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Somehow, Beyond could still hear the soft tunes from a bow caressing the strings of a Stradivarius, but the sound itself was drowned in the intense beatings of his own heart, the rush of his blood as he experienced a fierce, uncontrollable arousal caused by the sensation of his predecessor's soft (sugar-coated) lips against his own. Their tongues met, and the hands.. he had never before known anything quite like this. The lightest touch from L's careful, thin warm hands set him on fire, and the way he was kissing him, slowly yet hungrily exploring and ravishing his mouth, was making the poor teenager who had only intended for dance lessons balance on the verge of screaming in ecstasy. His head was reeling (despite his carefully constructed mask of self-control – he was so close to breaking down), not only from the lack of oxygen, when at last he threw his head back to catch his well-needed breath. Pursing his lips, he dared to look up in L's dark, obsidian eyes, his heart starting to beat faster with joy for the look of complete content, even of love, he could see in those wonderful pools. And then his own eyes closed in sheer pleasure and he gasped sharply as he felt hot, wet lips at the skin just at the side of his neck – his hair tickling him slightly as those lips licked and sucked gently. Beyond, despite himself, let out a soft moan, digging his fingers into the detective's back and arching his naturally-hunched figure against him, feeling that he could never ever come close enough.

The moment he felt L draw a ragged breath against his skin, and felt the pressing (surprising) evidence of L's exalted state through his jeans, he could hardly stand upright from apprehension, excitement, inane, natural curiosity; and pure sexual desire. His body was trembling from nervousness, but he was also aching hard, and he finally gathered enough courage from his advanced brain to venture sliding his similar, thin hand in between their lithe bodies, down along L's proportionally thin thigh and back in a slow caress pressing against his groin. L, uncharacteristically, gasped wordlessly; his own self-control wavering as he thrust his hips against Beyond's hand, suddenly (yet Beyond could not contest to this) tugging the youth's head up towards him, kissing him only the slightest bit violently – and Beyond felt as though the detective was trying his very best not to hurt him or lose himself even more than he already had.

Beyond moaned into L's mouth, tasting the intoxicating mixture of strawberry jam and strawberry cake, before moving to suck on his tongue and move his hand slowly and teasingly against the straining erection beneath the denim fabric of L's trousers. L, having already fallen too fast for his successor, groaned with the light touches, his fingers fumbling at Beyond's shirt, hesitantly (yet another strange moment of uncharacteristic behavior) caressing his chest and throat, and the younger genius knew he was losing both control and, had he had any in the first place, any sense of propriety, but for the first thing – they had already passed the point where anything made sense (and should he bring in a literary proof – the Point of No Return from Le Fantomé de Opera), and secondly, he quite forcibly didn't give a damn whether or not A would walk in and drop dead.

Those knowing, amazing hands on his body slid against his nipples, and Beyond gasped violently, begging L rather explicitly to 'get the damn thing off'. With slightly shaking fingers, the older detective swiftly undid the buttons, smoothing the fabric from the narrow, milky shoulders. L could feel his own hardness throbbing against the gentle but firm pressure of Beyond's hand on his trousers, and for once he did not know how much longer he could last, but there was no way he could have stopped now and cut it off like that.

His own thoughts paused when he realized he would rip his collar, he tore off his loose-fitting shirt over his head and forced himself to slow and stop for a moment – only to watch, to perceive and completely understand what was happening. The sight in front of him took his already short breath completely. Black hair hung tousled atop the younger man's pale neck, on one of those sides of which a few dark marks from his own rough, needy kisses were starting to show. Beyond's lips were swollen, slightly parted, shining just like the beads of sweat on the pallid forehead. Normally, Beyond's cheeks were ivory white from the many years he spent out of the sun, bent in front of the computer, but now they were flushed to a light shade of red – which, with a few work, would end up the same shade as the strawberry jam he came to love so much.

L had to admit to himself – he had never wanted anything or anyone for that matter as much as he wanted Beyond now, wanted to push him against something solid and simply take him, but he did not want to scare the rather more inexperienced adolescent by being hasty. He, despite Watari's earnest pleas not to grow attached to any of his successors, loved his protégé too much to let his own need take over completely. Therefore, trying to stay composed as he normally was and attempting to let the caged beast within remain caged, he did not simply grab hold of Beyond's wonderful form and crush him up against the wall, as his rising desire urged him to, but slowly slid his hands down the white, smooth skin on Beyond Birthday's body.

He pursed his lips, finding no thumb to bite on, as he reveled in the sight of the one he loved (or at least – what he presumed was love) standing there, so willing, so full of desire, for him – and only him. But something in Beyond's bloody eyes told L that maybe, just maybe, he would not need to wait too long – and true enough, when he moved closer, those already dark, crimson eyes darkened even more, and suddenly Beyond's arm was wrapped around his back with a display of more strength than L had calculated the thin-built young man to possess.

The slender hand between his legs gave a slight squeeze, nearly making L whimper, and when he heard Beyond moaning a hoarse, but quite clear 'take me' against his neck, L knew that was it – the end of his control, the end of the emotionless shadow he had worn for so long it made him weary. Giving up all thoughts of waiting, or maintaining his regular composure, the detective grabbed hold of the small body, crushed it to him, and after pushing the younger man back a few steps, pinned him up against the wall.

L opened the zipper of the skin-tight jeans and tore them down; his own loose-fitting denim discarded on the floor beside them, and let their bodies melt. The feeling of naked, velvet-like; pearly milk skin on his own was nearly too much, and he took a forceful, whilst still somewhat careful, hold of Beyond's erection, stroking softly as he lifted what was now his against his own hips. It was not a heavy burden, surprisingly for the man who spent his life hunched by a laptop; the younger genius was lithe and fast – but weighed very little. Even if Beyond wasn't this light, L doubted that he would have found this to be a problem – he was much too far gone from his normal, calm composure to care, and would do anything to feel that body pressed as hard against his own as was humanly possible.

Beyond was, without a doubt, shaking now, and as he let himself be pushed against the smooth oak panels of the wall, he wrapped his legs around L's waist, now moaning out loud ('Without caring for Watari or Roger hearing,' L mused) with every move, whispering his predecessor's name in heavy, short-cut breaths. L felt his no-longer-cold heart, body and soul reducing to nothing but a raving need as he drew close to the brink of perfection, and in complete abandon of his human control he slammed up, up against the boy he loved, burying his head in the smooth, curved neck that belonged to (his) Beyond Birthday.

Beyond, too, was thrusting against him now, in desperate need for release, and as he felt L shoving a hard push against him, he threw his head back and came, mindlessly – violently. The last thing he heard before the world, for a moment, blackened, was L's choked moan as the detective brought himself off in a few touches. When his mind cleared again, and became rational enough for him to think, L had drawn him close against his own pulsing body, holding Beyond so tight as if he would never, ever let go. Beyond silently, wistfully, hoped he wouldn't. It was then L pulled his head up to make the dazed youth look at him, a small smile playing on the worn, tired face.

Beyond then, realized why L had those eyebags around his eyes – not of insomnia, but of fear and paranoia. That the next day he would be gone. The next day, he would not see what would come; that he would never be able to fulfill his wishes. Yet now, there was complete content there, satiation, happiness – love. Pure, and immortal.

"Now," L breathed, his lips soft against Beyond's cheek as he kissed it softly. Beyond held his breath, now, his grip on L tightening to match the detective's own.

What came next, made his crimson eyes shimmer and his heart leap.

"You take the lead."


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