Father and son; the undercover story of Danny and Mac Part 23 of 23

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Once again Mac was in the waiting room but now pacing wildly. He couldn't believe that Danny just attempted suicide he prayed the kid would make it. He felt responsible he shouldn't have taken him to the crime lab so soon. He should have seen the signs. Stella laid a comforting hand on his shoulder, "It's not your fault Mac." She said like if she knew what he was thinking.

"It is my fault Stella. It was too soon to let him go to work and I shouldn't have let him out of my sight."

"But Dr. Richards cleared him to go to work today didn't she?"

Mac nodded, "yes but only for desk duty."

"You couldn't have known. It's nobody's fault. It won't help him and he'll need you now more than ever."

"And he's going to get all the help he needs and I'll make sure he knows I'll never leave him." He had an idea to make sure Danny knew, but first he needed to talk to a family lawyer. Luckily Danny had given him power of attorney awhile back so he could take care of him without the law interfering. He knew what the law was when someone tried to commit suicide, but with the power of attorney he had a say in the boy's care and he would pull any power he had to keep him far away from a mental hospital. If he had to retire to do it so be it. He was going to be there for Danny 100 percent.

Stella smiled, "good, he'll need that." Just then Dr. Richards came into the waiting room. She'd been called when the EMTs came with Danny.

"Mac." She said while giving him a faint smile. Mac hurried to her, "how's Danny?"

"He's stabilized. He's lost a lot of blood so he's given a blood transfusion."

"Is he going to be okay?"

The psychiatrist let out a sigh, "physically yes, mentally I'm not so sure yet. He hasn't been conscious yet so I haven't been able to evaluate him. As soon as he's okay for transfer he'll be transferred to the psychiatric ward and be put on suicide watch."

"Please don't. Can't he stay in a medical ward? I'll stay with him 24/7 and when he's physically well enough I'll take him home with me and make sure he's still being watched 24/7. Until you give the okay that he can be alone again. Please."

"It's hospital regulations he'll be transferred to psychiatric ward for observation."

"I know, but I know him that it won't be the best for him. I know I didn't know him, as well as I thought I did, but one thing I do know; it won't help him and besides I got power of attorney over him. I'm going to use it and I'll retire if I have to. I'm not letting him go through this alone."

Dr. Richards let out a sigh and thought about it for a few seconds and she could see in Mac's face that she wasn't going to convince him otherwise. "Okay tell you what. He'll stay on the medical ward under suicide watch and when he's physically well enough to get released, I'll release him under your care but only on some conditions. You'll make sure he'll in no circumstances are being left on his own, you'll have to make sure he'll be on suicide watch till I say different and he'll need to see me three to four times a week."

Mac nodded, "I'll make sure of that. And I'll even hire a nurse to take care of him when I have to go to the crime lab for some reason."

"That's a good idea. But if he tries to commit suicide again or do any harm to himself, I'll be forced to commit him and there'll be nothing you can do about it."

Mac nodded, "Don't worry I'll make sure it never will happen again. Can I see him?"

"Yes, but for now you're the only visitor he's allowed to have." Dr. Richards looked apollectically at Stella. "Don't worry I understand." Stella told her and then she turned her attention to Mac. "Tell Danny I'm thinking of him and that I'm there for him whenever he needs me."

"I will." Mac said and then followed Dr. Richards to Danny's room. Mac took a seat beside the boy's bed and took his left hand in his. "I'm here Buddy and I won't go anywhere."

Dr. Richards let Mac alone with Danny and gave the okay to the nurse that had been watching the patient to leave the room too.


When Danny woke up a few hours later he looked embarrassed away from Mac. Mac took a seat on the side of his bed. "Everything is going to be okay. Dr. McKenzie lied to you. I love you like if you were my own flesh and blood."

"I-I heard you. Y-you want to k-kick me out. Y-you told S-Stella that I'm nothing but trouble."

Mac frowned, "I've never said that. When do you think you heard that?"

"T-today at the station."

Suddenly it hit Mac. The boy must have eavesdropped when he'd been venting about the new technician to Stella, but only heard the half of it. "Danny. I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about the new technician I hired recently. He's nothing but trouble. He made a big mistake today and I had to solve it and it kept me away from finding you and I was so frustrated and worried about you."

Danny turned his head around to look at Mac. "R-really?"

"Yes really."

Tears started to run down his face. "I-I'm sorry Da… Mac. I'm sorry."

Mac hurried to get his son into his arms. "Shh. it's okay. You're forgiven but if you ever try it again I'll spank you so hard you won't be able to sit for a month. And I wish you kept calling me dad at least when we're off duty. When we're at work I'm your boss."

"I-I still got a job?"

Mac hugged him tighter. "Yes you have, but you'll be on sick leave until Dr. Richards clears you fit for duty.

Danny gulped and pulled himself out of the comforting arms. "What is going to happen to me? Is she going to lock me up? Please Ma… Dad don't let her lock me up. Please." He begged.

"She won't I've already made sure of that. You're going to live with me indifferently until Dr. Richards and I are sure you are safe to live on your own. But you have to expect to be on suicide watch for months. You won't even be allowed to visit the bathroom on your own."

"Great." Danny said sarcastically.

"You're stuck with me kiddo. I've been thinking, when Dr. Richards clears you I want to adopt you. Then you'll legally be my son." He had wanted to tell the boy this at another time and place, like over a dinner or something, but since he knew the boy needed the security he thought the time had come to tell him.

Danny looked surprised at him.

"Only if you want me to adopt you?"

Danny smiled, "you really want to adopt me?"

Mac smiled brightly. "Of course I want to. So do you want me to be your legally father?"

Danny threw himself back into Mac's arms. Wrapping his arms around the man for dear life. "Yes… Dad."

Mac let out a relieved sigh, happy about the boy's reaction to the news. He now finally was a father, not on paper just yet, but that was a technicality. He would protect this boy with his life.


Months later Danny was sitting anxiously at the waiting room to Dr. Richards office. Mac laid a comforting hand on his leg. "Everything is going to be okay Danny."

Danny looked over at Mac, "But what if she says I'm not ready and that I'm still going to be on suicide watch? What if…"

"Danny. I'm sure she'll undo the suicide watch. She'll okay that you are ready to decide that you want me to adopt you."

"But what if not?"

"I'll patiently wait till it'll happen and I'll keep taking care of you."

"Danny Messer." They could hear being called out.

Danny let out a worried sigh and stood up and went to Dr. Richards' office Mac followed him. They were greeted by Dr. Richards and asked to take a seat. She asked Danny a few questions and then nodded satisfied. "Danny I'll clear you for part time desk duty, for the time being. I don't think you're ready for field duty yet and you'll be off suicide watch from now on. I'll still want to see you but we can try and see if twice a week is enough but you are always welcome to call me anytime you need me."

Danny was a little disappointed he'd hoped that he was allowed to work fulltime, but at least that was better than nothing. Since he liked Dr. Richards he didn't dislike the idea to keep seeing her. She was nothing like Dr. McKenzie at all.

"But I recommend you keep living with your dad for now."

Danny nodded he could live with that even though Mac had some stupid rules.

"My home is always Danny's home and he can stay as long as he needs and wants to," Mac said.

Dr. Richards smiled satisfied and Danny smiled happily now finally knowing that he was cared about and that he had a home.

"And Danny and I are going on a vacation before he goes back to work."

"Good idea." Dr. Richards said.

Danny was about to protest. "You remember the camping fishing trip we talked about when under the undercover case?" Danny nodded. "I want to take you to Chicago and show you my home town where I went to school and other important stuff and I'll take you out camping."

Danny smiled happily once again.

Dr. Richards continued. "And I think you are well enough to be capable to decide if you want to be adopted or not."

Mac and Danny smiled brightly at that.

"I won't stand in the way with the adoption and I'll go on stand to help you if you need it."


A few days later Mac and Danny held a party to celebrate that they now where legally father and son and the next day they would go on their vacation to Chicago.

Danny gave his dad his gift, waiting excitingly for Mac to open it. Mac looked amazed at the gift he'd just opened. He then hurried to hug Danny. "Thank you Danny. It's the best gift ever. I'm going to place it on my office table." Mac said while studied the picture of him and Danny that was taken on father's day. His first real father's day as a father. He would pressure it forever. Mac then gave Danny his gift.

Danny ripped the wrappings off. He beamed happily when he saw what was in it. His first fishing pole. He hugged his dad. "Thanks dad I love it."

Now it was the guests' turns to give them gifts. Danny rolled his eyes when he opened his gift from Don. A baby silver mug and a silver baby rattle with the inscription that said; Danny McKenna Taylor. "Very funny Don, very funny."

The others laughed including Mac. Stella then gave him a big gift, "This is from all of us."

Danny smile happily at the gift that contained camping gear. "Thank you guys!" He wasn't happy about the gift Don had given Mac though. Mac studied the paddle closely and slapped it on his hand. "Think that can come in handy." Danny gulped. Don laughed, "Yeah and I have a bad feeling you're going to need it and it will keep your hand safe."

Danny gave Don a death glare. Don just ruffled his hair which Danny had grown long. "Don't worry Danny if you stay out of trouble you'll have nothing to worry about."

Danny let out a frustrated sigh since he knew he had a very hard time to stay out of trouble.


Danny was leaning on his dad's right side while holding his fishing pole. He'd just caught his first fish and a big one at that and now he was trying his luck once again. "Life is good." He said.

Mac leaned his head on Danny, "Yes it is and remember that. Always remember life is good." For once Mac wasn't worried about Danny anymore. He was going to be okay they both were.

The End

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