I'm sorry! I am so sorry! It's been MONTHS! I know! I'm sorry!

It's just been crazy. I've been having some things to work out. That did in fact take these many months to do so.

I understand if you're angry. But, please believe me when I say I'm so sorry.

Other than me groveling for forgiveness….



"Alice… Why are we dressed like Catwoman?" I asked trying so hard not to roll my eyes.

"What are you talking about?!" she replied. "Catwoman never looked this good."

"I agree," Kate grinned while she slipped her head into a black ski mask.

Simultaneously, both Alice and I stared at Kate. I'm not sure if it was just out of confusion or just because we were weirded out.

"Uhh… Why are you wearing that?" Alice dared to ask.

"I watch CSI I know what goes on in these investigations," she glared at the building straight ahead. "You know how many strands of hair it takes to find a suspect? Hmmm?"

Neither I nor Alice said anything for a few long seconds.

"How many?" I was still very alarmed. I thought this was going to be clean and simple. But, no Kate wanted to go all Assassin's Creed on this whole operation.

"One! Just one…" she whispered the last part which I'm sure also frightened Alice.

"Riiiiight," Alice said slowly, "Okay! Let's do this!"

Kate cheered while I remained silent.

* * *

The inside of the Asylum was dark. It made me feel much more relaxed, I imagined the halls to be all white and blindingly lit with bright florescent lighting.

Alice and I walked calmly through the building… I wish I could say the same for Kate. Kate, was walking as close as possible to the wall, tipp-toeing making sure to she was making as little noise as possible. And I would like to point out she was still wearing that damn mask!

"Kate, for crying out loud we are not ninjas," I told her sternly "So, stop it."

"And besides no one is even on this floor," Alice added. "Can't you smell it?"

Kate sighed in disappointment and took off her mask.

We stopped at the end of the hall before turning the corner. I turned the corner just a fraction of an inch, just to make sure no one was in fact on this floor.

"There's a camera," Alice said.

"I know," I replied only seeing the device for part of a second. "I suppose we are going to have to take care of it in a fast, stealthy, ninja-like way…" I hinted obviously.

"Maybe, Kate should do it…?"

"Really?" Kate's eyes lit up at the suggestion.


The fire of excitement returned to her eyes, "Okay, how should we do this? Should I stick gum on it? Spray it with paint? OH! Maybe, I could just rip it off the wall?"

There she goes again taking this too far, "No. No, gum. No, paint. No, destruction of property. Just turn it to the side, so it'll face the wall."

She was about to object.

"Just go."

She didn't say anything else. But, she did put the mask back on.

* * *

"Okay, stay out here while Rose and I dig through the archives," Alice told Kate. "Make sure you are not seen and just knock on the door if we have to get out."

She nodded firmly, like a soldier taking orders from her superior.

Alice and I entered the room and shut the door behind us.

"I honestly think she watches too much TV," I said as switched on the lights.

"Well she has to do something, eternity is a long time."


"I can hear you, you know!" Kate yelled in a hush tone.

We both snickered.

"Okay, how is this going to work?" I asked eyeing the room. In the far corner there were piles of boxes, that seemed out of place.

"I'll check the computer and you go through the files. Check for anything between the years of 1918 to 1920"

Without another word we began our search.

Within' twenty minutes I was frustrated, "this place doesn't seem to efficient."

"You're right everything's a mess… I'd be lucky to find anything from last decade."

"Doesn't that seem odd? How could this happen?"

I leaned against the filing cabinet and sighed. Then something was brought to my attention.

"Duh!" I said hitting my forehead, Alice was one step ahead of me, as expected.

We began to dig through the boxes that were in the far corner.

"It's pretty obvious why we couldn't find anything," she said.

"All this equipment is brand new, so they must have renovated this place and not everything must be filed," I finished.

It took us less than two minutes to dig through all the boxes.

"It's seems every year is account for…" I said skeptically, "except-"

"1914 to 1923," it was Alice's turn to finish my sentence.

"I've seen a couple here and there. But, it seems like there should be much more."

While we went through the boxes we exposed a blank wall the pile was blocking.

I stared at the wall for a moment.

"This doesn't belong," I said putting my hand against it.

"You're right. There's something behind it. You can see the outlining of a… door?"

Not even thinking twice I punched through the wall.

"What ever it is they were in a rush to hide it. This wall wasn't made properly, you can probably put a hole through it just by pushing on it hard enough."

We tore off the rest of the wall and faced a door that hasn't been used in years.

"It's locked."

Alice took hold of the knob and ripped it off.

"Not anymore."

Surprisingly the electricity in the room still worked, but only to a certain degree.

For a span of nine years there wasn't many boxes in this room. Not as many as there were in the other. Which seemed kind of odd.

We began our search all over again.

* * *

I wasn't paying attention to anything else except the picture I.D. on each file. Until finally…

"Alice! I found it!" I said. "Your folder seems thin, I guess it wasn't a long stay."

I walked over to Alice, who sat on the floor surrounded by scattered different folders.

"Did you know your real name is Mary Alice Brandon? What a catchy sounding name," I laughed to myself.

"What kind of sick place is this…" she said to herself.

"What are you talking about?" I asked all joking aside.

"Every single file I've put my hands on…" she began scanning through again, "… they all end the same. All these people died."

"So?" I may have sounded a bit inconsiderate. But, people die. That's just how it works.

"None of them died from illness or anything like that… They were all experimented on."

I quickly snatched one of the folders on the floor, "why?"

"Each one of these patients showed some kind of abnormal brain activity… I suppose they wanted to figure out what was going on. Some of these even have little notes saying that video footage was taken. They filmed it… how sick is that?"

"Were they all like you?"

"Most claimed… but it's too late to know for sure."

"So, why weren't you experimented on?"

"Like you said, it must have been a short stay."

Alice sat on the floor a little while longer, she kept her eyes on the ground. I suppose out of misery.

"Alice, there's nothing you can do. Let's go. We got what we needed, we have no more business here."

"You're right" she said softly as she picked herself up off the floor.

I handed her the file with her name on it.

She took it without a word but I could tell she was still bothered.

I took a deep breath before I kneeled onto the floor, putting the folders back into the boxes.

"Call Kate. Get her in here."

"What? Why?"

"You and I can't carry all these boxes alone. We'll need her help if we're going to drive all this to the Police."

Alice seemed slightly shocked. I guess her distress fogged up her ability.

"All this won't fit in the rental…" she said softly.

"Do you want to do this or not?" I asked rhetorically. "We won't let these people get away with this… Besides I saw a van parked outside; and I assume you're not above grand theft auto. Right?"


"Good. Now go call Kate."

Alice headed for the door and without bothering to look at me said, "Thank you, Rose."

"You're welcome," I replied before I continued packing more folders into more boxes.