A very, very long time ago now I wrote this quite long crossover fanfic based on a prompt that I'm sad to say no longer exists in my inbox. For no particular reason, I used my own (alternate universe) interpretation of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe from back then, which shows up in another fanfic on my profile.

The interpretation has a Sonic that, looking back, is very out-of-character, even with the extra rules I set up. The canonical Sonic would never validate the actions of humans that exist in that alternate universe. The reason he has those views is that I was foolish back then. I no longer support those views - I am in fact turned completely against those view now, and can't understand why I so unnecessarily wrote these views into this story where they did not belong. And I am sorry to have done so, as I understand now where those views go wrong.

However, the fanfic has always been rather popular, and I know the experience of trying to find an old favoured fanfic that has disappeared off the internet for good, so I won't be taking down the story. In fact, I'm still kinda fond of the overall thing myself.

Would I rewrite it? I do want to re-envision it. Take out the icky stuff I put in back then. Fix the characterisations, adjust for the new canon, either play it straighter or play it stranger. I'm not sure, however, that I could do a full re-write. But, just to let you know that five years on, I have not forgotten this story's existence.

This note will also be posted at the beginning of the story for new readers.