the growl kind of reminded me of the giant bear that threatened this man a couple of days ago.

Carlisle stood in front of me to protect me, and I didn't realize it before but so was Edward and Esme. All three crouched to protect. Carlisle seemed more calm about the situation but Edward gave fierce snarl. I stood there, staring at the stranger in awe.

The stranger's eyes moved swiftly through the three's faces, and then his eyes reached mine. I couldn't help but feel flushed. He stared at me for a long time and straightened from his crouch. His eyes never left mine and a massive smile came to his sweet innocent face (which was thousand times more beautiful than when he was human).

My family who were still crouched in front of me straightened and watched in curiosity. Except for Edward who, even though out of his crouch, still glared at the stranger.

The stranger still eyed me, "it's you!" the stranger said in his new wind chimed voice which simply just took my breath away (if it were possible).

'He remembers me?' I thought questioningly.

"My angel," he stated.

I felt my families eyes on me now, as if wondering what in the hell was this man talking about. I didn't care about there curious stares I was still in admiration.

His voice made me feel faint, he was so beautiful ever single once of him. Even despite the bright crimson of his eyes, they were as beautiful as he was.

He took a step closer toward me, only to have Edward in front of me once again in a crouch and growling. (a/n: This is no more than a brother trying to protecting his sister.)

The stranger eyed Edward angrily.

I put my hand on Edwards shoulder, "it's okay," I told him.

"He's unstable, he can hurt you," Edward said threw gritted teeth.

"Son, it's okay. She will be fine," Carlisle reassured.

"Yeah, she'll be fine. Let her through," the stranger said almost eagerly.

Esme stifled a little laugh at the stranger's response.

'Why was he so eager to meet me? The person who took his happy ending away from him?' I couldn't help but think.

Edward eyed the stranger and came out of his crouch.

The stranger was still smiling widely at me and I couldn't help it anymore I had to get closer. I took a step forward. Only to have Carlisle put a restraining hand onto Edward's shoulder. I ignored them and stepped closer and closer till I was less than a foot away from the stranger. I didn't realize it before, but this man was enormous he was taller than my brother and father. And had a good half foot on me.

I just stood staring at him in awe and he looked down at me with a huge grin still on his face.

"Hello my bright angel," he said.

'Again with the angel thing! I am no angel! I took your life away from you. How can you think that way of me,' I painfully thought.

"You remember me?" I asked in barely a whisper.

He looked at me disbelievingly and as if to comfort me said, "of course I do! How can I ever forget the angel who has taken me to heaven?! Which I have to admit isn't what I expected," he looked around confusingly as if this heaven was completely different from what he had in mind.

"Heaven?! What the- Ow!" "Edward had started to say shockingly before Esme jabbed him in the side of the ribs, "What?!"

She shushed him and smiled at me warmly.

The stranger looked at the two confused and brought his attention back to me, "Angel? Is this not heaven?" he asked.

"Please don't call me that," I said slightly ashamed and looked to the ground.

"What are you talking about? That's what you are, right?" he said as he tilted his head to the side. "And you," he was pointing at Carlisle now, "you must be God. I must say you are much younger looking that I thought you would. I thought you would have a white beard or something. But, who am I to judge what God looks like. Right?" He let out a small chuckle.

"Me? God?" Carlisle said in disbelief.

I heard Edward give a short chuckle of his own before Esme gave another jab at his ribs, "what?! You have to admit this is kind of funny."

"Edward stop it," Esme warned him.

The stranger looked down at me again, "angel? What is going on?"

"I'm trying to tell you, I am not an angel nor are you in heaven," I admitted painfully.

"What?" his smile faded away to a look of confusion.

"You are still on Earth," I tried explaining.

"That's not possible, I remember being attacked by a bear. Then you showed up to take me here, to heaven. Then I felt the last beats of my heart. Only to find you waiting for me. How can this not be heaven? Earth does not have people as beautiful as you."

His words caused me great pain, he thinks I was doing him a favor.

"You are correct, your heart did stop beating. But, you are no where near heaven." I told him not daring to look at him in the eye.

"Rosalie, maybe you should just tell him what he now is," Carlisle urged.

I continued to stare at the ground, continued being ashamed with myself.

"Rosalie… Is that your name?" the stranger managed to ask.

I finally looked up at him and nodded.

"Sounds like an angel's name to me," he said with a smile returning to his lips.

"So, Rosalie, if I am not in heaven and according to God I am something different now?," the stranger said looking into my eyes, "will you tell me what exactly am I?"

'He doesn't even seem bothered at the fact that he isn't even in heaven,' I thought almost disbelievingly.

"You're… a… uhmm…" I couldn't speak straight.

"Yes, my angel?" he urged me to continue.

'Why did he have to call me that?' I asked myself not completely despising the new nickname.

"You're a… vampire," I finally said.

There was a long pause.

Then he finally spoke, "ah, I see."

'What the-?! That's it? He's not going to go around screaming? Blaming me for dooming him to an eternal life of pure emptiness?' I thought in shock.

"You're not mad?" I couldn't help but ask. His reaction was so unexpected.

"Hmm… is this what you are?" he ask thoughtfully.


"Then, no."

"No?!" Edward and I managed to say at the same time.

"I… I don't understand," I confessed.

"Well, if this is what you are I see no problem with it. How bad can it be?" he said truthfully, "if my angel and… God are this. Who am I to complain?" he was referring to Carlisle now.

I was for a loss of words, I didn't know what to say.

'How can he except this so willingly?'

I did nothing but stare at him in confusion, he was staring at me too, just in satisfaction rather than confusion.

"Well then, now that is settled we should introduce ourselves," Carlisle started.

I didn't remove my black eyes (no longer gold since I haven't hunted in such a long time) from his bright crimson as my father spoke and neither did he.

"I am Carlisle Cullen. My wife, Esme. My son, Edward. And well… you know my daughter, Rosalie," Carlisle said.

"Hello Rosalie," the stranger said still staring into my eyes with a huge smile.

His voice was still breath taking to me.

"Hello," I was able to muster.

"And your name?" Esme said rather softly.

The stranger finally broke our gaze to look at Esme, still smiling.

"Mine? It's uhmm… wow I think I forgot?" he said.

"Oh well that's alright then-" Esme started to say.

"Oh wait! I remember now," he said as if he had had some major epiphany, "I'm Emmett… Emmett McCarty."

'Emmett…' I thought breathlessly.

He looked into my eyes again, still smiling.

"Hello Emmett," I greeted.

"Hello Rosalie," he replied.